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Denis Tikhonov: "The achieved results change the view of things"

Residents of TOP and SPV have already invested over 260 billion rubles in the economy of the Far East

Denis Tikhonov: "The achieved results change the view of things"
Special project TORA and Free Port
- The process of designing preferential regimes for investors in the Far East - almost three years. Why did the Development Corporation of the Far East come, if in numbers?
- By the fourth Eastern Economic Forum, we came up with 18 territories of priority development and the current regime of the Free Port of Vladivostok in five regions. I will cite the dynamics of the growth in the number of residents, which, in my opinion, convincingly prove the demand for business regimes of Vladivostok advanced development territories and the Freeport of Vladivostok, hence their effectiveness. In 2016, the status of residents of TOP and SPV received 229 companies. By the end of 2017, they were three times more - over 600. This year we also expect a doubling of the number of residents, their number will exceed 1 200. 

By the way, despite the multiple increase in the number of people wishing to obtain the status of a resident in 2018, we strictly adhere to the terms of work with the applications of investors: 15 days for making a decision on the project, 10 days for sending it to the applicant. To achieve such results, the constant optimization of information systems and procedures for interaction with the investor allowed.

To date, legally binding agreements on investment activities in TOP and SPV with the Corporation have been signed by over 1 100 companies. The volume of declared investments is approaching 2,8 trillion rubles. Residents plan to create more 102 000 jobs. The most demanded industry is processing industry - 78% of the total number of residents of the TOP and SPW realize their projects in this area.

Speaking such large-scale figures, I anticipate a certain skepticism among readers in advance, but I am ready to instill in you a justified optimism about the results already achieved.
- 1 200 projects - it's still more of a plan. How many projects have been implemented?
- I want to emphasize that for us the successful implementation of all the announced projects is important - regardless of the sector of the economy, industry or the size of the enterprise. The Far East Development Corporation is making every effort to bring all projects to the stage of a functioning business.         

Today, more than 130 new enterprises are already working, until the end of the year there will be about 200. In the construction and installation phase there are 215 projects, according to 180, engineering design or equipment purchase is in progress. The rest is in the process of preparing for the active stage of implementation (registration of land plots, attraction of investment resources, adjustment of schedules). And this despite the fact that more than half of investors have become residents only recently - less than a year.

Of course, entrepreneurship involves many risks, so there are gatherings, but they are not critical. In general, residents of TOP and SPV have already invested 260 billion rubles in the region's economy, created and modernized the order of 14 000 workplaces. I think that after these data, the number of our like-minded people who share the confidence in the right course and in the realism of achieving the strategic role of the Far Eastern Federal District in the Asia-Pacific region will grow significantly. However, quoting Yuri Petrovich Trutnev, whose role in the development of the Far East is invaluable, "we are only at the beginning of the road and there is much more to do."
- In which regions of the Far East, is business activity in TOP and SPV higher? What is the structure of the portfolio of resident projects?
- Primorsky Territory, Kamchatka, Khabarovsk Territory and Yakutia are the leaders in the number of TOP residents. As for FPV residents, of course, the largest number of investors is in the Primorsky Territory. Also, the regimes of the territories of advanced development and the Free Port play an important role in the development of Chukotka.

If you look at the indicators of TOP in terms of investment, the picture will be slightly different. There is leadership over the Amur Region. But, in my opinion, this layout is important only for assessing the effectiveness of regional authorities, in partnership with which we work. And it grows from year to year, which is confirmed by the results of the rating of the investment attractiveness of the ASI. On the whole, we regard the Far East as a macroregion. Therefore, the Ministry for the Development of the Far East, as the main regulator of the state program of the same name, sets before us the task of balanced development of the territories and linking investment projects to obtain a multiplicative effect.

