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Glampings of the Far East

Wilderness premium
Photo: Alexey Suvorov


Look to the left - here the waves open the Pacific Ocean. Take a look to the right - in front of you is a “mural” with the volcanoes of Koryaksky, Avachinsky and Kozelsky. Company Kamchatka Glamping (GlampStory) the second summer puts tents on the volcanic sand of Halaktyr beach. Vyacheslav and Alisa Batashov brought glamping to sports tourism: once they were tired of sleeping in damp sleeping bags, washing themselves in a stream and cooking at the stake. In 2017, the couple became tour operators, took a loan through the Kamchatka State Enterprise Support Fund, and invested about three million rubles. The Kamchatka Territory Tourism Agency has helped to issue a permit for non-capital construction in 1,5 km from the local visit center.

Photo courtesy of Kamchatka-Glamping_GlampStory (3) .jpg

Photo Shoot: GlampStory

“I ordered the first tents in Beijing. It is a tarpaulin with moisture resistant impregnation, membrane, breathable. Awning made of thick cotton, - says the director of LLC Kamchatka Glamping Vyacheslav Batashov. - Six tents on the 10 and 2 each stand on wooden decks. So far we can accept a maximum of 18 people. From the interior - two beds with mattresses and high-quality bedding, tables and tables. The issue of electricity is still being solved, while we illuminate with garlands and lanterns on the paths. We "eat" from the generator, here on Khalaktyrsky beach everyone has an autonomy, there is no power line. And next year we’ll buy solar panels. ”

You can rent a tent for a day for six to eight thousand, this amount includes breakfast. For a fee you can get full board. There are no shops and asphalt roads on Khalaktyrsky beach, buses do not go here. You can get there by car, or by public transport - first to the village of Dolinovka, and from there about five km on foot.

Photo courtesy of Kamchatka-Glamping_GlampStory (11) .jpg

Photo: GlampStory (Kamchatka Territory)

“We have a separate kitchen with a gas stove and a full-time cook, there is water, sinks. We feed the guests in the large tent of the dining room. For breakfast we serve, for example, scrambled eggs with scallops, we serve beautifully. We are also preparing a Kamchatka menu: fish soup, salmon steaks, whole, shurpa, fern salad, local teas from Ivan tea and rose hips. Glass or ceramic dishes, no plastic. We took another tent to the lounge, there is a wood fireplace, sofas. The camp also has a hot shower room. Dry closets - in a separate tent. We also built a barn because I don’t like the metal containers that we set up all over the beach. This is a collective farm. We will have a barrier and a beautiful fence, ”Vyacheslav Batashov shares his plans.

The ocean is fresh even in the midst of summer; in the heat, the water warms up only to 15 degrees. But the organizers of glamping found a way out. 

“Our specialty is a bath tub!”, - says the director of GlampStory. "This is a container for two thousand liters with a stove under it, with a fire, water is taken directly from the ocean, heats up to 40 degrees, and up to five people can rest in it."

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Photo Shoot: GlampStory (Kamchatka Territory)

GlampStory tents are heated by gas ceramic heaters. 

“We surround the heaters with bricks, and on top we put a metal mesh so that nothing falls, we put a heat-resistant shield under it. The cylinder is outside, and the stove is inside. We tried other options, but due to humidity and sand, the heaters failed. Nearby we plan to put small fire extinguishers. The distance between the tents is eight meters, ”adds Vyacheslav Batashov.

GlampStory also offers horseback riding, excursions in Kamchatka, glanders and surfing. But travel services are not yet in demand: most customers are local. Also, other travel agencies with their program settle in the tents.

This season, tents by the ocean received guests until mid-September. The next beach camping boutique will open in early summer. The company has tents on Khalaktyr beach Cam.Trend_Relax... Sleep, filled with the tart wind and noise of the Pacific Ocean, and the starry sky without city illumination cost the guests five to six thousand rubles for two- and four-seater tents. "Rooms" are heated by wood-burning stoves, illuminated by flashlights. Additional services include a cedar barrel bath with a steam room, from where you can dive into the cool waves of the Quiet, which is literally fifty meters away, and a romantic Kamchatka-style dinner in a "bubble" - a transparent ball with candles and quiet music.    

Tents and geo-domes in Kamchatka can also be found at Quiksilver, Snowave firms, but their service is more “tailored” for surfing.

Photo courtesy of Kamchatka-Glamping_GlampStory.jpg

Photo Shoot: GlampStory (Kamchatka Territory)


From the Pacific to taiga wilds. Glamping park-hotel opened in the summer of 2019 in the Anyuisky National Park. You can get there from Khabarovsk (350 km) or Komsomolsk-on-Amur (300 km) by car. Mountain fishing with overnight stays in tents, in old cordons and dugouts, where you can hide from the bad weather, led the head of the "Reserved Places" company to the glamorous camping. One of the chilly evenings Dmitry Ilyin and his comrades thought about comfortable tourism.

“We turned to the united directorate of state nature reserves and national parks“ Zapovednoye Priamurye ”, got the go-ahead, registered a legal entity, entered the register of tour operators and entered into an agreement with the Anyuisky national park,” recalls Dmitry Ilyin, head of the “Reserved places” company. - We were looking for easily erected non-capital structures, and we found a plant for the production of geo-domes. They are based on a metal frame, covered with PVC fabric. We opted for the French PVC material: it is a snow-white water and dirt-repellent fabric, fireproof, it does not fade, and its membrane layer allows the material to breathe. Total investments in the project amounted to XNUMX million rubles. "

Five futuristic geo-domes the size of a one-room apartment (28 m2) were gathered by entrepreneurs on the banks of Anyui. Near the forest, but the coast is well-blown, because a rare mosquito will reach the middle of the camp. And if it succeeds, it will fall into a carbon dioxide insect trap. In a sense, the guests are isolated: in the glamping park there is neither telephone service nor the Internet.        

