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DV mortgage in the Amur region caused unprecedented demand

Amur region will significantly increase the volume of construction to meet the needs of residents

Several months have passed since the launch of the Far East Mortgage federal program. In the course of its implementation in the Amur Region, as well as in other subjects of the Far Eastern Federal District, a number of problems were revealed. One of the main ones was the lack of apartments in the regional real estate market to meet the sharply increased demand. The authorities of the Amur Region intend to solve this problem.

DV mortgage in the Amur region caused unprecedented demand


Since the beginning of the Far Eastern Mortgage program, according to the official data of the Ministry of Development and Development on March 19, 2020, Amur residents filed about 1 applications for a loan at a reduced rate, and 600 potential borrowers entered the preliminary approval stage. A total of 1 loan agreements worth more than 050 billion rubles were signed. However, the residents of the region run the risk of reassembling a package of documents for submitting an application after a few months: everyone is short of apartments.

The Far Eastern Mortgage program provides certain requirements for real estate. It applies to finished housing in a new building - and the deal is made out only with the first owner (developer), for housing under construction (a contract for participation in shared construction is required), apartments and houses in rural areas (primary and secondary market), as well as for building a house on available land.

In addition, with the funds received, you can purchase a building plot. This support measure is available to young families - the age of each spouse should not exceed 35 years. The program also includes recipients of the Far Eastern Hectare. There are no age restrictions for them - citizens can build new housing for themselves on the existing land plot.



Most borrowers are considering options in Blagoveshchensk; banks also accept applications from Svobodny and Belogorsk. Considering the simultaneous entry into the market of a significant additional number of borrowers compared to the previously existing one, there are currently not enough available apartments for everyone: in the Amur Region, according to the regional Ministry of Construction, 2 young families officially need to improve their living conditions. At the same time, according to an information survey conducted by the regional government, 186 declared their desire to take out a mortgage on favorable terms.

The number of suitable residential premises on the primary market put up for sale at the beginning of the year is 583, by the middle of March their number has decreased due to sales to 204. These are apartments in newly built and newly commissioned buildings. From the beginning of the second half of the year in Priamurye, about 1 more apartments will be brought to the sales market - taking into account the commissioning of houses and the start of the sale of apartments in houses under construction as part of shared construction. But it will be possible to talk about closing the mortgage demand only when the number of apartments offered by developers is equal to the number of applicants for the Far Eastern mortgage, which is at a slow pace, but continues to grow. In addition, not all Amur residents can afford a two- or three-room apartment: most choose a studio, a “living room” or one-room housing, and there are no more than 700 such offers on the market.

According to forecasts of the regional government, the commissioning of housing by the end of 2020 will be at least 180 thousand square meters. meters of housing. The task for creating conditions for the growth of housing construction under the two-percent mortgage program was set by the governor of the region Vasily Orlov at a meeting with representatives of local construction companies and relevant officials.

“The purpose of the meeting is to define a strategy. And this is the stimulation of construction. Growth points - Blagoveshchensk and Belogorsk. We are ready to build the infrastructure without waiting for federal money. Calculate the effect: how much housing we will build in the Severny microdistrict, in the Ignatievsky estate, in Belogorsk. And provide the dates when the first apartments will be, ”the head of the region addressed the developers.

Entrepreneurs who work in the housing market acknowledge that the demand for primary housing is growing, as can be seen from the number of requests from potential buyers. One of the flagships of this field of activity, OJSC Amurstroy, also confirmed that at present the state of the market does not correspond to demand.

“We don’t have as many apartments as needed,” admitted Alexander Sinkov, CEO of the developer.

According to the regional Ministry of Construction, today 38 objects of residential construction are being built in the Amur Region - their total volume is about 180 thousand square meters. meters.

Amurstroy OJSC by the end of 2020 (in the fourth quarter) plans to hand over three apartment buildings with a total of 313 apartments - this is 14 939 sq. M. meters. Several more facilities are now being built by the ANK-Holding group of companies. These are residential buildings of varying degrees of readiness: in the second quarter of this year they want to rent 150 apartments (7 sq. Meters) in the village of Chigiri, in the fourth quarter - 017 apartments (54 sq. Meters) in the same village, and by summer 1 - 913 apartments (2021 sq. Meters) within the boundaries of Blagoveshchensk. LLC “Specialized developer Sodruzhestvo” this year begins the construction of a large project for 264 apartments (13 sq. Meters) - the sale of apartments as part of shared participation, that is, already under construction. Blagoveshchenskstroy JSC by the end of 962 plans to complete 488 square meters. meters, or 23 apartments, and Blagstroyservis LLC - 634 apartments or 2021 square meters. meters.



