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Doctor in the million

Sergei Tsybdenov flew to the Far East "according to the program", but remained for love - to the region

From his native Ulan-Ude, Sergei Tsybdenov moved to the Far East in 2013 year under the "Zemsky Doctor" program. In the conditions of an acute "northern" deficit of doctors, the "doctor-multiplayer" Tsybdenov became a real salvation for the Central Okhotsk Regional Hospital. Still: physicians inexorably leave the North, and here comes the gynecologist, endocrinologist, therapist and gerontologist in one person. And he came after all, he did not try "and suddenly like it." Came to stay.

Doctor in the million
Photo: From the archive of Sergei Tsybdenov
To be a doctor "all-in-one" Tsybdenov had to immediately after the arrival in the Khabarovsk Territory. But Sergei Ivanovich, a doctor with four specialties, did not intimidate the need to close personnel gaps.

- Officially, I was accepted as a district doctor. But due to a shortage of staff, I periodically act as the head of the therapeutic department. We also have a psychoneurological department in our hospital. There is a department, there are patients, and there has not been a specialist there for a long time. So I had to perform these duties for three years, - says Sergey Ivanovich.

With the northern personnel hunger, an unnormalized working day for a doctor is a common thing.

- We are also on duty actively. Let's say he left on Sunday at 8 am, returned home on Monday at 7 pm. Sunday watch for more than a day.

Tsybdenov's work is not limited to receptions and watch in several departments of the Central District Hospital. Regularly the medic departs to the reindeer herders' camps to conduct preventive examinations.

- We are flying by a small brigade: a therapist, a dentist, a gynecologist. The gynecologist at us, the truth, often one, it or he can not be taken out of hospital. On departures, I replace it. With us we take the ultrasound machine, we conduct an examination. These are planned departures, once a year, they are facilitated by the district administration. They flew once, together with the brigade of the department of culture. They brought the projector and turned the reindeer herders all night long, "recalls Sergei Tsybdenov.

Sergei says that during his five-year practice in Okhotsk he saw a "sore spot" of the northerners, characteristic diseases that often occur in residents of remote northern settlements.

- There is an oncological alertness. Of course, because of neglect. The people in the villages do not go to the examination, until they get sick. And when it hurts, it often happens late, because if it hurts, it is not the first stage. They are not examined on time, and then - later treatment. Someone can take fluorography at least once every five years. Although we have no difficulty with the survey itself. The fluorograph constantly flies back and forth, from place to place. There is still vigilance about tuberculosis. But here the problem is not in the rare surveys, but in the unscrupulousness of employers. After all, many entrepreneurs attract workers from outside - from Central Asia. Often they have unreliable medical examinations. And it turns out that a person has come, walks here, and his tuberculosis "blooms and smells". Someone even comes without medical books. Although they work with the fish, they must be examined. This all passes through me, that's why I take it so much, to my heart, - Tsybdenov admits.

But no difficulties, no special features of the region "with difficult climatic conditions" did not force Dr. Tsybdenov to leave Okhotsk. Unlike many of his colleagues who came for the "program" million.

- I did not plan and do not plan to leave. I like the Far East, I like it in Okhotsk. In my native land, in Buryatia, too, it is very cold, so the weather does not frighten me. But not all, of course, stand work here. Someone who came with me, worked 4 years, someone 3. And they left. Some do not fit the climate, for someone the load is too great. Leave mainly why? Because other perspectives open up. And we stay again without doctors, "Sergey Ivanovich sighs.

At the same time, there is no need to complain about technical equipment. All that is needed in the work is available. There is only a computer tomograph. And again the question arises of the lack of personnel: if you acquire new sophisticated equipment, you need to teach someone to work on it. In the meantime, the medical staff in Okhotsk is replenishing very slowly.

- Recently, the oculist has left, this front has stripped us. We are looking for a surgeon. Now an anesthesiologist from Murmansk has come to us. From Khabarovsk, a young psychiatrist. We managed to lure the cardiologist from Moscow with the beauties of the North, - Sergey smiles.

According to Tsybdenov, it is impossible to attract young cadres to the North by programs alone:

- The time has passed when young people can give up and, like in the song, sing, "go behind the fog." The financial side, of course, is very important. Money programs, housing - it works, yes. But it's not easy for a young man to come and stay here for life. Besides work, what do you do here for young people? Leisure should be organized.

Sergei Tsybdenov himself admits that the region "suits" him:

- In the north of the Far East, it is good for those who like to hunt, fish. The region suits me. Fishing here is unusual, enticing. An ideal place for men's entertainment!
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