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Friendship in Beijing

Friendship in Beijing

Artem Lukin

Associate Professor, Department of International Relations, Eastern Institute - School of Regional and International Studies, FEFU, PhD in Political Science

Artem Lukin, Candidate of Political Sciences, Deputy Director of the School of FEFU Regional and International Studies:

- The other day I went to have dinner at a recently opened Chinese restaurant near my house called “friendship"And with a welcoming neon sign"Good-Looking"(The original spelling is preserved).

There was a television in the establishment, on which the news program of the Chinese Central Television - CCTV was shown. The program opened with a long story about the talks between Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Barack Obama, which had just ended on that day (November 12) in Beijing. I don't speak Chinese, but the picture was clear even without words. Comrade Xi shone with hospitality like a business, and Obama smiled in return. The negotiations, as I later found out from the reports of the Russian and English-language media, seemed to have been very successful, and the parties managed to conclude several agreements (on limiting greenhouse gas emissions, easing the visa regime, as well as two memorandums on confidence-building measures in the military sphere - on mutual information on the conduct of major exercises and the prevention of incidents at sea and in the air).

But the most interesting thing - immediately after the report about the meeting between Si and Obama, the story began, no less than a long (minutes on 15-20), where a Chinese military aircraft was shown. A formidable machine performed aerobatics in front of the admiring visitors of the air show. It was the newest fighter J-31, made using the "stealth" technology, that is, invisible to radar. Until now, such aircraft could only be made by the United States. The new invisible fighter will not only strengthen the power of the Air Force of the People's Liberation Army of China, but will also be in demand among a number of countries that can not buy such toys from the US - because of their high cost or prohibition of supplying American weapons to unreliable regimes.

The news of the Chinese central television left a persistent sense of cognitive dissonance. What to believe - the mutual smiles of C and Obama or the fighter J-31? Zbigniew Brzezinski, in a recent interview, once again called for a strategic alliance between China and the United States. But something tells me: the friendship between Beijing and Washington will be very peculiar.

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