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City Park

Opening of the industrial park "Kangalassy" will update the innovative environment of Yakutia

City Park

50 hectares of land, three dozen resident companies, a thousand jobs, close proximity to the river pier and the airport. One of the largest and most promising projects in the new Yakutia, the Kangalassy industrial park, is planned to be launched in 2016. About the project for the construction of the park - Mayor of Yakutsk Aisen Nikolaev.

- Aysen Sergeevich, how was the idea born to create an innovation center in a not very successful Yakut village?

- Quite soon after the launch of the Yakut industrial park, we came to the conclusion that the industrial park of Yakutia is necessary. This is a joint project of the city administration and the State Technological Park "Technopark" Yakutia ", the idea itself was also common. In just a year of operation of the Yakut industrial park, its residents managed to prove themselves exclusively on the positive side. Many of them, the same enterprise "Bige", are already closely within the walls of the technopark. Time goes by, not far off that day when they should become graduates and vacate the occupied premises for the following residents. And where will they go? Since these enterprises are associated with production, and quite serious, they need large areas, surrounded by appropriate sanitary zones, provided with reliable gas-electric power supply. The old industrial zones of Yakutsk have long been privately owned, and there's nothing built there, from housing to shopping centers. To create such an infrastructure on its own, from scratch, tens of millions of rubles are needed. Naturally, these funds are not available for young enterprises. But the main problem is not even this, but that there are simply no such large free land plots in the city where one could build and place production. In the course of such discussions with the management of the technopark, we almost simultaneously thought that all this could be realized in Kangalassy.

Why there? Firstly, Kangalassa is an original industrial zone, where coal is mined today, though not on the same scale. The site is almost ready, not far from the territory we have chosen, all the necessary networks have been connected, there are capacities. In addition, due to the decline of coal mining, the Kangalassa are today, to put it mildly, not in the best condition, it is necessary to take some measures to revive the stagnant village. What can be built through budgetary injections to attract people to work? Naturally, it is necessary to develop the industry. The main thing is that in Kangalassa there are a lot of free large areas. A little less than a year ago I held a large retreat on the development of the village there. Representatives of the Yakutia Technopark also took part in the conversation. There, for the first time, the idea of ​​creating an industrial park in Kangalassa was voiced. To be honest, then this idea seemed to many, if not crazy, then at least adventurous. I am sure that their opinion has changed today.

- What is the support of this project by the city administration?

- We allocate land, we participate in the solution of all organizational issues. In addition, I intend to appeal to the deputies of the city duma so that they support this project and allocate funds from the city budget that will allow us to confidently begin work at the initial stage.

- What's next?

- There are corresponding republican and federal programs - it is necessary to involve the budget at all levels, not only at the municipal level. Negotiations are ongoing with Chinese partners who are ready to invest in a large industrial park. Yakut companies showed interest in investments.

- What do you expect from the launch of the industrial park "Kangalassy"?

- It should be understood that the products that will be produced in this industrial park will be fully in demand in Yakutsk. We will reduce the costs of our builders, who will no longer be forced to carry building materials from afar. The population will be able to buy materials for repair - the same paint that meets all state standards and at the same time withstands our temperature conditions. They will produce on-site slabs, fittings, construction, finishing materials - right up to paving slabs. When we went to large volumes of repair of streets, it turned out that our small companies for the production of paving slabs are not able to produce as much as the city needs. With the opening of the industrial park, these issues will be removed. The production will be developed - deductions to the budget will grow.

- And why wait for the locals?

- Kangalasses will receive a new stimulus to development, people will have a job. Industrial park - this is not only engineers, but also workers, and maintenance personnel, from watchmen to drivers. Approximately one thousand jobs will be provided only by the park itself, when it reaches full capacity - and after all, these people will have something to eat for lunch, something to move around, and consume some urgent services like printing photographs or repairing shoes. Hence, around the park will also develop small businesses that provide employment for the population. I think that soon they will come to Kangalassy and Residents of other areas.


From 30 companies that have expressed a desire to become residents of an industrial park, with 16 enterprises have already signed the relevant documents.

Only 25 km will be shared by the international airport of Yakutsk and the future industrial park "Kangalassy".

Forecast of deductions to the budget


347,3 million rubles.


495,5 million rubles.


500,7 million rubles.

Published in the journal "Technopark" Yakutia ". - information partner of the magazine" Technopark "Yakutia"

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