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"Miner" begins and ... wins!

One of the main coal mining enterprises of the Sakhalin region claims to revive Nevelsk as a universal port

Coal mining, unlike the oil and gas sector and the fishing industry, is not perceived as a visiting card of the Sakhalin economy. But the volume of coal produced in the region grows annually, as well as the volume of its exports to the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. The oldest fuel resource is still in demand both at home and abroad. And those who do business on "black reliable gold" are objectively forced to develop not only the mining but also the logistics capacities of the island region. One of the illustrative examples is the activity of Gornyak-1, which turns the port of Nevelsk into a modern powerful base for coal transshipment.

"Miner" begins and ... wins!
Special project Coal of the East of Russia
On the territory of the Sakhalin region no less than seventy coal deposits. The explored coal reserves in them are about 2,5 billion tons, and the forecast (determined by the complex of geological features) is more than 14 billion tons. Annually, the region produces about 5 million tons of coal, most of which is exported to Japan, Korea, China, Thailand , Vietnam and other countries of the Asia-Pacific region (APR). And not exported abroad with interest covers the demand for solid fuel of the region itself and the neighboring Kamchatka Territory.

Several large regional enterprises are working on the regional coal mining market. One of them - Gornyak-1 LLC (part of the Miner group of businessman Aslan Tadtayev) took control of an important transport junction of the south of Sakhalin - the port of Nevelsk - and carries out its modernization with an emphasis on the introduction of high-performance and environmentally friendly loading technologies.

The success story of the Miner-1 company is indicative of how the optimization principles underlying coal mining and logistics gradually evolved into effective foreign economic activity. The company was formed in December 2001 of the year and is aimed at the extraction of brown coal in the open way in the south and in the central part of Sakhalin.

To advance the market, the management of OOO Gornyak-1 initially adhered to three principles: not to save on highly qualified specialists, to use the most modern and productive equipment, to find the most convenient logistical schemes for marketing products.

This approach has fully justified itself. If in 2008 year the volume of lignite extraction by the company was 80 thousand tons, in 2011-m - 780,5 thousand, in 2015-m - more than 1 million tons, and in 2016-m - more than 1,5 million. The number of employees of the company from the day Foundations grew from 20 to 1200 people. The technical park is annually replenished with dozens of units of the newest specialized vehicles and loading equipment. The company annually gives to the budget of all levels over 500 million rubles of tax revenues.

For a long period of time, consumers of coal mined by Gornyak-1 Ltd. were enterprises of the Sakhalin fuel and energy complex, later they were joined by Russian organizations from Kamchatka, the Kurile Islands and the Commander Islands. Many of them still remain reliable counterparties of the Sakhalin coal-mining enterprise.

But with the transition of a significant part of regional energy and municipal enterprises from coal to Gornyak-1 gas, it has found a new, or rather, additional target audience - in the form of Russian solid fuel consumers in Korea, Japan, and China. If in 2015 year "Miner-1" exported 260 thousand tons of extracted coal, then in 2016 there are 700 thousand. Thus, the company has risen on the track of foreign economic activity. And to ensure their strength - rented in 2014 year, the state berths and access roads Nevelskoy sea fishing port, which was at that time in decline due to the economic crisis.

Today, the export opportunities of Gornyak-1 are such that the company can provide year-round operation of dozens of cement factories (coal is used as fuel for the manufacture of this building material) in Japan, Korea, and China. At the same time, at least half of the volume of solid fuel produced by the company is still used for the needs of domestic energy enterprises in the Far East.

- For three years we have invested in the restoration of the port infrastructure about a billion rubles. To implement the stevedoring activities, a separate company was established - Gornyak-2 (ie, more than one hundred jobs were created). And already in 2015, with its help, about 370 thousand tons of coal were shipped for shipment to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and to Kamchatka, "Aslan Tadtayev, the president of the Gornyak group, told Izvestia.

Confidence in the positive dynamics of export deliveries to the stevedoring company "Nevelskiy Seaport" is attached to the successful development of the regional coal mining market by their colleagues from the first company. So, last year, OOO Gornyak-1, going to a known risk, bought the Chernorechensky coal mine, located in the pre-bankrupt state, located in the heart of the Sakhalin region, on the territory of the Smirnykh city district.

- According to the most conservative estimates of geological exploration, this section of brown coal reserves is at least 13 million tons. This will be enough for ten years of uninterrupted production and stable supplies of solid fuel to Kamchatka, Korea and Japan - assesses the expected effect of the new acquisition by the CEO OOO Gornyak-1 Alexey Tsmokanich. According to him, the volume of production in the section reaches 100 thousand tons of coal per month, this is against the previous 150 thousand a year, when the cut was not owned by the group "Miner".

And the head of the city district Nikolai Kozinsky is glad that the revived enterprise began to bring stable tax revenues amounting to tens of millions of rubles to the local budget.

"And, psychologically, people cheered up, they cheered up - there are no depressive moods that reigned during the period when the cut was in decline," the mayor notes with satisfaction.

By the way, the mood factor in the companies of the "Gornyak" group is given a lot of attention. The management of the group proceeds from the premise that a positive social and psychological reality needs to be formed not only within the work collective, but also outside it. Hence the active financial and organizational participation of the enterprises "Gornyak-1" and "Nevelskiy seaport" in the repair of roads in Nevelsk, reconstruction of the city beach, construction of a local yacht club, rendering assistance to low-income families and many other good deeds.

