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The forum is over, the energy remains

The results of the first investment forum "Energy of the Far East" are summed up in Khabarovsk. One of the main results can be considered already that it took place.

The success or failure of events of this kind is usually measured by the number of agreements, the amount of contracts, the presence of VIPs - their caliber and number. According to these indicators, "Energy of the Far East" may be inferior to its "brothers" so far, but the main thing is that this very energy is, as is the message to investors looking to the future - those who invest in the Khabarovsk Territory will definitely receive help and support.

The forum is over, the energy remains
Photo: Press Service of the Government of Khabarovsk Territory

Seven memoranda and agreements have been signed, and the authorities and business - large, medium, small - have synchronized their watches at nine industry platforms. 800 participants of the forum met face to face and online. Was the effort worth the achieved result, what happened besides the declaration of "loved ones" and the symbolic designation of the fact that life continues even in these difficult times?

One of the documents signed at the forum was a memorandum of cooperation in the implementation of investment projects in the healthcare sector of the Khabarovsk Territory. It was signed by the Ministry of Health of the region and the PremiumStroy Invest company. The project involves an investment of about one billion rubles, which will be used to build a multidisciplinary medical rehabilitation center in Khabarovsk. The center should admit the first patients in two years. It is designed for 200 beds, and not only residents of the Khabarovsk Territory, but also all Far Easterners will be able to recover here after operations and treatment in the field of neurology, traumatology and orthopedics, oncology. This is not the first and not the last project of this kind by PremiumStroy Invest in the Far Eastern Federal District, noted its General Director Ivan Luzhaev.

“We came to the Far East thanks to the government of the Khabarovsk Territory, the Agency for Attracting Investments and Development of Innovations in the region. I hope that for us Khabarovsk will become the entry point to the entire Far East, because Khabarovsk is the capital city, it remains the capital of the entire Far East. I would like to note that today we not only signed the memorandum, but also submitted the main document itself - this is a public-private partnership agreement, ”he said after signing the memorandum.

The project is significant in the sense that it is not about “abstract investments” in the “abstract economy” perceived by the average person, but about the fact that it will tangibly improve the quality of people living in the Far East.

One of the most "weighty" was the memorandum between the government of the Khabarovsk Territory and Dalgazresurs LLC on the construction of a network of liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants at five geological structures prepared for deep drilling, including the Andikansky - the only discovered hydrocarbon field in the Khabarovsk Territory ... The implementation of only the first of the three stages involves investments of 2,8 billion rubles and the creation of more than 100 jobs. At the second stage - 8,6 billion rubles and 288 jobs, at the third - 11,6 billion rubles and more than 600 jobs.

In addition to the scale of the project, the value of the signed memorandum is precisely in the message for investors, which was emphasized by the General Director of Dalgazresurs Oleg Baranov: Oleg Baranov Director of Dalgazresurs LLC: “In November 2018, together with an investor from Singapore, we decided to invest in the development of Verkhnebureinsky district and construction of an LNG plant on the basis of a gas condensate field. Our memorandums were signed, but unfortunately in November 2018, the regional government considered our initiative inappropriate for the Khabarovsk Territory. Only three years have passed, and we returned to this topic, and we found full support from the regional administration, the Agency for Attracting Investments and Innovations, the Ministry of Innovative Development, and in two months we have done much more than in previous years. And I think that our conversations will now turn into concrete actions. "   

Regional ministries signed two memorandums at the forum with Urgalugol JSC - one of them is to increase coal production, the other implies joint efforts in the development of the material and technical base of the Verkhnebureinsk central regional hospital, in the implementation of the Telemedicine project and the development of the education system in Chegdomyn.

Daltransugol and the Ministry of Construction of the Khabarovsk Territory signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of stimulating housing construction and the development of housing rent in the Vaninsky District. There is mutual interest - new housing will make it possible to attract new employees to work in Daltransugol JSC. “In the near future, we plan to create more than 100 jobs at our enterprise. It is important that the regional government supports us in creating living conditions for our employees, solving their housing issues, developing infrastructure in the Vaninsky district. In this regard, the support of federal mechanisms and development institutions is also very useful, ”said Vladimir Dolgopolov, General Director of Daltransugol JSC.

Two more agreements between the regional structure and the "Agency for Attracting Investments and Development of Innovations" of the region were signed with the general director of the Amur technopark, which will become a reference platform for companies working in the field of high technologies, and with the general director of Ecological Marine Technologies LLC, on the implementation of aquaculture. project in Vaninsky district.

Against the background of reports of billions of dollars in investments and global projects, the session of the forum on small business amid a pandemic aroused great interest. Small businesses are most vulnerable in times of cataclysms and lockdowns. However, they also demonstrate the maximum flexibility and adaptability that allow such structures to survive. SMEs cannot be sustained without state support, but in addition to immediate assistance, prospects are also needed. Alexander Kalinin, president of the public organization for small and medium-sized businesses "Support of Russia" announced a new measure of support, which the business community is working on - a mortgage at three percent for the construction of industrial buildings in the Far East. “To buy or make a production building at a rate of ten percent is unrealistic, if there is three, then why not, because there will be a pledge, but it is necessary to do a lot of work with banks so that they are not afraid of this tool. The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation supports us, "he said, answering a question from an EastRussia correspondent.

Answering the questions posed at the very beginning - about the adequacy of the efforts spent and the need for the forum - one can say so: "Investments do not flow under the lying power." If there were no forum, there would be no agreements and memorandums, there would not be a positive information storm that drew attention to the region. And certainly the first forum is not lumpy. It did not appear at all from scratch, but became the next step in the systematic work of the new team of the Agency for Attraction of Investments and Development of Innovations of the Khabarovsk Territory - a month earlier, its efforts were noted in the rating of investment attractiveness, updated at the recent St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The investment portal of the region, on which the Agency has worked thoroughly, ended up in Group A, in the top 10 constituent entities of the Federation. 

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