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FLC is not on time

EastRussia understands why for the third year the pool in SovGavan does not surrender

At the end of 2013, a children's pool could appear in Sovetskaya Gavan. But the object has not yet been handed over. Moreover, on the fact of transferring one of the tranches to the developer a criminal case was initiated against the deputy head of the district administration, and the investigation promises to transfer it to the court soon. EastRussia was very interested in who was to blame and what will happen next.

FLC is not on time
Photo: Dmitry Shcherbakov
The sports and fitness center (FLC) is being built in Sovetskaya Gavan since 2012 year under the contract, which was won by LLC "Construction and Commercial Firm Rubin". The amount of initially pledged funds - just over 150 million rubles, they should have been allocated budgets of different levels. The pool in the district center is one, built even in the times of the USSR, although with capital repairs, conducted in 2011 year. The second pool was conceived specially for children - pupils of schools and pupils of the older groups of kindergartens - that is, as a social object, explains EastRussia head of the Soviet-Gavan district Yuri Bukhryakov.

The building is beautiful: modern, spacious, able to accommodate not only those who want to splash in the water. According to Mr. Bukhryakov, two bowls of the pool are designed for 15 and 45 people per hour. In the evenings, adults and anyone else could swim here, but for a fee, the chapter continues. And in the building itself there is enough space to fit both the boxing section and the fitness section. “But in order to start any additional work, it is necessary that the sports and recreation center should be commissioned and appear in our treasury,” says Yuri Bukhryakov. 

Problems in the completely unnecessary for the Soviet Harbor facility began in 2013 year. Then the funds required to co-finance the construction of the basin from the country's budget were not included in the departmental federal target program, says Yuri Bukhryakov. Due to interruptions in financing, the FLC remained unfinished. And in August 2014 funds came. "We had to master them before the end of the year. But it was simply impossible. However, the leadership of the region told us: if you do not designate the remaining millions of allocated 11 for 60, then Khabarovsk Territory will then not get 400 million rubles from the RF budget for other areas and other facilities, "says the head of the district.

In this situation, the deputy head of social affairs Yuri Melzedinov had to "sign the missing work certificates for 11 million rubles," Yury Bukhryakov admits. "I say this in plain text," he continues. "A criminal case has been instituted about this, although all (the works for which the acts were issued) have already been done for a long time. Everyone understands perfectly both the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor's Office. But there is such an order: formally the violation was. " Besides, he checked the FLC first, he adds, he also took a part of the funds allocated to the pool from the district budget, "considering their use as un-targeted and inefficient".

The position of the TFR is unambiguous. The 6 office of April 2017 reported that they would soon file a case against Yury Melzedinov in court. Collecting evidence helped staff regional UFSB. The investigation believes that the accused signed the acts of work performed, but "in fact, not all the work was performed in full." “No ventilation and plumbing equipment was installed, no fire alarm was installed, telephone and television equipment was not installed, polyurethane floors were not laid, a water meter was not installed, the surrounding area was not landscaped, and so on,” . The final damage to the district budget was estimated by investigators at 4 million rubles.

“It was considered that my deputy exceeded the authority by signing documents on the transfer of funds to the contractor - acceptance certificates for certain types of work performed. But about the fact that our investigating authorities make, we have repeatedly asked the investigators: where is the damage? What is the budget even for a penny lost? I haven't spent a single ruble here. Everything is done at the expense of the contractor. They themselves asked me for help - what damage. But he is not, ”insists Yuri Bukhryakov.

“The budget has not invested a penny here. In 2014, the last funds were given to the contractor, and there is not a single penny (extra - EastRussia) budget money here, "said EastRussia and the person involved in the criminal case, Yuri Melzedinov.

The company-builder, LLC "Construction and Commercial Firm Rubin", their problems. The head of the company Dmitry Tatarnikov is a supporter of sports support: he heads the local mini-football team "Rubin". Since 2013, he is also a deputy of the city council. Arrived at the almost ready, but still not handed FLC representatives of the authorities, ONF and the media, Dmitry Tatarnikov explains that the original for the building was chosen as a standard project. And the builders, he said, were in some ways hostage to the project.

For example, the main basin of the basin with a depth of 170 cm is metallic and covered with paint. Coverage, admits Dmitry Tatarnikov, showed itself not very reliable: it already appears small cracks. However, the examination showed that the facility was completed in full accordance with the project. The pool can be put into operation, although it would be nice to put a film on top of it. But it takes several days and several million rubles, and the contractor is not ready to bear such additional costs.

SCF "Rubin", says its head, has long been spending its own funds on sports and recreation centers - in excess of those included in the budget for the facility. Dmitry Tatarnikov calls the main reason that the object was not commissioned "bureaucratic issues" on the part of the regional department of the State Construction Supervision. The agency has not yet issued a permit to put the building into operation, although the law does not violate this, the developer admits - it simply "acts according to its own regulations." The businessman-deputy does not complain about the regional authorities, he says that he is supported in everything. However, the fact remains - uncoordinated actions to finance the construction of a social facility and its acceptance turned the pool into a long-term construction.

"I paid my money to finish all the points that over the years have changed: the requirements for the" Affordable Environment ", the toughening of fire safety measures, and so on. Supplements "got out", so you understand, as early as 25 million rubles. But we have done everything that Gosstroynadzor is asking. For example, we made an additional fire ladder, which is not in the project, we manufacture and install it, "says the head of the company-builder.

SKF "Rubin" and the Gosstrojnadzor management expect to complete all the procedures for acceptance and delivery of the basin to 20 April, says Dmitry Tatarnikov: "They reported to the State Construction Supervision Authority that they made all the additions, handed over the documentation, everything was arranged - an expert came and checked it. Agreements were reached that we go to the final inspection, after which the issue of obtaining a permit for commissioning will be decided. We will receive a signed paper - I withdraw from myself all obligations for the content of the object. And I keep it my second year at my own expense - about 200 thousand rubles a month goes to pay for security, lighting, and heating. If everything is accepted, you can start everything at the end of May. "

Expert ONF on urban policy and housing and communal services Igor Kovalev, after listening to both the head and the builder, said that the situation will be put on special control, and promised to be the first to swim along the paths of the new pool.

Speaker of the legislative Duma of the Khabarovsk Territory Sergei Lugovskoy, who was elected from the Soviet-Gavan district, to assess who is right and who was to blame for what happened did not. But the legislation on state and municipal purchases needs to be improved, he admits. "In the situation with the FLC there were also mistakes and shortcomings at the design stage, and this is another problematic issue: the governor of the province Vyacheslav Shport has set the task that the project activity in the region be more professional. We all understand that it is not the speed of mastering the funds that comes, sometimes, with delays, that is important. The main thing is a qualitative result, "says the speaker of the regional Duma. The issues of improving procurement legislation, he adds, are constantly being discussed both in the regional parliament and legislators of the Far East at the meetings of the parliamentary association. "We will continue to collect and send proposals, continue to insist that in some cases it is possible to give the region the right of purchasing decisions. There are in fact different cases, up to those when it comes to the execution of direct urgent orders of the president, "Sergei Lugovskoy believes. 
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