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Fartovaya land

On the Kolyma everyone can become a prospector, and the luckiest ones become millionaires

Kolyma is rich in gold: in the region it is extracted up to 30 tons of this precious metal per year. Rich in Kolyma and the prospecting traditions: the first nuggets were found exactly a century ago. Not surprisingly, the region's business card is also associated with gold. This is the "Golden Festival".

Fartovaya land

The most spectacular event of the "Golden Festival" is the All-Russian competition for washing gold "Staratelsky Fart". There are no analogues to this competition in other regions of the country. The essence of what is happening is simple: you need to get the maximum amount of precious metal by earwy methods. To do this, each participant is given a kylo and a wooden flushing tray. The governor of the Magadan region sends a signal flare into the air. This is the team to start: the newly minted prospectors pick up the gold-bearing soil and begin to wash it in half-shells - metal barrels cut in half with water. Time for work is strictly limited - 15 minutes.

The washed particles of loose gold should be collected in cans, then dried to find on the fire. Then comes the turn of stripping - the golden grains must be separated from the particles of the earth. Everything happens exactly as at the dawn of gold mining at Kalym. To the participants were able to cope with all stages, before the start of the competition they undergo a short course of study with professionals. Geologists and surveyors in the master class show how to use the Kyle and the tray, how to distinguish gold from sand.

In the final, the extraction of each prospector is weighed on a precise scale. The winner is the one who managed to wash more than others. The most lucky participant gets the main prize - one million rubles. The remaining money from the prize fund of 2,5 million rubles is distributed among the winners who have won the next four places. All participants in the competition receive certificates of honor, and the winners - not only money, but also memorable cups.

Those wishing to test their prospecting fart every year more and more. After all, you can become a millionaire for 15 minutes only on Kolyma. This year, applications for participation were submitted by 146 people - both from the Magadan region, and from other regions of Russia. The selection was tough. Happy admission ticket for "Staratelsky fart - 2017" received 80 people. 63 - local residents, and 17 people - from the Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Irkutsk and Belgorod regions, the Krasnoyarsk and Khabarovsk Territories, the Republics of Yakutia and Adygea.

This year the prize remained in Magadan. Defeated Kolyma retired Yuri Startsev, first decided to try on the role of prospector. Aviation technician by profession, he was able to wash 2,47 grams of gold and beat the record of last year. And then he confessed to journalists: he worried so much that his hands were shaking. That, however, for the prospector is more a plus, than a minus ... The victory became for the pensioner full unexpectedness. Becoming a millionaire, he had first-hand experience: the tournament is conducted honestly. Everything is decided by fart - on whose side it is, he will win.

Silver and bronze medals of the "Staratelsky Fart - 2017" were won by guests from the Irkutsk region. For the second place Gennady Usikov received an award of 600 thousand rubles, and Nikolai Nikonov, behind the countryman for only 6 hundredths, took home 400 thousand. The fourth and fifth place was shared by Magadans Mikhail Kryshin and Andrey Goriuk. They received 200 and 150 thousand rubles, respectively.

Passion of passion in competitions in luck and skill is always very high. And an authentic digging camp, broken on the shores of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, is not able to accommodate all the fans. Therefore, every year there is a direct broadcast of the competitions. Watch their progress and can be online, on the website of the government of the Magadan region.

The "Staratsky Fart" is only three years old. But in this short time the tournament managed to become famous throughout the country. Now central television channels send special correspondents to Magadan. This year, by the way, NTV journalist Andrei Shamin managed not only to prepare a reportage, but also to become a participant in the tournament. Moreover: today, even mass media of neighbors - Japan and China, tell how Kolyma competes in gold mining in a grandfather's way. So, the organizers of the festival do not in vain expect that the wide popularity of the tournament will make it a center of attraction for tourists from other regions and countries. And they hope that gambling competitions on the Kolyma will help lift the federal ban on the extraction of loose gold by Russian citizens.

"Prospector's Fortune" is the most spectacular and one of the most massive stages of the "Golden Festival". The Golden Bicycle bike ride, which opens the event, gathers no less participants. The festival program includes many other interesting events. Boat trips from Nagaev Bay to Cape Chirikov. Rafting on the Dukcha River to Gertner Bay. Horseback riding for children and adults. Various exhibitions and theatrical performances. Prospector tea and ear - to all, without exception. And towards the end - a gala concert of the third all-Russian festival "Kolymsky chanson".

"Golden Festival" is always glad to guests. The atmosphere here is very warm. The organizers of the festival emphasize: the main thing is not that there is a lot of gold on the Kolyma. The main thing is that there live golden people.

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