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Alexander Savelyev, head of the Fisheries Information Agency, asks for a great initiative


Alexander Saveliev

Head of the Fisheries Information Agency
Eureka - from the Greek literally - found! This legendary exclamation of Archimedes on the occasion of the discovery of a hydrostatic law, if anyone does not know, has become a common expression of joy in the event of the resolution of a difficult problem.

Sorry, of course, for the high style, but the case, as they say, uncommon. It seems to me that I understood how to solve all the problems of the country's fisheries complex and the domestic seafood market at once.

As there is another classic in the "Great Initiative" - ​​"the press reports many examples ...". For six years we have been delighted to observe the "dynamically developing fishing business created in 2011 by private Russian investors to consolidate Russian fishing assets in various regions of the country."

Who now does not know about one fishing company? It is the largest producer of the most popular and most popular herrings and pollock, which raises almost a third of a million tons from the ecologically clean seas of the Far Eastern basin. This is approximately two and a half times the average annual consumption of fish in the largest multimillion metropolis of the capital. That is, very, very much fish.

And the company is actively mastering the harvest of crabs. For example, - bought last year at auctions for a fantastic billions of rubles, the quota for catching two and a half thousand tons of delicacy, which, as they say, everyone should try to try.

But the main advantage of the RRPK is the beneficiaries - Gleb Frank, the son-in-law of the country's most successful businessman Gennady Timchenko and Maxim Vorobyov, with the most unlimited administrative capabilities and the namesake of the Chairman of the State Duma in the position of Deputy Director General for Relations with State Authorities. For some, this can cause envy and even irritation, while for me it is exclusively delight from the harmonious and effective synergy of capital and power. With such a potential and resource, you can move mountains!

And fold! A radical change in the law on fishing for investment purposes and the issuance of order 30 government regulations aimed at updating the fishing fleet - this could not even have dreamed of the most successful fisherman. And here, please, use!

Thus, it is quite obvious that the RRPK can solve the most ambitious tasks, as Russian President Vladimir Putin says. 

I ask you to mobilize the largest Russian potential for catching pollock and herring to saturate the domestic market with demanded fish during the catastrophic fall in average per capita consumption to 10 kg per year, and to include economically sound mechanisms for wholesale and retail pricing to create affordable and socially-oriented conditions for the Russian consumer.

I ask you to use the possibilities of relations with state authorities to create an economically advantageous system of fish supplies to the Russian coast, to eliminate administrative barriers in Russian ports, as well as to create fish processing facilities, industries, jobs in Russia and pay taxes to budgets of all levels in country. I ask you to stand in the vanguard of the reversal of export-oriented fisheries activities on the intra-oriented, launch mechanisms of economic preferences, motives for working in Russia and engage in the effective development primarily of the Far Eastern regions.

Undoubtedly, in the company's capabilities - to formulate and bring into effect a modern, regulatory and legal basis for Russian aquaculture that meets business needs, work on which has been going on for the nineteenth year.

I am sure that these are feasible tasks that are in the sphere of business interests, coincide with the interests of the development of the fishery sector of the country as a whole and the requests of citizens. Moreover, I hope that this initiative will receive support at the IV Congress of fishery workers of the Russian Federation, which is scheduled for 27 February in Moscow.
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