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“To reach heights without leaving for Moscow”

How on Sakhalin create a new format of mass sports

Two years ago - an abandoned pioneer camp on the outskirts of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Today - a modern sports base, working all year round. The resident of the Mountainous Air Forces Torre Olimp LLC has a sport-integrated approach: its basketball and ice arenas, a training field, residential buildings, a dining room, swimming pools and a sauna are only part of the training center. In the autumn of 2019, the first private sports boarding school on Sakhalin will open here. And in the Russian Super League, meanwhile, plays its own basketball team "Vostok-65". About how to write a new sports history, where the state is looking, and where the Sakhalin fishers are, EastRussia asked Pavel Pashov, Deputy General Director of Olympus LLC.

“To reach heights without leaving for Moscow”
Special project TORA and Free Port
- You are not being built from scratch, but are "resetting" the old pioneer camp. Was it difficult to retool the building?

- I'll start from the beginning. We looked after and bought a plot of land with residential buildings and a dining room. They were designed under the Soviets: according to building codes, relevant to that time. Later, these norms changed many times with respect to construction decisions, sanitary and epidemiological requirements, and so on. Since 2016, we had to work hard so that these buildings could be officially exploited. We converted old buildings into 130 hotel-type rooms for 280 people. Completely replaced communications. The facility did not have enough electricity, we entered into an agreement with a local company, added one power line, and carried out power lines. It is difficult to say whether we saved at all, because the reconstruction involves large expenditures. It is possible that the construction of new buildings would be more convenient and cost-effective.

The territory has its own water intake with wells, there is excellent water, which has passed all the checks. Gas did not reach us, because we built our own boiler room. In parallel with the reconstruction and repair of buildings under construction, we built a sports complex. Now it is finished, we make it into the property. We also build a comprehensive school.  

- Judging by the aerial survey, you have a large territory!

- 15,5 hectares. There are 4 buildings of approximately 1700 m² each, a dining room of 2000 m², a 10 m² sports complex, a 000 m² secondary school, there is also a hostel for workers and a number of small structures. We have also built a bath complex - first of all, for athletes, and only then for everyone. Inside there is a large washing room, two Finnish saunas, a Turkish hammam and contrast pools for post-workout recovery.

- You are not built on the "Mountain air"?

- We are generally near the airport, it is right towards the city of Korsakov. Simply by our cadastral quarter we went to the “Mountain Air”, to the territory of advanced development (TOR), where sports programs are implemented.     
- Tell us more about the sports school. Is this a project at the junction of the state and business?

- No, everything is being built entirely at the expense of private investors - the fishing companies of Sakhalin: PRK, KUK, Moneron, Aquamarine, Sevrybflot, STK and Pristan, united in the regional charity foundation Native Islands. They invested more than 2,5 billion rubles, of which 255 million rubles. - in 2018 year, another 1,83 billion rubles. - in 2017. 

And the state helps to saturate this object with activities. The school will operate as a boarding and half boarding house. Children will study, train, eat, from morning to evening or from Monday to Friday being with us - as convenient for parents. Also, the school will be available for children outside the sports boarding school on a commercial basis.

- When will the construction end?

- Residential buildings, a dining room and a sports complex have already been commissioned, the territory is completely ennobled, asphalt is everywhere, a fence around the perimeter. The only building now is a comprehensive school. We are planning to finish it by the fall of 2019.

- What are the preferences for residents of TOR most of all for you?

- First, it is a social tax, because more 100 people work with us, and we provide higher than average salaries. 

Reduced property tax helps a lot, we have large structures and investments in them are rather big, accordingly, we pay taxes, and preference on taxes and property gives us a certain freedom and savings, at least in the period indicated in our an agreement with the Far East Development Corporation for 10 years. 

There are nuances that slow us down. After all, there are other mechanisms of state support for such objects as ours, but to be in two programs at the same time, for example, one cannot receive preferences as residents of the TOR and cannot use the mechanism of returning funds for the construction of sports facilities. Here we save on one, and the second is not available to us.

- You initially chose what is more profitable for you?

- No, we just did not know. TOR was imposed on us. Even not so: we were told that you have such an object, let's go into the TOR, it will be super! We ran quickly to make everything up, to do, entered the TOR, and already by the example of another object we learned that there is a mechanism for the return of funds for construction, and it is being successfully implemented in the region. Experts said that we can no longer claim, since we are residents of TOR. And you can not back up.

- 100 jobs - is it a constant figure, or will you still attract workers? Who are you in the state - Sakhalin residents or visitors?

- Now the test period, the occupancy rate of the object so far makes it possible to use the state at a minimum. When the complex will live all year round, it will take up to 130-150 people: engineers, maids, administrators, cooks, firemen, janitors and so on. Almost all are Sakhalin residents. Most of the visitors will be coaches, teachers, teachers to school. Here with them in the field - personnel hole. We will invite them, lure, offer.

- How is Sakhalin changing lately?

- Many in the central part of the country think that we have wilderness here, a forest, there are no roads, and so on. Perhaps, I centralize my answer across Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk - in small towns of the island a little bit wrong. But Southern in terms of comfort and freedom of life, in contrast to central Russia, is an attractive city with many infrastructural facilities. There are no inconveniences, traffic jams, everything is within walking distance. Of course, the remoteness of the region affects the prices. You want to buy something, but you have to carry everything, it imposes additional cost on products, expensive products, and so on. On the other hand, business provides people with good salaries.

- Do you, like Abramovich, have your own sports team?

- We are sponsors of the Vostok-65 professional basketball club, which successfully plays in the Russian Super League (at competitions outside the island, the team is often called Sakhalin - East Russia). We keep it completely at our own expense. Recently there was a game with a team from Surgut, before that teams from Yekaterinburg and Moscow visited us. We play with the whole country, we win, we show children what can be achieved, where we should strive. On the basis of this basketball club, we will open a boarding school for team sports. We develop football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, hockey, figure skating, and martial arts. And we ourselves love sports!

- Winter sports on Mount Bolshevik - not your profile?

- On the "Mountain Air" - great conditions, school, coaches, team. It makes no sense to compete with them. They release champions not only regional, but also the All-Russian competitions in skiing and snowboarding. And we are for mass game and Olympic sports, where many people are involved. Hockey on Sakhalin is a cult sport, many children are engaged in it.

- Such love - because of a long and snowy winter?

- In the modern world, hockey has ceased to depend on weather conditions. Everything takes place in covered areas, so they are engaged all year round. And so it happened that on Sakhalin hockey is very popular among children. Many of their teams, in February there will be hockey competitions in the framework of the first international winter sports games “Children of Asia”. Now our team is training a team that will represent the Sakhalin region in these competitions. Our ice arena with stands at 300 seats available year round.

- Has something changed with the election of Governor Oleg Kozhemyako as head of another region?

“We are all waiting for what happens next.” I can not say that something has changed dramatically in our affairs. But we are very closely connected with the government of the Sakhalin region: this is both the holding of events and the use of budget funds at our facility. And it is important for us how the new leadership of the region will react to the sport. We do not just invite children to the section so that they learn something and abandon it. We are creating a new format! 

Now, a child on Sakhalin can develop as an athlete and reach professional heights, without going somewhere in Moscow, as happened before. Now, having started at our facility with all the modern equipment, having received education and experience, he can become an established athlete and achieve great success. The sports hierarchy begins with the child’s understanding of what sport is and ends with its release as part of a professional team. Where is he playing as his own, so that his parents would come to root for him, so that Sakhalin’s people would root for their fellow countrymen, and not like everywhere when invited people play for the team.
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