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Hotels in Yakutsk waiting for an upgrade?

Will the Hilton come to permafrost - studies EastRussia

Yakutsk, the most dynamically developing city in the Far East, grows in population and housing. But - not the hotel infrastructure. In recent years, large new private hotels have been built in Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. But not in Yakutsk. What is holding investors back?

Hotels in Yakutsk waiting for an upgrade?
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Guests of any Russian region, one way or another, form their own idea of ​​the region, based on where they lived and what they were fed with. The Sakha Republic is no exception. The number of hotels in Yakutia is gradually growing, but there is no qualitative change in the level of service.

According to the 2 GIS cartographic reference book, 106 organizations providing hotel services are operating in Yakutsk. Of these, only 29 organizations have their own website. Calculate on the cards will be obtained only in every third hotel. It is necessary to be prepared for the lack of Internet in some hotels. Fortunately, the filters in the search engines and on specialized sites for finding hotels can indicate this, as well as the lack of / availability of a set of additional services, such as storing valuables in the safe, dry cleaning and other usual trivia.

Most hotels in Yakutsk are small. In recent years, a growing number of apartment type apartments. The hotels "Polar Star" (numbered fund - 95) and "Tygyn Darkhan" (74 numbers) are favorably different in size. The North Star, open in 2004, attracts mainly business representatives. Hotel "Tygyn Darkhan" with more than 20-year history, is in demand from government delegations. 

However, there are still no classified hotels in the region. Conditionally "four-star" is the service in "Polar Star" and "Tygyn Barkhan". “Lena”, “Sterkh”, “Orto Doydu”, “Sonata” have a level lower than the two leaders. 

At the same time, the average price range of hotels varies from 4000 to 6000 rubles per night in a standard room. And for 6 thousand rubles you can get a room with a single bed without air conditioning. In the winter it is not a problem, but the summer in Yakutsk is hot. It is better to be sure in advance of the availability of air conditioning and tight lightproof curtains. 

In the context of the regions of the republic, the main hotel fund is located in the city of Yakutsk. Also, 8-10 hotels are located in the industrial regions of the republic: Neryungrinsky, Mirninsky, Aldansky, Lensky and Nyurbinsky.

There are no hotels in Oimyakon Ulus, which has become a kind of Mecca for lovers of extreme tourism. Tourists take the locals. However, not all tourists who go to conquer the Pole of Cold are ready to face the lack of sanitary facilities in their houses and go out to –50 degrees outside to perform natural procedures.

One of the reasons why the hotel services market in Yakutsk is exactly the way it has developed is the current demand. He is generally not particularly pretentious. Tourists in the region are few, and even those that are - usually come not to the city, but to nature. The hotel contingent is mostly people traveling.

On the one hand, the flow of travelers is fairly balanced throughout the year - this allows hotels to more or less balance the seasonal load factor. On the other hand, the existing hotel fund is quite adequate to the current demand - the region is almost devoid of peaks when the fund is fully loaded, as it regularly happens, for example, in Vladivostok during the WEF, or in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky during the summer season. In 2017, even on peak days (the end of June - the national holiday Ysyakh and the international conference on energy), there were rooms available at the hotels, including through online booking services. 

Until recently, a kind of revision of Yakutsk hotels took place during the preparation of the Children of Asia International Sports Games. So, in 2016, accommodation facilities were accredited according to many important criteria: the availability of access roads and repairs, compliance with sanitary standards, quality of service, and so on. In total, more than fifty objects were accredited, including not only hotels, but also hostels of educational institutions, sanatoriums and children's recreation camps.

The hotels then accommodated guests of honor, judges and journalists - we are talking about only five hundred people. For participants in the games at the hostels of the North-Eastern Federal University named after M.K. Ammosov, the Athletes' Village was organized. During the period of the games, she received about 3800 people: these are athletes, coaches, team representatives and volunteers.

Hostels of other educational institutions, sanatoriums and children's recreation camps hosted about 6000 people: participants in the cultural program, volunteers, representatives of the security service.

At the same time, speaking of the "Children of Asia" - of course, the organizers limited the number of visitors. Anyone wishing to accommodate would not work. 

“Children of Asia” leave Yakutia for a while. The upcoming Games will be held in 2020 outside Russia - in Mongolia. The Winter Games will be held for the first time in 2019 on Sakhalin. The event will return to Yakutsk only in 2024. The city is not planning any radical changes for them yet.

Nevertheless, investment projects for the construction of hotels in the city of Yakutsk have been discussed for several years at the republican and municipal levels. Potential investors from China are mainly interested in the initiatives, they are studying the documents and conditions, but it has not yet come to real action.

Another attempt to find an interested business is planned for the Eastern Economic Forum. Among the investment projects submitted for the special selection of the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East for presentation at the event, there was an application from the District Administration of Yakutsk for the construction of a 3-star hotel complex with 150 rooms. The proposed project of the hotel complex is an 11-storey building with a total area of ​​13 sq.m., including 000 sq.m. for hotel accommodation, and 9 sq.m. for the placement of a cultural and entertainment complex.

Also at the Eastern Economic Forum, the administration of the city of Yakutsk and Almazergienbank will present to potential investors the project "Construction of a multifunctional complex in 203 microdistrict of the city of Yakutsk". In addition to the shopping and entertainment center, water park, sports and health complex and business center, the project also presupposes the availability of hotel infrastructure.

Under both projects allocated land. The administration of the city of Yakutsk is interested in cooperation with foreign and Russian network hotels. Moreover, the mayor's office is ready to consider other projects for the construction of a hotel for allocated land.

At the republican level, work is also underway to find investors for the construction of a hotel complex. In particular, negotiations are underway with the Hilton company, the Minister of Investment Development and Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Anton Safronov told EastRussia. According to the minister, the management of the international chain has shown interest in participating in the construction project of a mid-price segment hotel in the city of Yakutsk. 

"We do not have the right to disclose technical details at this stage of the negotiations," Safronov explained to EastRussia correspondent. "If the project is implemented, we will receive a new influx of tourists, which grows every year. Meet the needs of visiting visitors. " 

According to the annual study of the Russian hotel market, conducted by Ernst & Young, there are 169 hotels in Russia managed by international hotel operators with a total room stock of 37 rooms. Today international hotel operators are represented in 635 cities of Russia, and by 39 their presence is planned in 2021 cities. Of the Far Eastern cities, only Vladivostok and Khabarovsk are presented in the plans.

While foreign network hoteliers are only studying Yakutsk, the Russian network "Azimut Hotels" just a month ago signed an agreement with AK ALROSA about renting a hotel "Polyarnaya Zvezda". The new operator, by the way, closed its own hotel site - now it is on the Internet on the central Internet resource of the Azimut network. Interlocutors of EastRussia note that the quality standards Azimut, not known by firsthand to the Far East even at the same hotel in Vladivostok, is higher than the level that until recently was in the "Polar Star". 

Interviewed experts say that everything can change if the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) sends its application for the Summer Universiade 2023 year, and it will be considered positively. In this case, Yakutsk is waiting for the construction of many sports and social facilities. It is not excluded that a large hotel will appear in Yakutsk, if the republican and city authorities unite their efforts to find investors.

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