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"A lot more things have not been done in Olekminsk to leave from there"

Roman Stefanchuk - on how to make the future of small towns with their own hands

"A lot more things have not been done in Olekminsk to leave from there"
"I rarely come to Yakutsk, once a year, approximately. Now I've come to the courses. I did not study anywhere, I graduated only from school, "says businessman Roman Stefanchuk at the beginning of the meeting.

Roman was born, grew up and lives in the city of Olekminsk, numbering slightly more than nine thousand inhabitants in the south-west of Yakutia. In 1994, Roman went into business - began to bring food from Novosibirsk. The distance from Novosibirsk to Olekminsk is four thousand kilometers. In winter, Roman himself drove the KamAZ through the Irkutsk region for six to seven days. In the summer it was not easier: the goods had first to be delivered to the town of Ust-Kut on the border of Yakutia and the Irkutsk region, there to load containers with goods on a barge, and further along the Lena River. 

Gradually, the business grew: first, Roman began to deal with the wholesale of products, then took up cargo transportation - the company completely and all year round provides transportation of goods not only for itself, but also for other entrepreneurs. More than half of the cargo in the Olekminsky region in winter comes through the Stefanchuk company, and the businessman provides food for most of the budget organizations and construction companies in the region. Among the clients is Gazprom, which is building the Power of Siberia gas pipeline in the region. Two more areas of the company's work are the production and sale of building materials and the management company "Comfort".

Stefanchuk works only in Olekminsky district. On the question of whether there is a desire to go to the republic, Roman honestly answers that so far there is neither finance nor desire to go outside the district, and adds that so far there is enough work in Olekminsk.

But for his native city entrepreneur, apparently, took his heart. Created in 2014, the managing company "Comfort", according to Roman himself, was originally a bad idea from the point of view of business. "I'm not quite right as a businessman. The management company is not easy money, it is hard work. Many people who are dissatisfied, and work, whether or not you want, should be done. But I am motivated by the desire to make the city cleaner ", - Roman admits.

In 2012-2014, the man recalls, the city was littered. Roman repeatedly helped to take out the garbage, and then decided: someone should put things in order. Now "Comfort" serves almost the entire city center. Even before "Comfort", the entrepreneur, on his own initiative, restored the city bath. “Again, from the business side, it was the wrong decision. This project brings losses and many problems. But the city needs it, ”says Stefanchuk. And the bath continues to work.

In the same 2012 year in Olekminsk the public organization "The Future of Olekma" was founded, one of the founders of which was Roman Stefanchuk. "We, the founders, had five: I, two more entrepreneurs, a former police officer and a breeder of horses, a man from the people, so to speak," says the businessman. "We all wanted our native Olekminsk with our help to straighten his shoulders and breathe, so that the former glory of our region, as the main agricultural producer of the republic, returned to us."

At the very first attempt of elections in the 2014 year, representatives of the organization took 27 seats to the district council from the 8 mandates. This year there were elections to the city council, and they were even better for the “Future of Olekma” - the organization took 21 from the 12 seats.

Roman himself neither in the district nor in the city councils is: "I do not see any reason for myself to be there, so a lot of workload from business. It can not be everywhere. Those deputies who represent our organization are coping well with their work. "

The novel is sure: Olekma can be revived only with the help of youth, fresh forces. "The worst thing is that young people are leaving. The problem, in fact, did not appear in 2012 year. She was mature for years, and it was necessary to pay attention to her for a long time, "Stefanchuk is sure.

The businessman himself has three sons. Senior, three years ago, after graduating from a university in Novosibirsk, he returned to Olekminsk and worked in a family company. The decision to come back is the result of the father's philosophy and his values, which he imparted to his sons. "The point is in the idea. When he studied in Novosibirsk, he did not want to listen about returning to Olekma. I explained to him: you have two brothers. If you go, the middle one will not want to return, and the younger, if you both will be there, especially. And who will revive Olekma? Who will show by example that here it is necessary to live and work, build roads and social infrastructure? In our city there is no cinema, even there is nowhere to go for a walk, "says the head of the family.

"Both I and my wife are local. We in Olekminsk were born and grew up. Therefore, maybe emotionally the desire to leave is, but there is no "soil" for leaving Olekma. I have my mother and sister here, how can I get ready and leave? - says Roman. "A lot more things have not been done in Olekminsk to leave there."
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