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Heroes go camping

Resident of the Torus "Kamchatka" is completing an investment project and heading for the Northern Sea Route

Prior to 2015, Morskoy Standard - Bunker LLC was nothing special. Everything changed when the company received the status of a resident of the Torus Kamchatka, the first on the peninsula. The management of the company, having enlisted state support for the business, made a strategic decision to invest in Kamchatka. Thus was born the idea of ​​building on the coast of Avacha Bay a coastal terminal for transshipment and storage of petroleum products - an important object of the energy infrastructure of the Kamchatka Territory with a long-term perspective.

Heroes go camping
Photo: provided by MS-Bunker LLC
- The favored treatment that has developed in relation to residents of the territories of advanced development, without exaggeration, can be called premium, - says Boris Lavrentiev, Development Director of MS-Bunker LLC. - Address support. In our case, this should be taken literally: thanks to the TOP preferences, we have reduced the turnover of personnel in the fleet by four times, directing state support funds to the exact address - to index the salaries of seafarers.

The resident has already created 297 jobs, in the future the number will be increased to 382. These are workers of the terminal for transshipment and storage of oil products, members of the crews of the company's ships, mainly Far Easterners. The company has a social mission - helping young people to gain their profession. For the third year, in cooperation with KamSTU MS-Bunker LLC, it has been participating in the program of adaptation of young specialists of specialized specialties - navigators, radio operators, ship mechanics, and electricians. Guys under the supervision of mentors go through maritime practice on ships, receive a year-round scholarship, and graduates at the exit receive guaranteed employment in the company. This year the first issue will come to the fleet.

 “The program is very popular among cadets, each has its own tutor assigned to the ship, who is personally responsible for the adaptation process,” explains Boris Lavrentiev.
The TOP mode is a mutually beneficial process for both the state and residents. For example, the aggregate contributions to the budget and extrabudgetary funds in the coming 10 years only with the participation of MS-Bunker LLC will constitute, almost, 900 million rubles. There is no reason to doubt that this will happen: the project is developing successfully, more than 500 million rubles have been mastered at the moment, this is about 70% of investments. And the accumulated amount of deductions to the budget and extrabudgetary funds already amounts to over 160 million rubles.

The main consumers of the company's services are shipping and energy coastal companies. The interests of the resident cover the waters and ports of the Far Eastern seas. The company's fleet includes 16 vessels of the tanker and port fleet, and without exaggeration it can be called "heroic": the names of the ships were borrowed from ancient mythology and the Russian epic - Achilles, Hector, Prometheus, Jaromir, Peresvet. The fleet's flagship is the Kairos tanker with a capacity of 50 thousand tons of petroleum products capable of serving ships in the Arctic caravans along the Northern Sea Route. The company is ready to support the creation of a full-fledged bunker infrastructure at the eastern end of the route.

 The interests of the resident on the ground are the terminal for storing oil products, located on the shore of the picturesque Avacha Bay, on the outskirts of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. From Soviet times, there was a boiler room and a fuel storage facility, which eventually fell into disrepair and was partially destroyed. The environmental situation around the construction site was not easy.

“We sounded the alarm and were heard,” continues the development director of MS-Bunker LLC. - The city district promptly considered the issue of dismantling hazardous facilities and land reclamation. Before the completion of the project, we will beautify the hill and erect a retaining wall in order to prevent soil erosion.

LLC MS-Bunker is a company with a Kamchatka registration, and the appearance of the city is not an empty sound for it. The Company's management believes that the terminal, despite its purely technical purpose, should be an example of high industrial aesthetics - well-maintained, environmentally safe and visually attractive. One year later, the onshore terminal should become the hallmark of the Tor Kamchatka, and it is crucial for the resident that investment project No. XXUMX be the first in everything - economics, aesthetics, social efficiency. 

According to analysts, the activity of MS Bunker LLC in the Kamchatka market will also help to stabilize fuel prices.
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