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Energy young

Alexander Averyanov, Deputy Head of Construction Department No.701 Dalspetsstroi

Energy young

The Vostochny cosmodrome became for Alexander Leonidovich Averyanov, if not a launching pad, then the most ambitious and ambitious project.

Despite his youth, Averyanov has been working in the Spetsstroy system of Russia for more than ten years. In his student years he got a job as a concrete carpenter at the branch SU-701. He studied the process from the inside and knows how construction is carried out at all levels. The experience gained in the construction of special objects in the Sakhalin Oblast, Primorsky and Khabarovsk Territories allowed us to honor the construction of key facilities of the Vostochny cosmodrome.

“It was a great honor for me to go to the cosmodrome, because first of all they sent the best ones. Of course, we were preparing for difficulties, but we also anticipated a grand construction project. The scale of the territory hit. The first thing we saw in June 2012 of the year was a forest, a clean field and a waste land for building objects. The first task with which we had to cope is the construction of foundations of GP 30. Under this building number, the first Vostochny object was erected - the administrative building of the industrial and operational base. ” 

Business trip to Uglegorsk dragged on for four years. Shortly after construction began in Uglegorsk, a separate division was organized for the construction of the Vostochny cosmodrome, and Averyanova was transferred to a new position.

When the work was fully developed, new tasks arose for Averyanov. The management understood that this specialist can be relied upon. He knows everything about the work: from the characteristics of the materials to the very last digit in the production report. And the young specialist was entrusted with the work at the largest objects of the East: the assembly and testing buildings of the technical complex.

“For each employee of Spetsstroy of Russia, the cosmodrome is a unique object. Our company has never faced with the volume and technological solutions of a space scale. Here is a completely different mode of operation: dynamic, stressful, unnormal. The work of a continuous cycle requires constant monitoring, so both cars and people often work around the clock. The peak of construction fell on the 2013-2015 years. At this time, there were round-the-clock pouring and our working day ended at after sunset, or did not end at all. There were not rare cases when we came home only for breakfast, ”said Alexander Averyanov.

Today, the scale of buildings affects even famous cosmonauts.

"Of course, on the territory of the technical complex would easily fit 10 football fields. Two wings of the main building - two assembly and testing buildings (MIK) - rocket-carriers and space vehicles. In a huge room, an area of ​​almost 10 thousand square meters and a height with an 7-storey house, one of the walls is completely glass - for better lighting. Under the roof itself there are two cranes with a lifting capacity of 50 tons each. This and other loading equipment was used for the assembly of Soyuz-2.1. ", - impresses Alexander.

For the floors in the MIC PH there are special requirements concerning not only cleanliness, but also strength - they must withstand the weight of the launch vehicle. For their installation to a depth of up to 8 meters, 360 bored piles were installed - each pair experiences a load of 40 tons.

In the construction of power floors used the latest technology that has never been used anywhere.

"Unique equipment was purchased for a new type of work. For example, high-tech laser concrete pavers have been purchased for the device of floor screeds. To ensure the purity of the R-9 class, special materials were used in finishing the premises of MIC-RN: gypsum-metal panels. To carry out deep cleaning, high-performance ventilation systems and cleaning filters were installed. "

The second peak moment came in 2015 year. At this time there was a transfer of installation and test buildings for the installation of equipment and many different construction processes took place simultaneously: finishing, installation of fire protection systems. At this time, the builders worked in conjunction with specialists Roskosmos.

There were many difficult moments, but there was never any doubt about the correctness of the chosen course. Moreover, often the builders themselves were included in the creative process.

 “Given the complexity of the object, the project was sometimes adjusted during construction. As a rule, our ideas were understood. For example, we proposed another facade system in the administrative and production part of the assembly and test building, since the system embodied in the project did not provide the bearing capacity of the facade. ”

On the eve of the first launch, Alexander Averyanov admits that four years have passed with colleagues this day. "Start is a victory! This is a huge experience, a milestone for which we have been going for all four years. "

Merits and achievements of Alexander Averyanov are marked by letters and letters of thanks of the Government of the Khabarovsk Territory and the Amur Region, departmental awards of the Special Construction of Russia. Following the results of 2015, he became a laureate in the special nomination of professional skills competitions "Nadezhda Spetsstroy of Russia".

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