All of the above companies operate within the regional capital. In Tynda, for example, only two houses fit the criteria of the "Far Eastern mortgage", while in Belogorsk there are no new buildings that fit the criteria of the program at all. There is a need to support the construction business to speed up the process of housing construction - where possible.

“At the moment, Amur Oblast is in the top five in terms of the number of loans issued. However, its further successful implementation is possible only with the integrated participation of authorities, financial institutions and developers, ”said Tatyana Polovaikina, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Amur Region.

The authorities of the region will simplify the mechanism for submitting and reviewing documents: the number of procedures that the company must go through will be reduced from the receipt of the urban development plan of the land plot to the building permit. So, this year the total number of appeals to government agencies will be reduced from nine to seven. The term for issuing the urban development plan was reduced to 14 working days - earlier it was 20 days. Building permits instead of seven days will be issued in five, as well as permission to put housing into operation.

“The simpler and faster the mandatory administrative procedures go through, the easier it will be for developers to work. So, they will be able to carry out a larger amount of work, and the sphere itself will become more attractive for new companies, and the region for new investments. The Ministry of Construction, for its part, is actively working with municipalities in order to help them minimize the time and number of procedures, ”said Governor Vasily Orlov.

In order to update information on potential participants in the Far Eastern Mortgage program, the regional Ministry of Construction has developed a questionnaire, which, with the assistance of the Ministry of Economic Development of the region, is now distributed to all budgetary institutions, federal structures and enterprises. The regional authorities expect to draw up a real request to the real estate market in the Amur Region based on these data.

“When we find out in which city and how many young families want to buy housing at a preferential mortgage rate, we will see real demand, and knowing it, we will formulate a proposal. It will also help stimulate the construction market in selected cities. Depending on demand, this can be the construction of multi-apartment buildings, and the construction of private houses, ”explained Igor Karzunin, head of the regional Ministry of Construction. 

To support the construction industry, the Ministry of Construction is currently developing a program for the development of housing construction, which is supposed to include various support measures: the provision of land on preferential terms, the provision of communal infrastructure, or compensation of the developer's costs for these purposes, subsidizing the interest rate on loans taken by the organization for housing construction, as well as tax preferences.

“The Amur Region is a traditionally agrarian region. And we have provided measures to support and resolve housing issues for people who live in the countryside, work in the agricultural sector and need housing, "said Governor Vasily Orlov.  

As part of the Far Eastern Mortgage, more than 40% of the total volume of housing loans issued in the villages of the region has been issued. To attract rural residents to this program, the regional government has developed measures to subsidize up to 10% of the cost of purchased (under construction) housing in rural areas to young families and young agricultural specialists for an initial contribution from the regional budget. In addition, public sector employees in rural areas will be compensated for an interest rate of 1% of the rate under the loan agreement for five years. Such a loan can be issued by participants in the federal program “Far Eastern Hectare”.

“Rural mortgages are interesting for villagers,” explains Oleg Turkov, Minister of Agriculture of the region. - It is wider by the age criterion, while the Far Eastern Mortgage is provided to citizens of the Russian Federation under the age of 35 years. Also, within the framework of the Rural Mortgage, compensation payments of at least 1% of the loan amount at the expense of employers and agricultural producers are possible. ”  

Under “Rural Mortgage”, preferential housing loans are provided with an interest rate of up to 3% per annum, the loan amount of up to five million rubles is provided for the construction or purchase of a house. Loan term - 25 years. In addition to villages, the program includes small towns and urban-type settlements: Zavitinsk, Raichikhinsk, Skovorodino, Shimanovsk, the villages of Arkhar, Bureya, Novobureysky, Magdagachi, Februaryvalsk, Seryshevo, Erofei Pavlovich.



Another problem faced by potential borrowers when applying for the "Far Eastern mortgage" is the lack of apartment offers with optimal prices. Under the terms of the federal program, the bank issues a loan for the maximum amount of six million rubles with an initial payment of at least 20% of the cost of housing. But in connection with the launch of preferential housing loans, prices per sq. meter began to rise.

For example, in the village of Chigiri, which almost merges territorially with the territory of the city of Blagoveshchensk, but at the same time is rural, the cost of apartments from December to February increased by an average of 300-400 thousand rubles and has not yet decreased. Primary housing prices have also increased: the cost of sq. meters in the middle class ranges from 70-80 thousand rubles. Some developers until the last kept the cost of the "square" in the range of 65-70 thousand rubles, but they no longer have free apartments.

The Amur Region is not the only region with such a problem, it is a general trend in the Far East. Vice Prime Minister - Presidential Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev noted this negative factor. Develop measures to contain the cost of sq. meter was entrusted to the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East. The group of experts will also monitor the implementation of the Far Eastern Mortgage program in the regions and will monitor the growth in housing construction. 
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