You asked about the prevailing industry. For the amount of investments and the number of jobs created, the most popular among residents and TOPs, and SPV is the extractive industry, which is represented by investment projects in the sphere of extraction and processing of subsoil. In second place is logistics and transport, then processing industry, food industry. In the field of agriculture, including the fishing industry, at the moment, more than 50 investment projects with a total investment portfolio of over 91,9 billion rubles (of which 21,7 billion rubles have already been implemented) are located in various stages of implementation in the territories of priority development and in the free port of Vladivostok. plans to create about 6300 new jobs (of which 995 is created). Ten enterprises have already been launched and produce meat and dairy products, grow vegetables and greens, fodder base for animals, the rest are in the stage of design and construction and installation works. Sakhalin, for example, is ahead of other TOPs in terms of tourism. Of course, I can not fail to mention the scope of construction, which is also one of the main industries in which the projects are implemented by residents of the TOP and SPV.

More detailed information on resident projects can be found in the annex to this article, directly during the WEF and on the site
- Do foreign companies invest in TOP and SPV? Which countries are most active?
- Among the residents of TOP and SPV more than 70 companies with foreign participation. The most active investors are from China, Japan, South Korea. Interest from foreign investors is recognition of the competitiveness of the Far East in the market of the Asia-Pacific region and the effectiveness of those measures of state support that we are implementing. And interest in the TOP and SPW regimes is growing. All this became possible due to the implementation of the policy of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, aimed at the formation of the Russian Far East as one of the world's economic centers.
- The Corporation for the Development of the Far East is determined by the RF government by the managing company TOP and SPV. Tell us about her activities. What tasks do you face?
- Our most important task is the successful implementation of all projects announced by entrepreneurs. We help investors prepare applications for status, develop a business plan and a financial model. This year we do it through our own Internet resource, which is convenient for entrepreneurs. The investor from his computer enters the project data into the information windows on the site in the section "Become a resident", and the program itself calculates the business plan, forms the application and sends it for processing. Within 15 days, we issue a decision about assignment of the status and fix the project of the personal manager. And all this is completely free. Subsequently, the management company monitors the implementation of agreements on investment activities, provides information exchange between interested government agencies.

In addition, to the residents of the TOP, the Corporation provides land plots necessary for the implementation of projects. Residents of SPS help in obtaining them, interacting with federal, regional and municipal government bodies. Also, the management company creates engineering and transport infrastructure in the territories of advanced development, if there are applications of residents.

Thus, today more than 140 objects are in the active stage of implementation, 65 of them are projected and 32 is already built. With the progress of construction can be found on our website, where an online broadcast is conducted. The terms for entering infrastructure objects are synchronized with the needs of the residents. The created infrastructure will in many respects be able to provide applications and potential investors of the territories of advanced development. In three TOPs the Corporation builds production and administrative buildings for lease to residents of the MC on preferential terms. Having gained strength in such comfortable conditions, they will be able to scale projects already on their own sites.
- What difficulties do residents face?
- A serious problem for residents is to attract the necessary funding. The rates on loans offered by banks are too high. To address this issue, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation has developed a mechanism for subsidizing the interest rate for residents of the TOP and SPV. We hope that it will work already next year.

The administrative pressure on the part of state bodies, which is much more palpable in the Far East than in the central part of the country, has a negative impact on business development. An effective tool for solving such problems of business was the working group of the Prosecutor General's Office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, at the meetings of which both individual cases and the actions of individual departments as a whole are considered.

The main complaints of FPV residents are caused by the inoperability of the preference for obtaining a land plot without an auction. On the one hand, a radical increase in the efficiency of the work of regional and municipal authorities is required without devaluation of the legal rights of residents to land plots, on the other hand, entrepreneurs themselves increasingly began to use this preference to create advantages in unfair competition. To get out of such situations, a number of amendments to the legislation have been prepared, which are now being approved by the executive authorities.