So, in autumn of last year a new temple was consecrated in honor of the icon of the Mother of God "Prizri for humility", built with the funds of the company "Miner-1". This event the Nelye people had been waiting for a long time: the temple was decided to be built in 2007, after the earthquake. It is believed that the city was saved, because the tragedy killed only two people, while one of them died of a heart attack. For the construction of the temple on the shores of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, the site opposite the port entrance was chosen: the church is clearly visible from the deck of each vessel entering and exiting the port. 4 September can rightfully be considered the birthday of the temple, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill, has come to consecrate him. At the ceremony there were the head of the island region Oleg Kozhemyako, the mayor of Nevelsk Vladimir Pak, and also Aslan Tadtayev, the founder of the company Gornyak-1.

"I thank God for leading me to the southern shore of Sakhalin - Nevelsk, to pray with you and sanctify this temple." I am well acquainted with the history of your city - from the exploits of Admiral Nevelskoy and ending with the natural tragedy of 2007. Fortunately, then a strong earthquake did not bring those terrible victims that could have been, "said the patriarch. - Pious inhabitants attribute this to the fact that shortly before the disaster, the icon of the Mother of God "Look at humility" was brought here, which later made a religious procession on the ship along the coast of the port city. And many - as I learned later - it was this circumstance that explained the protection from the terrible tsunami, which according to all physical laws was supposed to demolish Nevelsk from the face of the earth, - said the patriarch.

The church holds about 200 people. Patriarch Kirill expressed gratitude to those who built and provided all possible assistance in its erection. Vladimir Pak, Aslan Tadtayev, as well as the rector of the church, Protopriest Constantine, were awarded the Order of the Russian Orthodox Church, St. Nicholas the Equal-to-the-Apostles, archbishop of the Japanese third degree.

Reconstruction of Nevelskoye port with the introduction of modern and "green" cargo handling technologies is now carried out by the forces of the Gornyak group itself and at its own expense. However, part of the costs can be incurred by the state - if Nevelsk is a promising logistics center oriented to export to the APR countries, it will receive the status of a free port from the government of the Russian Federation, that is, it will be included in the regime of the Freeport of Vladivostok (SPV) with all the ensuing Hence the tax and customs preferences. In this case, the stevedore company "Nevelskiy Seaport" will, in all likelihood, become a resident of the SPS. Recall, while the status of the free port on Sakhalin is only Korsakov.

The idea of ​​including Nevelsk in the regime of SPV is understood by the plenipotentiary of Russian President Yury Trutnev and the governor of the Sakhalin Region Oleg Kozhemyako. The latter has repeatedly expressed the opinion that “the doors to the Free Port of Vladivostok should be open to all potential residents ...”

- But regardless of whether we will acquire the status of a resident SPV or not, the group plans to diversify the logistics business based on the port of Nevelsk. We will hand over not only coal, but also construction, and technical cargoes, and timber, and containers, and will be engaged in refrigerated transportation and bunkering. Initially, Nevelsk was a universal port, and there is no reason to break with this tradition, ”concluded the president of the Gornyak group, Aslan Tadtayev.

During the reconstruction and modernization of the Nevelsk Sea Fishing Port by the efforts of OOO Gornyak-1 and LLC Gornyak-2, the port terminals are equipped with Swedish mobile cranes MultiDocker, characterized by ultra-high productivity: they load coal with a payload of 5 thousand tons in just four hours - in coal Six times faster than conventional port cranes.

Gornyak-1 LLC is a stable city-forming enterprise located on the territory of the Nevelskiy urban district of the Sakhalin Region. In 2005, the company was acquired by businessman Aslan Tadtayev. His first actions were the strengthening and expansion of the material and technical base of the enterprise. For this, 11 single-bucket excavators, nine bulldozers and more than fifty vehicles were purchased.

In parallel, there was a work to attract qualified specialists. This task was also successfully solved. In 2009, the company built and commissioned its own railway branch with a dead end, which significantly reduced the cost of delivering products to consumers (earlier for the export of products used heavy trucks, economically unprofitable because of the need to spend money on spare parts, fuels and lubricants and Repair of the roadway). Today, Gornyak-1 LLC provides all the needs of the population and communal enterprises in the south of the Sakhalin Oblast, as well as the Aleut, Tigil and Penzhinsky districts of the Kamchatka Territory. In recent years, the demand for "Miner-1" products has been growing not only in the region, but also in South Korea, China and Japan. This makes it possible, by carrying out stable supplies, to increase the volume of coal mining, to acquire modern technological equipment. The management of the enterprise, taking into account the peculiarities of labor of miners, constantly improves social and living conditions and material and technical support of the enterprise. There is a comfortable residential complex with dressing rooms, showers, a sauna and a steam room, as well as a comfortable spacious office, a modern workshop for the repair of vehicles. In 2009, for a major contribution to the development of the economy of Nevelsk, sponsorship of kindergartens and schools, medical and cultural institutions, for the development of sports and tourism, Gornyak-1 LLC was awarded an honorary diploma and a medal. In addition, the collective was repeatedly awarded letters of thanks of the Governor of the Sakhalin region, as well as the Minister of Energy and Housing.

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