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Ecosystem of Sberbank is a big step towards the future

The manager of Kamchatka branch of Sberbank Sergey Latyshev on business development

Buy clothes or food, pay for a kindergarten, buy air tickets or insurance, choose an apartment of interest and apply for a mortgage, pay for various services- all in one click and in one place through the phone or computer, without leaving home or rising from the bed. This is already a reality, not a distant future. And all thanks to the emerging "Ecosystem" of Sberbank, the platform of which is in the process of implementation and functional filling and will only grow in the coming years, increasing all the new services, and those that are specific to you, not your neighbor, as the bank is already well known your interests and needs. More details on how the new system will work, designed to help and develop business, we talked with the manager of the Kamchatka branch of Sberbank Sergey Latyshev.

Ecosystem of Sberbank is a big step towards the future
- Sergey Yuryevich, today banks have entered completely into our lives - all payments go through banking systems, salaries, benefits are transferred to cards, the turnover of cash is decreasing every day. What are banks for us today and what do they know about us?

- The bank is the only institution that has information about the client completely - from the date of birth, to preferences and displacements. That is, by the way the client uses the card, the bank knows where it is located. According to what payments he makes, the bank determines the preferences of the client. A person pays for a kindergarten, then the bank understands that a person has children. He pays for a rented apartment - the bank knows that there is no home. It is paid by a card in public transport - it can be assumed that there is no own car ... That is, the bank has the most complete information about the client.

But the key point is that this information needs to be shifted to data. The bank has information, but not always data. That is, the data is that array of transactions, calls and transactions that can be shifted into the future into a specific product offer to a particular client. Offer him a product specifically for him and at a specific point in time and when he needs this service, including not banking. Because now we understand that the development of the traditional banking business is a utopia. The bank must be a technology company with a banking license, which involves not only the conduct of a classical banking operation (loans, deposits, transfers, etc.), but also those products and services that the bank does not provide today: communications, medicine, online payments, insurance, storage of data, etc.

Is the bank developing its Ecosystem? What is it and how will it work?

- The development strategy of Sberbank up to 2020 assumes the creation of the Ecosystem. This is a network of organizations - service providers, who concentrate around one site to provide the maximum amount of services for a particular client. For example, to make it clear, Apple at one time went on the way to "Ecosystem" and created the App Store. As before, the manufacturer of a computer game could reach every correct client? This in principle was very difficult, it was necessary to have separate sales channels, communications with consumers in terms of updates and new versions, advertising, elimination of defects and so on. Apple created this system only 10 years ago, but now there are more than 1,5 million applications. Apple's this "Ecosystem" has shortened the road between the client and the developer as much as possible.

Sberbank is on the same path. If we have more than 85 million consumers - our customers, which we all know, on the basis of the Sberbank platform, respectively, we can create this system and offer to other participants - any of our partners can reach the client as quickly as possible.

"What kind of access?" What will the customers receive from this system?

- If we see that there is not enough money on the customer's card - to offer him a premium car does not make sense, if on the contrary there is - then you can offer expensive services. If a person pays for a kindergarten - he has an offer for auto payments, cumulative insurance of children. If he often goes to the pharmacy - you can access organizations that provide medical services, for example, an appointment with a doctor. Now through the Savings Bank you can register and on the site of the State Service.

- That is an individual selection of the most necessary. How can this be achieved?

- Sberbank works directly and is in touch with the client. Yes, all companies have customers, but, for example, the sausage manufacturer does not know them in person, as there are too many middlemen between him and the end user. And we know. Our identification system is even more complete than that of Apple, which sees customers only on ID-keys, and we see every person in person. You, for example, when you go to Sberbank-online - the system greets you by name. She already knows you.

Our goal is to transfer this information about the client to the data and enable us to create such a platform to which our partners, sellers and service providers will be able to connect in the future.

- How will it look physically?