We actively defend the interests of residents of the TOP and SPV, including in court. Together with Minvostokrazvitiya, the prosecutor's office, the presidential envoy's office in the Far Eastern Federal District, it was possible to restore the violated rights of many investors and reduce the frequency of occurrence of such cases.

Residents apply to the management company and for other assistance, which we try to provide in a timely and qualitative manner. In our plans to constantly develop a set of services and provide them, mainly in electronic form.
- Tell me more in detail, what services are you talking about? How do you plan to organize their provision?
- We have identified a list of 10 priority consulting services most demanded by residents: legal, accounting, customs, engineering, information, personnel, etc. Today we are working on the concept of the Resident Support Center of JSC "KRDV". The center will have to provide independent services in accordance with a predetermined base standard, as well as facilitate communication of residents with the partners of the Center, if necessary, with expanded competencies. At the same time we will propose to make the services of the center for residents free of charge. The work of the Center's partners will be paid, but with mandatory certification by the management company. Here is a concept for the discussion in the framework of the WEF.
- What modern information technologies do you use when interacting with residents and potential investors?
- In 2018, we are introducing a "personal office of the resident", through which residents will have the opportunity to receive the services of the corporation, provide reporting, monitor the implementation of the project and fulfill its obligations under the agreement. We consider this service to be the most important for scaling up the activities of the KRVV and providing quality support to all residents. The main task in this case is not so much the creation of this service from a technical point of view, but rather the provision of its use, convenience and maximum utility for the investor. 

The most important assessment of our work is formed by the opinion of its residents. Therefore, feedback is important for improving the effectiveness of our work. We regularly conduct surveys of residents and gratefully accept both high marks and criticism. The general assessment of the quality of the work of the Corporation by the residents is consistently higher than 4 points, on a five-point scale. But our task is to provide a service of such a level that high marks were from each resident.

Not so long ago on the VKontakte network, on the platforms Viber and Facebook Messenger appeared our chat bots. Now you can automatically receive the necessary information in the shortest possible time: about the availability of a land plot for the project, the stages of preparation and the timing of the delivery of infrastructure. You can find out everything about tax benefits and administrative preferences, as well as get exhaustive information about all services provided by JSC "KRDV". We give residents the opportunity to solve a wide variety of issues in their smartphone, without visits to the offices of the Corporation. At the same time, the "hot line" phone still operates.
- Are you going to present new tools of work with residents to the WEF this year?
Visitors of our stand will be able not only to receive all information about the work of JSC "KRDV", the characteristics of TOP and SPV modes through an interactive map of investment projects. Everyone who is interested in the online mode here at the stand will be able to enter the section "Become a resident" and submit an application to the Corporation. We also prepared an interactive investment calculator that will allow you to compare the effectiveness of a potential investment project in different scenarios: the TOR regime, the SST regime, the regime of special economic zones in other countries.

We prepared a small surprise for the visitors of the WEF - mini test, with which you can test your knowledge of the Far East and the conditions for investing in its development.  
- What events of the business program do you prepare for the WEF?
- Together with the Ministry for the Development of the Far East, we are preparing the session "Territories of Advanced Social and Economic Development and the Free Port of Vladivostok: Present and Future". Despite the growing popularity of the TOP and FPV regimes, it is necessary to increase the competitiveness of the regimes in the international arena and to constantly improve the existing instruments. The high efficiency and demand for most of the preferences have already been proven, but a number of preferences were not applicable in practice. In certain territories and sectors, the existing support measures were insufficient for the effective implementation of projects. We will discuss the necessary decisions at the session together with the business.
- Not long ago, the president signed a law on the creation of an offshore company on. Russian. In the draft documents regulating its activities, JSC "KRDV" is determined by the management company. Are you ready to solve this problem?
"If the government trusts, then, of course, we will decide." Three years ago, both TOPs and SPVs were new tasks, and now it is about 1 200 investment projects. The idea of ​​implementing a special regime for the financial sector is very promising, and, as always, much will depend on its implementation. 
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