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The effect of multiplication

Alexander Osipov on what awaits the Far East by the end of 2017

The other day the government subcommittee on the implementation of investment projects in the Far East and the Baikal region approved the decision to create two more advanced development territories (TORs) - Neftekhimicheskiy in Primorsky Krai and Svobodny in the Amur Region. Why the TOP becomes more and more, EastRussia asked the first deputy minister for the development of the Far East, Alexander Osipov.

The effect of multiplication
Photo: Alexander Ryumin / TASS
Special project TORA and Free Port
- TOPs in the Far East are actively multiplying. Is this a normal process?
- It is necessary to understand that the TOPs are not created by themselves, but in order to stimulate the economic development of the Far East - a huge territory of more than 6 million square meters. Km. This is a third of the territory of Russia. Moreover, TOPs are created practically on completely unconfined land - neither industrially nor infrastructurally, nor socially. It is absolutely obvious that to her, of the given territory, 14 already created sites in 200-300 ha for arrangement - it is absolutely not enough. Therefore, the number of TOPs in the Far East should not simply increase. They need to be created wherever there is a degree of economic development. But most importantly, through the TOP, the Far Eastern people are improving: they are creating new jobs. New enterprises, giving people jobs, producing good products, lowering prices, creating exports, cause the associated development of the social sphere. So, taxes coming from new enterprises go to the construction of schools, polyclinics, hospitals.

- It seems that the TOPs in the Far East appear, it is only for business to want preferences. This is true?
- This is how the TOP system is developing today, depending on the needs of the business. After all, statements about the creation of TOPs are based on the vision of one or another site as the most optimal from the point of view of the available logistics, the availability of labor, the development of infrastructure on it.

- Along with the growth in the number of TOPs, jealousy towards their residents is also growing on the part of enterprises that did not enjoy privileges, but somehow grew up.
- The PDA mechanism is aimed at modernizing existing and creating new enterprises. In addition, in the Far East are not only the TOP. You can get the status of a regional investment project, take advantage of support for the construction of infrastructure, become a resident of a free port — get tax breaks everywhere in the Far East.

- But will the TOP become bigger?
- Minvostokrazvitiya works in a practical way. And we now see that by the end of 2017, the TOP in the Far East will be 17-18. What will happen later, in 2018-m - will become clear only at the end of this year.

- Quantity does not mean quality. How are businesses doing inside TOR?
- In different ways, but also very quickly - including. There are those who started literally immediately to create a TOP - three to five months later. These investors, even before the emergence of the TOP, believed in them so much that they began to implement their projects.

- Nevertheless, the general effect is soon not to wait?
- You can not talk about any one specific deadline. The general scheme of development of the TOP, distributed over time - is. But for different industries it requires completely different time. In the case of the food industry - from three to ten months. But if these are capital-intensive industries, the deadlines are completely different: only for construction you need 4-5 years, and for launching - 4-5 more years. In five years, those enterprises will be effective in the TOPs, which belong to the so-called "medium" types of industry: in the field of building materials and the food industry.

- But if you try to generalize: how much longer to wait for the effect?
- It is worth talking about a period of three or four years. This is in general. Large projects can begin to give effects and in 10 years.

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