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"Phantoms adorn infrastructural reporting"

PortNews found ports in the Far East that are being built on paper

Since the last Eastern Economic Forum a whole year has passed. To the new VEF-2017, port project managers are preparing new presentations, many of which turn out to be old.

Analysts of the information and analytical agency PortNews have been monitoring the development of the port complex of the Far East for many years and note its dynamic development. At the same time, we regretfully state that a number of projects are not progressing in their implementation. Nevertheless, from year to year these projects are "public relations" and are presented as acting.

The reasons for assigning these or those projects to us as port phantoms are different. But the greatest concern is "phantoms" with state participation. Because the budget money in many regions is waiting for bona fide private investors (according to our observations, there are also such).

Here are some "phantoms", which, according to PortNews, do not correspond to the stated rates of development.

The construction of a universal production and transshipment terminal in the Vostochny seaport should be carried out within the framework of the state program for the development of the Vostochny-Nakhodka transport hub. The project, the investor of which is the group "Summa", will operate JSC Open Port Nakhodka.

The total amount of funding is 46,7 billion rubles, including funds from Open Port Nakhodka JSC in the amount of 18,4 billion rubles, for federal property - the federal budget in the framework of the Federal Target Program “Development of the Russian Transport System (2010 - 2020) 28,3 billion rubles. The total cargo turnover of the terminal should be 20 million tons per year.

Earlier in open sources it was stated that the terminal should earn in 2017 year. However, a representative of the PortNews IAA recently visited the village of Wrangell in Primorsky Krai, where he was able to make sure that active construction work on the port's construction has not yet been started. On the construction site, it was not possible to see workers' brigades or heavy equipment.

Work on the construction of railway and sea transport facilities in the framework of the project "Development of the transport hub" Vostochny-Nakhodka (Primorsky Krai) "is carried out by the company" Stroynovatsiya "(part of the" Sum "group). This company must perform a significant range of work: from working documentation to the construction of railways and bridges, as well as dredging the water area. In 2016 - 2017 years "Stroynovatsiya" conducted litigation with "Rostransmodernization", which, in our opinion, did not contribute to the acceleration of the project.

Another project "Summa" is the construction of a specialized grain terminal in the port of Zarubino. The estimated cargo turnover of the grain terminal will be 10 million tons per year with full development, the first stage - 3,5 million tons per year. The construction of the terminal was planned in the period from 2018 year to 2020 year (the first stage of the project).

Public hearings on the project took place only 18 July 2017 year. Serious remarks were made during the hearings. For example, Viktor Zhukov, General Director of OOO Zarubinskaya Navy Base of the Fleet, said that dredging planned for the construction of a specialized grain terminal in the seaport of Zarubino could have a negative impact on the flora and fauna of the Troitsa water area. Given that the year of ecology in Russia is well under way, if the project is listened to, it can also have a negative impact on the timing of the project, which still has to undergo environmental review.

Another "phantom" project, in our estimation, is Sukhodol.

OAO HC "SDS-Ugol" plans to build a coal terminal in the bay of Suhodol (Primorsky Krai) with a maximum capacity of 20 million tons per year. The investor promises to invest in the project order of 30 billion rubles, providing access to the port infrastructure for small and medium-sized coal mining enterprises.

The project, which the investor has been talking about for the last three or four years, includes the construction of a terminal for exporting coal to the countries of the Asia-Pacific region: Korea, India, China, and Japan. Commissioning of the first stage with a capacity of up to 6 million tons per year was scheduled for July 2017.

Currently, two berths longer than 640 m and the necessary production capacities have been designed, including the construction of a railway branch stretching almost 11 km from Smolyaninovo station. The documentation passed state expertise.

The beginning of work is hampered by the prohibition of the Ministry of Defense, to which the land belongs. Thus, the timing of the project can be indefinitely delayed.

In the port of Vanino of the Khabarovsk Territory, it is planned to build a coal terminal of the company “Tuva Energy Industrial Corporation” (TEPK). The project is associated with the development of the Elegest coal deposit and had a powerful PR company at the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. But its implementation has not yet begun. Perhaps this is even for the benefit of the investor, who will start building the coal terminal after all environmental scandals are over and, perhaps, relying on the new requirements for such facilities.

While the reason for the lack of work on the port lies in the need to build a railway to the port. In June 2017, during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, between TPPK and RZD, an agreement was signed on cooperation in the implementation of the project "Construction of the Elegest-Kyzyl-Kuragino railway". The goal of the project is to ensure the export of coking coal from the Elegest coal field in the amount up to 15 million tons per year. The length of the railway will be 410 km. The terms of the port project implementation will depend, respectively, on the construction of this railway. This is planned to be done for 4,5 year - with completion in 2022 year.

Last week at a meeting in Kaliningrad, Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that in Russia it is necessary to build specialized terminals equipped with the most advanced technologies. This involved not only the North-West of the country, but the entire Russian port complex. In our opinion, right now, while some ports are described only on paper, it is possible to plan their future construction at the highest technological level, so that the port could work and residents of neighboring cities can breathe clean air and rejoice in the appearance of jobs in their region.

The construction of specialized bulk terminals, which the president spoke of, requires the presence of large investment funds and sufficient capacity of railway approaches. Currently, there are about 20 coal terminals in the Far Eastern Basin and only three of them, in our estimation, can be called specialized: JSC "Vostochny Port", CJSC "Daltransugol" and JSC "Commercial Port Posiet". Whether their number will increase - time will tell.
And the time, apparently, is not long.
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