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Export of the Khabarovsk Territory is not only timber and fish

What is the export of the Khabarovsk Territory in 2021, what is its export potential and how the authorities support exporters - the Ministry of Economic Development of the Territory told about this.

In 2021, over 9 months, the region's foreign trade turnover showed significant growth - 42,9% compared to the previous period and amounted to $ 2,7 billion, including exports increased by 41,5% and amounted to $ 1,9 billion. Non-resource non-energy exports of the region grew by 31,8% and amounted to USD 1,2 billion.

Export of the Khabarovsk Territory is not only timber and fish
Photo: Press Service of the Government of Khabarovsk Territory

The economy of the Khabarovsk Territory is historically oriented towards foreign markets. The region exports products of aircraft and shipbuilding, power engineering, oil refining, ferrous and precious metals, pharmaceuticals, food products, forestry and fish industries, as well as IT services, cartoons, transport and tourism services and much more.

The main positions of regional exports for 9 months of 2021 (diagram):

In 2021, over 9 months, the region's foreign trade turnover showed significant growth - 42,9% compared to the previous period and amounted to $ 2,7 billion, including exports increased by 41,5% and amounted to $ 1,9 billion. Non-resource non-energy exports of the region grew by 31,8% and amounted to USD 1,2 billion.

The export products of the Khabarovsk Territory are in demand abroad, and above all among the closest neighbors - in the countries of North-East Asia. The main trade partners of the region are the PRC, the Republic of Korea, Kazakhstan, the Philippines, and Japan. Nevertheless, we are looking for opportunities to promote the products of regional enterprises to new markets. So, in 2021, timber processing products of regional companies entered the markets of the EU countries: Germany, Belgium, France. In general, the geography of export deliveries of the Khabarovsk Territory includes about 100 countries of the world and is constantly expanding.

Chart: export partner countries of the Khabarovsk Territory for 9 months of 2021:

What are the most actively developing directions in the export of the region? Let us consider the export potential of the region by the main sectors of export development in the context of medium and small enterprises.

The Dalenergomash Group supplies machine-building products to foreign markets. The company specializes in the production and maintenance of compressor and power equipment, the production of handling and cleaning equipment for various industries. The company supplies manufactured products to India, Poland, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Ukraine.

The Dalkhimpharm plant is the only Far Eastern exporter and manufacturer of pharmaceuticals. Dalkhimpharm is the only large manufacturer of pharmaceuticals in the Far East and is in the TOP-40 of the leading pharmaceutical industries in Russia. Today the enterprise produces more than 160 types of medicinal products, continues to increase the volume of industrial production. In the context of a pandemic, Dalkhimpharma products are in consistently high demand in the markets of the USA, Japan, Mongolia, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan. At the end of 2020, the volume of exports of the enterprise amounted to about 2,7 million US dollars and exceeded the indicators of 2019 by 2,2 times. The trends continued in 2021. Dalkhimpharm is interested in maintaining and developing export activities. To expand sales markets, work is underway to register and promote drugs in the CIS countries.

The products of the region's fishery complex are in high demand among our foreign partners.

The main exporters are medium-sized companies such as Sigma Marine Technology, Sofko and Tralflot, Far East Coast, Sever. For export are supplied: frozen fish - pollock, Pacific herring, cod, mackerel, salmon, ivashi sardines - as well as fillets, minced meat and seafood.

A promising direction for increasing the volume of non-resource non-energy exports is to increase the output under export contracts of products of deep processing of wood: veneer, pellets, OSB boards, glued sawn timber.

Such projects are being implemented in the region by the companies "RFP Group", "New Forest Pro", "Vostochnaya Torgovaya Kompaniya", "Rimbunan Hijau" and "Rustrans DV". Key sales markets are China, Japan and the Republic of Korea. Work is underway to increase exports to the markets of European countries: Germany, Belgium, France.

Small companies in the region are interested in increasing export supplies of agricultural and food products. Here we can note a number of manufacturers who have already accumulated good export experience and have achievements in this direction: the companies "Vetli - Vostok", "Zolotoy Yug", "Forest Products", "DPTK", individual entrepreneurs Amirkhanov Ilya Ilgizovich and Petrenko Natalya Valerievna. The companies have successful histories of supplying biscuits, confectionery, honey, ice cream, syrups and algae supplements to the Asian markets.

Also, work is underway to promote our fashion products and goods for the beauty industry to foreign markets. Small companies of the region enter the markets of Europe and America with evening dresses and products for beauty salons. Success is ensured by working on electronic trading platforms.

As of today, 73 companies have already been brought to the ETP by the regional export center. The boom came in the pandemic year 2020 - 36 companies interested in online exports. We are working with global and industry platforms such as Etsy, Alibaba, Ebay,, Fordaq.

Export deliveries are carried out from Etsy sites - arts and crafts (cutting boards, gift sets, leather goods), clothing, food (tea); Alibaba - products of the fashion industry and the beauty industry (stickers for nails), PVC cling film, softwood lumber to Europe, food products (drinks), seafood supplements; - seafood supplements.

