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Two applicants for the construction of the Yakut bridge

Within one week, the capital of Yakutia was visited by representatives of two Chinese corporations, which plan to build a bridge over the Lena River

In Yakutsk they got acquainted with the situation and, with the support of local authorities, announced their intention to file documents with the Ministry of Transport of Russia to participate in the contest. The government of Yakutia does not hide the satisfaction of negotiations with representatives of Chinese state companies.

Two applicants for the construction of the Yakut bridge
According to Deputy Prime Minister Pavel Marynichov, the choice between them depends on how quickly and qualitatively they prepare their proposals: "But the procedure of selection is clearly defined by law."

He also noted the technological complexity of the project and the willingness of companies to build a bridge transition in the conditions of the northern climate.

Representatives of the Chinese state-owned company Sinohydro Corporation Ltd said during the visit to Yakutsk about the experience of designing and building transport facilities. Deputy Director of the Department of Eurasia "Sinohydro" Mr. Cheng Shijun, when examining the place of construction of the bridge, also talked about the talks with colleagues from Russian companies that are building infrastructure facilities in the North. He noted that cooperation should be conducted with local design institutes in order to speed up the preparatory process, as well as with Yakut suppliers of building materials.

The head of the Chinese delegation visited the territory of the proposed construction, as well as in the relevant departments, including companies and institutions interested in implementing the project. He announced the entry into the first phase of the actual work. At the meeting in the Ministry of Economy of Yakutia, held in the final of the visit, the participants planned the creation of a specialized project office on the basis of the Investment Development Agency of Yakutia. According to the intention of the parties, AIR will become a "single window" for all communications related to the implementation of the project. The Chinese "Sinohydro" promises to provide its action plan in a month, and a ready investment project will be presented at the Eastern Economic Forum in September in Vladivostok.

Following the first Chinese delegation, Yakutsk was visited by representatives of the International Engineering Company Bureau 18 of the Chinese Railway Corporation. They visited the opposite bank of the river, where the railway station Nizhny Bestyah (where it ends AYAM) was built, estimated the prospects for cargo transportation. The secretary of the organization, Mr. Zhang Shian, outlined the complexity of the task: "The main problems for the construction of the bridge are permafrost, frosts and a strong current of the river. The design will take a year. It is necessary to calculate the design under different operating conditions, taking into account the permafrost soils and seismic resistance. The construction itself will require 3-4 years. "

The head of the delegation noted that this is the first project of the company in Russia: "We do not expect big profits, it is important for us to open the Russian market for the future". He told about the experience of building similar facilities in "Bureau 18" in similar conditions - in Tibet, when at an altitude of more than 4 000 meters the company erected a railway line, its length was 10 km without overpass. This work was the first of its kind in China and earned scientific awards.

"We need to calculate how much it will cost. On the existing route, it is very convenient to transport cargo, but the station is on the other side of the river. It is necessary to build a bridge, its appearance will be useful for the development of the local economy, "said Mr. Zhang Shian.

The government of Yakutia has assured that it is holding discussions on the bridge crossing project with different initiators. At the same time, the republic intends to adhere to the original plan for the construction of a combined road-rail bridge. It is understood that at the initial stage it will be automotive, but with a platform that will later build a branch line. The basic condition for investors and for supporting private initiative is that the facility is accounted for in the state target program of transport development.

A trilateral protocol of intent to work together on the most important Yakut infrastructure project was signed in Harbin during the Russian-Chinese EXPO in October 2015. Business relations were secured by representatives of the government of Russia, Yakutia and the Heilongjiang province. The presentation of the project for 350 Chinese companies was held by Alexey Zagorenko, director of the Investment Development Agency of the RS (Y). He stressed that the federal authorities are ready to consider the possibility of concluding a concession agreement with a foreign investor, and the funds necessary for the payment of obligations are provided for in the state budget within the framework of the program “Development of the Transport System of Russia”.

Earlier, the cost of building a highway through the Lena River was estimated at 64 billion rubles; This bridge was to become the most expensive in Russia. Its length under the project was 3,1 km, the length of the access roads is 21 km. The bridge will connect the two parts of Yakutia with each other: along the federal motorway M-56 "Lena" - from Nevers to Yakutsk on the one hand, the regional highway "Umnas" (Yakutsk - Olekminsk) on the other, and connect the capital of the republic to the transport infrastructure of the country. In the meantime, there is no bridge, the communication is carried out by ferries in the summer and on the river ice road from December to April. In other months from the central to the southern part of the republic can only be reached by air.
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