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Nursing home versus TikTok house

Debates were held in Yakutia on the best idea for the development of the "Far Eastern hectare"

The Far Eastern Federal District hosts "HectarLab" - a competition for the best idea for the development of a "Far Eastern hectare", organized by the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East and the Arctic. Young people from four regions of the Far Eastern Federal District take part in it: Khabarovsk Krai, Jewish Autonomy, Primorye and Yakutia. Several students from Yakutia, who successfully completed the online task, were invited to take part in the second stage - the debate - already face to face with the jury. The event took place on December 11 at the "Boiling Point" of NEFU.

Nursing home versus TikTok house
Photo: Grigory Fomenko

The topic for the debate was the projects for the development of the "Far Eastern hectare", which the participants reflected in their own publications in social networks at the first stage. 1st year student of the Mining Institute of NEFU Prokopiy Danilov was concerned with the problem of the lack of nursing homes, in particular, in the capital of the region and its environs. In the understanding of a young man, a "Far Eastern hectare" is a spacious field, the construction of a building on which does not require special design.                            

This understanding was slightly changed by a member of the jury Oleg Stepanov - together with his relatives, on a collective application, he designed 12 "Far Eastern hectares" 55 km from Yakutsk and is now creating a natural park "Chukul" there. This year, the park hosted Nordic walking competitions, planting seedlings, master classes on collecting wild plants, fishermen and tourists came for family vacations.

“The plots can have a geometric shape that is not suitable for the construction of a typical object. This imposes additional costs on building design. Depending on the site chosen, it may be necessary to build a smaller facility than planned. Nobody canceled the underdeveloped infrastructure and difficulties with access roads, ”the expert explained.

Nevertheless, according to Stepanov, the nursing home in the forest belt will allow the elderly to breathe fresh air and take light walks every day, which will have a positive effect on their health. To locate such an object, he advised Prokopy Danilov to places where many medicinal herbs grow, healing springs are located. 

Mikhail Donskoy, a future journalist and participant of the Avangard DV project, said that the restriction on obtaining a hectare no closer than 20 km from Yakutsk should not scare away the competitor: Kildyamtsi and other nearby villages are provided with both electricity and gas, which will simplify the construction of a social facility.

Prokopiy Danilov noted that with an investment of 20 to 30 million rubles, the object will pay off in five to six years at the expense of a percentage of the pensions of residents of the nursing home. According to Donskoy, recoupment is possible only with the participation of state funds, at least at the initial stage.

“Another thing is surprising: more than a dozen projects were related to animal shelters, and no one except you thought about the elderly,” said the social activist.

Danilov stressed that he respects the elderly and wants to take care of them.

“It seems to me that the implementation of my idea is important for society,” he summed up.

Another finalist of "HectarLab" Mikhail Zakharov agreed with him, noting that many of his acquaintances grandparents often require care, even elementary ones.

According to the idea of ​​Zakharov himself - a 1st year student of the Engineering and Technical Institute of NEFU - the best application for the "Far Eastern hectare" will be TikTok-house, but in an expanded version. The classic TikTok house is a large apartment / house where TikTokers live and shoot videos. Zakharov proposed to build a real "Disneyland for Tiktokers" - a space with living quarters, a large number of studios and locations, where there is the necessary equipment for filming. 

Doubt was expressed by Oleg Stepanov. In his opinion, it is cheaper and more logical to rent buildings within the city than to build new ones on a "Far Eastern hectare". The contestant clarified that this will not allow creating an authentic creative environment for filming and installing a large number of outdoor locations in the field and forest belt.

Answering an expert, representative of ARCHK in Yakutia, Sergey Li, when asked about the development of a hectare, Zakharov said that it was planned to build two buildings. In his Instagram post, he described them as follows: you need two hangars with an area of ​​800 and 270 sq. meters. The first will house a school of tiktokers with programs for different ages, a challenge area with popular challenges - ice bucket, harlem shake, skibidi, bottle cap, onion eye, maniquen ..., locations for writing culinary blogs, unpacking, chemical experiments, vines. The second building will be equipped with a storage of costumes and props, a server room and an open-office ”. The contestant estimated the cost of the project at 4,5 million rubles, but Sergey Li believes that this will require 15 million rubles, excluding the material and technical equipment.

The author of the idea has no doubts about the demand for TikTok house. The building provides 30 beds, and the author of the idea wants to make the initial emphasis on Tiktokers (for more excitement). They will pay rent and provide educational courses, including for children, which is not typical for regular TikTok houses.

“Anyone can rent a studio or a picturesque location for filming, where light and video cameras are already installed. Beginners will be able to learn how to shoot in courses, ask for help from specialists in special effects and sound design, "added the finalist of HectarLab.

Zakharov, in his project, proposes to move away from generally accepted canons and, for example, filter the released content for negativity, contribute to the creation of popular videos dedicated to the culture of Yakutia (not without the support and advice of artists).

Individuals who have already achieved popularity on the Internet, in particular, those living in the TikTok house, will control and filter the released content.

Zakharov also noted that he sees no harm in the TikTok application for young people.

“This is a strange opinion. Children move, do not smoke under the houses, they are busy. As you and I were taught, the soldier always had to be busy so as not to do stupid things. "

He clarified that TikTok will be the core platform for the project, but Youtube and Instagram are also seen as sites for publishing content.

According to Mikhail Donskoy, the project will quickly reach recoupment. In addition, the created space can be used as a tourist attraction. He was objected by Sergei Li, who believes that the commercial success of the project has not yet been proven, and it may be necessary to attract budget funds and investors, the Ministry of Youth and the Ministry of Culture of Yakutia.

According to the results of the jury meeting, the winner was awarded to the author of the idea of ​​"Disneyland for Tiktokers" Mikhail Zakharov. He was presented with a powerful modern tablet with the logo of the Vanguard of the Far East. It is within the framework of this project that the HectarLab competition is held to involve young people in social activities and develop their leadership qualities.

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