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DV-mortgage in Yakutia: proposals diverged

Developers in the republic offer small apartments at high prices

The real estate market in Yakutia quickly responded to the launch of the Far Eastern Mortgage program - prices per square meter. meter in new buildings jumped under 100 thousand rubles. Developers quickly responded to the increased demand, but the proposals diverged from the real requests of the borrowers.

DV-mortgage in Yakutia: proposals diverged


A resident of Yakutsk, Polina Egorova, became a member of the Far East Mortgage state program in late January. She and her daughter approved a mortgage loan in the amount of 4,2 million rubles. Within 90 days, Polina must find real estate and conclude an agreement on shared construction, but it turned out that finding suitable housing is now problematic.

“For the amount that the mortgage was approved for, I can only afford a one-room apartment, but they are not on the market. In addition, the housing price has risen sharply and continues to grow, ”said Polina Egorova.

The developers themselves do not deny that prices have crept up and will continue to increase. Moreover, this concerns both new buildings in the city center and houses located on the outskirts. So, in the 14-story building of AEB Capital, there is only one apartment left - 45 million rubles are being asked for 4,128 square meters at a rate of 88 thousand rubles per square meter. meter. In the houses that DSK JSC is building in 203 micro-districts considered elite, they ask from 88 thousand to 93 thousand rubles for a “square”. At the same time, small rooms remained - 30 and 40 sq.m.

The company "Prometheus", developing a residential complex of the same name on Avtodorozhnaya Street, which is not considered the center, prices are rising every month and are not going to stop. Now for sq. meter there asking 85 thousand rubles.

“The price may rise. In January, sq. meter cost 82 thousand rubles, now 85 thousand, ”the company said to EastRussia.

In the same quarter, the Sette group of companies is building two 16-story residential buildings. She has available one-room apartments, an area of ​​41 square meters. meters and one "kopeck piece" for more than five million rubles. The price for a “square” in one-room apartments is 86 thousand rubles. Also, the city is completing the construction of the 14-floor building of Sever-Stroy LLC. But there were only one-room apartments with an area of ​​37-38 square meters. meters. For the "square" there will have to pay the most - 94 thousand rubles.

"Why so expensive? Because we have a high readiness of the house for rent, it remains to complete the decoration of the porches, ”the company explained.

Tuyara Gavrilyeva, a doctor of economic sciences and professor at North-Eastern Federal University, notes that there is a demand for housing in Yakutsk, but the offer does not meet the needs.

“Developers are mainly focused on the construction of houses, where most of the apartments are one-room. While people, relying on new measures of state support, are interested in apartments of a larger area, ”the expert explains.



There are really enough people wishing to purchase housing on a preferential mortgage. Since the launch of the Far Eastern Mortgage program, Sberbank in Yakutia has approved more than 2 applications and issued 200 loans. 486 applications were submitted to the regional Almazergienbank, 181 received approval. The Republic is one of the leaders in issuing mortgages at 96%.

According to the Ministry of Construction of Yakutia, on February 13, 486 loan agreements were concluded in the republic under this program. The total amount of them amounted to 1,9 billion rubles. The department notes that the demand for housing in new buildings exceeds the number of offers.

“Today in Yakutsk the number of apartments for sale is about 600 units. Of course, the offers on the market are not enough to ensure demand for new housing. As I previously voiced, it is necessary to create conditions for new construction, to increase the pace of housing construction by switching to project financing. It should be noted that in the event of a full transition to such financing, the cost of housing will increase by the percentage of the loan issued to developers, ”said the Minister of Construction of Yakutia Pavel Argunov.

According to the head of the department, a number of measures need to be taken in order to prevent artificially overpricing the cost of apartments in new buildings: to develop integrated development of residential areas, provide them with the necessary engineering and social infrastructure, create a competitive housing construction environment, including by attracting developers from other regions .

“All these measures will help curb rising costs in the primary housing market,” said Pavel Argunov.

According to him, the government of the republic has begun to build up the Military Unit quarter, where it is planned to build 102 residential buildings. There, residents of Yakutia will also be able to issue a mortgage at 2%.



The economist Tuyara Gavrilyeva believes that the growth of the cost of housing in new buildings was influenced not only by the “Far Eastern mortgage”, but also by the introduction of escrow accounts and the effect of deferred demand - the developers held apartments before starting the program and then set them at higher prices.

“To apply any punitive measures to developers will not succeed. We live in the conditions of market relations, when today the business goes into minus, and tomorrow it can go into plus. Now the situation is when developers can raise prices to win back losses that they had previously. In my opinion, the current situation is temporary, ”Tuyara Gavrilyeva said.

Experts of the project Zhilfin.rf agree with this. At a special event in Yakutsk, they said that rush demand will not be long term and soon subside.

According to Tuyara Gavrilieva, given the fact that in some regions of the Far East there is no construction of residential buildings, and people are leaving there in large numbers, the authorities need to allow the mortgage registration at 2% also on the secondary market. This is stated in different regions of the Far East, and the measure is considered effective even at the federal level. State Duma deputy Viktor Pinsky proposes to extend this measure to small cities in which housing construction is not yet underway.

“It would be good, in addition, to think through mechanisms so that young families who want to take advantage of new measures of demographic policy and who already have a mortgage can improve their living conditions through the proposed program. Thus, the construction and investment cycle as a whole will be stimulated, ”Gavrilyeva said.

In her opinion, the government also needs to invest in infrastructure and landscaping of suburban areas so that residents who develop territories under the Far Eastern Hectare program can also use a 2 percent mortgage for the construction of private houses.

“Of course, I understand that the state has introduced preferential mortgages, including to stimulate the supply chain. But priority should be the ability to solve housing problems of youth, and not the earnings of banks and developers. This is much more important and interesting, ”the expert concludes.

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