We see the potential for increasing exports in the promotion of the service sector to foreign markets, among which the most promising areas can be identified:

- tourism

- medical services,

- information and telecommunication services and audiovisual products,

- export of educational services.

Despite the current lockdowns, work is underway to prepare our tourism and hospitality industry to receive foreign guests.

There are about 150 tourist routes, 237 hotels, over 1,0 thousand cafes and restaurants in the region. Tourists are offered a full range of excursion services and tours from sightseeing in large urban agglomerations to exclusive ones on Shantara for watching bowhead whales. After the opening of borders and the resumption of international tourism, everyone will be able to enjoy the beauty of the Far Eastern nature.

The pandemic did not affect the dynamics of the export development of the creative industries. On the contrary, this sphere adapts well to "remote" and lockdowns. Here, the full cycle of an export transaction from production to sale and payment can be carried out remotely, so to speak, "from home".

Since 2018, the Khabarovsk animation studio "Mechtalёt" has been operating in the Khabarovsk Territory. Specialists from the Republic of Korea, Moldova, Moscow, Kazan participate in the creation of animated films. The company's portfolio includes animated films for the games "Children of Asia", an animated video about the city of Khabarovsk, as well as animated series "Dream" and "Back to Back".

In Russia, the animated film "Back to Back" can be viewed in 9 online cinemas (IVI, OKKO, "Kinopoisk", "MEGOGO", "TVZAVR", "TWIGL", "Megafon-TV", "Yota-TV", "Mail -TV "), on 2 television channels (Multilandia and ANI), in the Mult applications and on Aeroflot and Air Astana aircraft. The audience coverage is about 5 million people.

In 2021, the distribution of the cartoon "Back to Back" began in China. Within three years, it should appear on 50 sites. Negotiations are underway with Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Singapore and Indonesia.

In addition to the export of IT industry products, under the current restrictions, it is possible to export education services remotely. Foreign students can study at Russian educational institutions online. The Khabarovsk Territory occupies a leading position as a scientific and educational center, holding for many years the first place in terms of the level and quality of education in the Far East. Taking into account the geographical location, territorial proximity to Asian countries, special attention is paid to attracting foreign students. The active development of online education programs in foreign languages ​​is underway. For example, at PNU in 2020, 130 programs (including in English and Chinese) were implemented online and remotely, by 2030 the number of such programs should increase to 150.

On the initiative of the Governor of the Khabarovsk Territory, Mikhail Degtyarev, an interuniversity campus is planned in the Territory, which will include engineering, medico-chemical-biological, information and many other buildings, the most modern laboratories, educational research complex "Sphere".

Today, students from more than 20 countries, including the southern hemisphere of the planet, receive professional education in the region. The implementation of the project to create a new interuniversity campus provides for the development of international cooperation. This will significantly increase the competitiveness of our educational product abroad.

In the region, active work is being carried out to create a favorable export environment, primarily to assist in exporting our small and medium-sized companies, to form export ambitions in the business community of the region. For example, the region was the first in the Far East to create a specialized institute for supporting SME exporters - the Regional Export Support Center. With the assistance of the CPE, small and medium-sized businesses find foreign partners, enter foreign markets, take part in international exhibitions, conclude foreign trade contracts, develop their enterprises and create jobs.

In October this year, a significant event for the regional export took place - the First Far Eastern Export Forum was held. This is the first time an event dedicated exclusively to export topics took place in the Far East. Among the participants there are current entrepreneurs and exporters of the country and the region, as well as foreign businessmen who are ready to cooperate with Russia. It was possible to take part remotely, and many took advantage of this opportunity. About 1100 people from different parts of the world have connected to online broadcasts from the forum. About 100 more participants attended the forum in person. Problems and barriers faced by exporters, successful stories of promoting products to foreign markets, prospects for the development of the Far Eastern transport and logistics complex, tourism, training of specialists in the field of foreign economic activity, as well as mechanisms of state support for business were discussed at the forum sites.

The main task of the Forum was to create an international platform for formal and informal meetings. Entrepreneurs from India, China, UAE, Indonesia, Mongolia, Japan, Sri Lanka, Republic of Korea, and Cuba took part in business negotiations with Russian business. Within two days, about 200 B2B meetings took place.

Speaking about plans for the future, Deputy Prime Minister of the Khabarovsk Territory - Minister of Economic Development of the Territory Viktor Kalashnikov noted that the development of foreign trade and investment cooperation is impossible without the active involvement of foreign partners in the region for holding meetings "on the spot." At the moment, on the instructions of the Governor of the Territory Mikhail Degtyarev, the Government of the Territory is working on the issue of building the first exhibition center in the Far East for holding large-scale international events in the region.

- The creation of such an infrastructure will allow the Khabarovsk Territory to acquire new industrial competence and occupy the niche of expo centers in the Far East that has been vacant to date. This is a significant factor in the social and economic growth of the region, - stressed Viktor Kalashnikov.

In addition to preparatory work on the creation of the Khabarovsk Expo, in 2022 the region plans to continue active work to support exports, develop tools for bringing companies to foreign markets, as well as interact with the team of the Russian Export Center JSC and with Russian Trade Missions abroad.

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