“At first, we suffered about this, and then we realized that this was an advantage,” said Dmitry Ilyin. —Guests are glad that they are temporarily divorced from the world. Ten kilometers from glamping there are cell towers of one mobile operator, but you need to drive up to call them. There is light in the camp, while we are “eating” from a diesel generator, we plan solar panels next year. The distance between the geo-domes is six meters, the guests do not interfere with each other. ”

In each hemisphere there are three beds with pillows, mattresses and bed linen, two armchairs, a coffee table, shelves, hangers, rugs, etc. There is a shower and a barrel-bath on firewood, and strong-spirited can swim in the transparent mountain river. Rest is not budgetary, but many travelers can no longer be lured back into a canvas tent.

Glamping Park-Hotel_ Khabarovsk Krai_Photo Aleksey Suvorov (46) .jpg

Photo: Glamping Park-Hotel (Khabarovsk Territory). Alexey Suvorov

“We charge 6,5 thousand rubles per day for single occupancy, eight thousand rubles for double occupancy. This amount includes three meals a day. We have our own chef, author's cuisine. You can put an extra bed in the form of a comfortable euro-folding bed, - says Dmitry Ilyin. - Among the activities we organize a 4-hour motorboat ride along Anyui with a picnic. We also have fishing adventures, we rent equipment, a separate fee goes for recreational fishing in the national park. Fishing, though sporting - caught and released - but to cook the gifts of the river, make fish soup, fry a fish on the spit - we are allowed. There is also an excursion to the rocks of Nadge. We go by motorboat along the river to the beginning of the ascent. We rest there, take pictures, enjoy the bird's-eye view of Anyui ”.

Glamping Park-Hotel_ Khabarovsk Krai_Photo Aleksey Suvorov (33) .jpg

Photo: Glamping Park-Hotel (XAbarovsk Territory). Alexey Suvorov

Glamping park-hotel purchased domes in “warmed” configuration with an eye on the cold season, because, most likely, the park will work in Anyui all year round. Already have a request for the New Year holidays. With glamping, guests can complement the exotic of wildlife with home comfort, without crowding in stores, the roar of fireworks and “blue lights” on TV.      

Lena glamping and others

Yakutia does not lag behind the overall eastern trend: camping on the banks of the Lena River also appeared superior comfort. The Shore of Legends Glamping Park can be found 1,5 hours from Yakutsk (106 km), not far from the village of Bulgunnyakhtakh, Khangalassky ulus. Six fabric safari awnings on a wooden frame received the first guests in July of the 2019. The tents have traditional textiles for relaxing in this style, beautiful glassware. Tourists are preparing themselves for now - on gas stoves and barbecue. In the next season, when electricity is drawn here, the cook will take care of them. The camp has a warm shower and toilet. To protect against evil Yakut mosquitoes on each tent there is a grid.  

Glamping Coast of Legends_Yakutia.jpgPhoto: "Coast of Legends", Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

“We have invested three million rubles in the project,” says the director of the “Coast of Legends” Glamping Park, individual entrepreneur Maria Borisova. - The place is unique: there is gorgeous fishing, on the contrary the mountain river Buotama flows, next to the sand dunes of Tukulany. In addition, for an additional fee, we organize an excursion to the legendary Lena Pillars. In winter, you can enjoy ice fishing here. In addition, our park is a platform for outdoor events, such as the famous Yakut festival "Field Kitchen".

In March 2019, the largest operator in the field of active tourism, the company Russia Discovery, announced the creation of an all-Russian network of glampings. The preliminary list includes Chukotka and Sakhalin. Tents on Sakhalin Island as part of the Mountain Air ski resort are also going to be supplied by Top Glamping. In Primorsky Krai, luxury tents with sea views and a private Surf Vamp Swell beach are already open on Russky Island. In the same direction works "Lamp camp»Near Rice Pad (Khasansky District of Primorsky Territory). Businessmen from almost all Far Eastern regions are driving pegs to this topic. Experts predict explosive growth in the niche, with the gradual "pulling" of Russian glamping to international standards and the traditional philosophy of glamping. The sphere attracts tourists with a worthy service, investors - fast deployment and payback, and a simplified procedure for paperwork to the corners of untouched, including infrastructure, nature.


Photo: "Lamp camp" (Primorsky Territory). Elena Vertyankina

From history.

Glamping (English glamor + camping, camping with a hotel level) began to be actively introduced in the UK in 2005, and three years ago the concept was fixed in the Oxford Dictionary. Although the very first glampings have a royal background. Tent camps of superior comfort with furniture, bathrooms and chefs were erected for high-ranking persons - kings and emperors, when they went on travels or campaigns of conquest. The first glamping is attributed to King James V of Scotland (1520th century). And the most expensive tents - with exquisite cuisine, luxurious finishes and wine fountains - were erected at the government "summit" in France in XNUMX. The tents of the Asian armies also had little in common with the usual tourist asceticism. In the past, temporary tent settlements also carried a city-forming potential, but now, on the contrary, they have become one of the ways to escape from big cities, at least for a while. 

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