- Go to Sberbank-online and see there providers of various services - medical, government, telecommunications, etc. That is, if we know that you travel often, then the system will offer you hotel reservations, discounts on air tickets - the system will proceed exactly from your preference.

- What services can you get in the Ecosystem of Sberbank now?

- There is a telecom, medicine. Sberbank has recently received permission from the FAS to establish a joint company with Yandex.Money. There is an online ticket office for small businesses. There is a "DomKlik" - a service for the selection and purchase of real estate. This is a competitor for real estate agencies, which already has millions of users. And the whole Ecosystem will be constantly replenished as the platform improves ...

- That is, the final term of the project in principle does not exist?

- It does not exist. This is a constantly evolving system, and it will constantly be filled and improved.

- How do you think this "Ecosystem" will help entrepreneurs in the development of their business?

- Now many entrepreneurs do not know how to quickly, cheaply and qualitatively reach their customers. And this system will allow it to do. We understand that people are now going deeper into the digital field. Therefore now it is already necessary to find tools of access to the client not physical, but electronic. Who will quickly understand that this way is more effective, that in the future will develop, and who does not understand that the preferences of people have changed, then they will have to leave the market.

Here, too, you can give fairly well-known examples. The company Nokia. She did not understand that the market and preferences of people are changing, although they occupied a huge share of the communications market. Time has changed, but the company does not exist ... So Kodak did not realize that it's time to move to the figure, and the whole ideology with film cameras went into oblivion.

Therefore, we are now proposing companies to follow the changes, and perhaps even a step ahead, in order not only to retain their business, but also to get an incentive to develop.

- How much time do companies have? How quickly will the market change, how quickly do companies need to re-orient themselves in order not to repeat the fate of the brands you mentioned?

- It is difficult to judge, it all depends on the industry. If we talk about real estate - it can happen very quickly. Everything is already in electronic form and soon real estate agencies may not be needed. If trade in exclusive goods - it can live longer ...

- How much will the ecosystem be accessible to small businesses?

- Everything will depend on how the platform will develop and how many participants it will be able to pull. It is necessary to test. But the technology itself should allow many connections due to cloud storage technologies. I think that Sberbank will follow the path of broad access for both customers and partners. We are now taking the first steps.

"With such great content and opportunities, I think everyone will have a cybersecurity issue for a new project ...

- Development of such a system without the implementation of cybersecurity is not possible. Here we also have a lot of work planned. The Bank's strategy also specifies technological leadership - there the first point is the reliability and efficiency of the system. And everything is done in order to maximally secure the client. Despite the fact that cyberattacks on various electronic systems occur daily, 99,9% of them fight back. At the same time, I note that the physical storage of money (cash) is not a safer way to save funds. Cards can be more reliable.

- With the introduction of the new system, how will the structure of the bank work with clients in your offices, it's not a secret that many are still on "You" with gadgets and the Internet?

- We now have an amazing thing going on - on the one hand, we see a steady increase in the number of users of mobile applications (remote service channels), and on the other hand, the physical flow to our network does not fall. While we are developing in two directions, but still in the course of time everything will be inclined towards digital technologies. But there will be people who will continue to use cash, so we will develop both branches. This is the client's choice - if someone understands and feels that it is necessary to go into the digital field - we will give him such an opportunity, if someone is not ready for it - we will keep for him the former services.

- Is Sberbank afraid of the competition Ecosystem?
- It is difficult to create an "Ecosystem" if there are not a large number of users. If the manufacturer bought 1 thousand of goods, or he has a small client base, then there is no point in creating "Ecosystems". But the main thing is who will act first. Sberbank has already begun. But others also have attempts. However, we set ourselves the task to create and connect the main volumes of the platform before the year 2020. Anyone who already follows us will already be behind.

- Define the main task of the Ecosystem.
- To be successful tomorrow, you need to start doing something today .. and do it faster - create for the client what he needs.

Published in the magazine "Everything for Business", Kamchatka Krai  
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