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The road arteries of the cosmodrome Vostochny

Denis Gori - Acting chief of the branch of Special Road Construction 732 Dalspetsstroi

The road arteries of the cosmodrome Vostochny

The vast territory of the cosmodrome Vostochny is permeated with kilometers of roads and railways. Transport arteries connect dozens of technical sites, and this is more than 500 buildings and structures. In order to have a developed road infrastructure in place of wasteland, in 2013 specialized branches of Dalspetsstroi were located in the Amur Region. The most experienced builders-road workers undertook the task.

Acting Head of the Special Road Construction Branch No. 732 of Dalspetsstroy, Denis Goriy arrived at Vostochny space center three years ago. The number and significance of the facilities on which our hero worked before are impressive: the Amur federal highway by Chita-Khabarovsk, the Khabarovsk - Lidoga-Vanino highway, the Kirinskoye gas condensate field on the shelf of Fr. Sakhalin. Denis Yuryevich did a lot for the development of the city of Khabarovsk. As an engineer of the branch number 732, he worked on the reconstruction of the regional center of Amur hockey, the construction of an ice palace for bandy Arena Erofei and the residential community of Stroitel.

Valuable experience acquired Gori when working in difficult geological conditions of Sikhote-Alin. Then, during the construction of the section of the Eurasian transport corridor "Transsib" for the first time, new technologies and materials were used, which are now actively used in road construction - corrugated pipes with strengthening gobion structures, metal and reinforced concrete arch bridges.

“All objects are interesting in their own way,” says Denis Goriy, “a certain stage of life is associated with each of them.”

Denis Gori stood at the forefront during the liquidation of the consequences of the 2013 flood in the Khabarovsk Territory. At that time, both machines and people worked on wear and tear. From the objects were removed all the trucks to deliver sand and gravel in time to fill the dams. Experienced engineers were consulted when the authorities sought a way to deal with the elements in problem areas. Gori introduced constructive proposals that helped to eliminate the leak within the well of the city's sewage system, through which water from the river came in.

The character of special purpose Far Eastern builders was clearly manifested in extreme conditions. Construction of facilities in remote regions, with undeveloped infrastructure, can also be called extreme. If we take into account the tight deadlines and the three-shift schedule, then it becomes immediately clear that there is a place for heroism at the construction site.

Only purposeful, strong-willed people can endure harsh conditions. “One of the main advantages of Denis Goria is that he always clearly sees the goal. Able to determine the main direction and not waste energy in vain. He also has a phenomenal memory. He holds a huge amount of information in his head. Even the little things that other people write down and still forget, he remembers, and most importantly at the right time, skillfully uses this knowledge. There were cases when he, seeing that other people could not cope, took responsibility for himself and pulled out the project, ”said Andrei Tarasov, head of the construction and assembly section No. 3 of the SDS-723 branch.

Today, at the Vostochny Spaceport in the active phase of construction, objects that did not participate in the first launch of the launch vehicle. The Goria branch is completing the construction of the Industrial-1, Industrial-2 roads, as well as the road connecting the city of Tsiolkovsky with the transport infrastructure of the cosmodrome, performing work on key facilities at the launch site - water intake facilities, a missile fuel complex, and installing fencing throughout the site. Last year, the specialists of the branch worked on the territory of the assembly and testing buildings, boiler house, water intake station.

Student construction teams have become a great help in the work of the builders of the cosmodrome. From 2014 to the branch during the summer and autumn holidays, young employees are employed. “As a rule, active students who can work for results come to Vostochny,” says Denis Gory, “Three years ago, our guys, the Novosibirsk Echelon squad, showed the highest production results. For students, the banner of the best detachment of the All-Russian student construction project was the best award. ”

In 2015, the most large-scale student construction took place at the cosmodrome. The team of road workers joined the students from the Altai Territory and the Republic of Tatarstan. They installed the side stone and paving slabs, made the device of the coating of asphalt concrete mixture on the territory of the booster test case. This year the branch received three detachments from the Altai Territory, Kemerovo and Irkutsk. At the end of the working day, all the guys get together, together with the site managers sum up the results for the day. Such attention from the head helps to optimize the workflow, to interest young employees.

Denis Gori (in 2014 year as chief engineer) received the Spetsstroi medal of Russia, as the tutor of the best detachment. This is not the only award of an outstanding builder, who does not like to talk much about his merits. Denis Gori is grateful to the President of the Russian Federation "For Selfless Work in the Complex Conditions of Emergencies in Khabarovsk", the EMERCOM medal "For the Commonwealth for Salvation", the Medal of the Russian Defense Ministry "To the Participant of the Struggle with the Elements on the Amur", the letters of the Governor of the Khabarovsk Territory and the departmental awards of the Spetsstroy Russia.

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