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"The eyes and ears of the cosmodrome" for launching the carrier rocket are ready

Vladimir Zvantsev, acting Deputy head of FSUE "Spetsstroytehnologii" under Spetsstroy of Russia "for the construction of the objects of the cosmodrome" Vostochny ", candidate of economic sciences

"The eyes and ears of the cosmodrome" for launching the carrier rocket are ready

People get to the Eastern Cosmodrome in different ways, but having been here in the Amur taiga, having survived the harsh, long winters and short summers, not everyone is in a hurry to leave here. Apparently there is some kind of power that attracts real romantics here.

One of these "romantics in life" is Vladimir Andreevich Zvantsev. By profession, he is a metallurgical engineer, graduated from the highest party school, and worked for 12 years in a hot shop. He worked in oil refining, oil production, construction of major special-purpose facilities. Now Vladimir Andreevich is building the Vostochny cosmodrome.

“I got to the Vostochny Cosmodrome in September 2013, when there was still a forest here. He started the construction of facilities for a complex of measuring instruments, information collection and processing (ISIS), a special complex, without which not a single cosmodrome can do. He participated in the entire construction process: from the allotment of land to the present day, when the complex began to function.

There were significant difficulties, they entered just in the winter. It was necessary to deploy residential towns, shift camps, create the necessary infrastructure, receive people. Especially remember the period December 2013 - February 2014 years, when it was necessary to perform concrete work on the main building of the complex UTM, foundations, columns, in order to quickly begin its installation. We managed to mobilize the collective. At minus 42 C, concrete work was carried out.

Frost, wind. Hands, legs do not obey. A blizzard sweeps, and we pour concrete. They worked day and night, from fatigue they "fell off their feet", but the foundations were cast, the columns were mounted. And we handed over the work without a single comment. The deadline was February 23, and by February 15, 2014 we had completed pouring the foundation and handed over the building for installation. "

In the spring in the Amur region, the weather often presents surprises - rain, strong wind and fires. Builders can not blame the weather, they are daily, painstaking work to lay the "brick for the brick," only so you can build complex objects.

"Then began work on the construction of pylons - structures, which are the control units that monitor the space vehicles. Works were organized on eighteen pylons, of varying heights and diameters. Today, on each pylon towering antennas of various types, designed for automated control over the preparation and launch of space rockets. It is no accident that they say that this complex is the "eyes" and "ears" of the cosmodrome.

Also in parallel, work was carried out on the construction of a sufficiently large building of a closed parking lot for special vehicles with a refuge of civil defense (ZSGO) and a checkpoint (CAT). The ZSGO is not just a building, here we have made parking boxes, control units in which all service personnel will be located, as well as a bomb shelter with the whole life support system. ”

Someone construction of one such complex under extreme conditions would be enough for a lifetime. Zvantsev not from such people.

“After KSISO, I was invited to build one of the objects of the launch complex, namely GP 3 - the command post. The work began from the zero cycle - this is the filling of the walls, the implementation of all concrete work. Ultimately we came to the floor of the building, which has a special roof structure. First, they carried out a rough and then a final finish of the command post building. After the construction of the command post, there was a technical complex. Next - the construction of the Tsiolkovsky space city. It took us less than a year to reverse the situation with the pace of construction. Huge efforts had to be made to ensure that by the end of 2015 the first four houses were 800% complete. The commissioning of these houses will provide housing for about 300 people, which is XNUMX spacious, modern apartments.

In June, we plan to complete work on three more residential buildings and an office building. Another 800 families will be provided with housing. By the end of October, the construction of five more residential buildings and a kindergarten for 230 children with a swimming pool will be completed. Behind these figures are the fate of people, specialists, on whom the launch of the rocket depends, and in general the space future of our country. The results of our work at the cosmodrome, especially recently, when the enterprise was headed by Nikitin Alexander Nikolaevich, indicate that the tasks that have been assigned to us for the construction of Tsiolkovsky, other facilities on the Vostochny, and there are seven more, will be completed on time, with high quality and in according to the requirements of the Customer ". 

Having worked at various sites of the cosmodrome, Vladimir Zvantsev knows by heart by heart their uniqueness, and a great experience in the construction of complex objects has become a good help to him.

"When building such a large facility, which is the spaceport Vostochny, I was very useful experience gained in the construction of other significant facilities, for example, the Eastern oil pipeline (the pipeline system" Eastern Siberia - Pacific Ocean "), the Baltic Nuclear Power Plant (Kaliningrad NPP). It was after the construction of the nuclear power plant that I arrived at the cosmodrome. Each construction has its own characteristics and is different from the others.

The most important thing that distinguishes the construction of the Vostochny cosmodrome is the most sophisticated technologies that we used during construction in such a harsh climate. When metal bursts from the cold, when it is necessary to dig the soil, which is frozen by more than three meters. Then unique technologies come to the rescue and, of course, the endurance of our builders.

VA Zvantsev, Ph.D. in Economics, was awarded the gold medal "National Treasure", the order "Honor and Benefit", the order "For Valiant Labor", the jubilee medal "100 years of the trade unions of Russia", the medal of the Yu.V. Andropov, other government and departmental awards.

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