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Pre-capitalization, modernization, orders

How to get out of the crisis "Amur Shipyard", says Vladimir Kulakov

At the end of 2016, the Amur Shipyard announced the launch of a financial recovery plan. EastRussia asked the general director of the plant Vladimir Kulakov details of the plan, the state of work on current orders and the prospects for new ones.

Pre-capitalization, modernization, orders
- At the end of last year, it became known about the capitalization of the USC plant - as one of the components of the financial rehabilitation plan for the plant. How are things going with her?
- The pre-capitalization of the USC of the plant - the main thing from which the plan of its financial recovery is formed - has not yet been implemented. The complex financial situation of the state - with what it is connected - is, of course, understandable. Nevertheless, the management of the plant does not abandon attempts to achieve its - still get the money. And the point here is not so much in the financial difficulties of the plant, but in their main reason - that the enterprise today is essentially feeding the banks with its activities. For example, this year ASZ will pay banks interest of 2 billion rubles. Then how could from the same net profit in exactly the same way as other USC enterprises.

- What besides capitalization provides for a financial recovery plan?
- Another important event is equipping with new equipment under the relevant federal target program, which implies the modernization of the plant. This is nothing less than 4,7 billion rubles. In addition to re-equipment of the plant as part of the modernization, workshops, for example, will be completely rebuilt, and buildings will be renovated. All this is more than necessary. The plant is already about 80 years old, and the last equipment supplies to it were made in 1986. But, I will note, while the modernization of the plant has not yet begun - for its implementation, the plant needs to complete a number of specific measures related to the settlement agreements, the plant’s liabilities, in particular to banks and investment companies.

- Modernization and capitalization will solve all problems of the enterprise? 
- Of course, we are also talking about saturating the plant with new orders. By the way, it has already begun - in civil engineering, huge support was provided by the heads of the Sakhalin Oblast and the Khabarovsk Territory, and some assistance was provided by the USC. A contract was signed for the construction of two Ar5-class ferries, which, upon completion of construction, will run on the Vanino-Kholmsk line. The need for ferries is evident. Due to the obsolescence of ships on the line, there is an acute problem of congestion of goods, including federal ones, on the local railway - the problem of their delivery to the Sakhalin region. Ferries will be built by 2019-2020. The plant also pins hopes on new orders from the Ministry of Defense - the traditional main customer - in the third quarter of this year. The first corvette is about to be commissioned. Orders for fishing vessels have not yet been achieved, but a huge number of negotiations have been held with Far Eastern fishing companies.

- What is the progress of the construction of vessels for Gazflot?
- Here, too, has its difficulties. And their roots are in the fact that earlier this project had another owner, the Far Eastern Center of Shipbuilding and Ship Repair. I had to receive from the previous customer numerous project documentation - contracts with designers, contractors, contractors. There are financial issues. Now, of course, Gazflot pays for the implementation, but there are many questions to the past owner of the order. Anyway, the order is now being fulfilled: electrical installation work is being completed on the first ship, on the second they will begin in May. The plant will fulfill the order exactly in the terms set by the contract: in the first and fourth quarters of 2018.

- Returning to the state defense order, with what projects are the prospects connected with obtaining new contracts?
- The plant could have completed another order for the construction of the 5 and 6 corvette. But getting it is a matter not solved yet. The reason is that the plant did not manage to build the first corvette in accordance with the terms of the state contract, because of its own shortcomings and some aspects related to the suppliers. The terms for this order have been transferred to 25 October 2017. I hope the plant will fulfill it even earlier. This is important for the NEA itself - to receive funds for settlements on loans with Sberbank and, in turn, to prove its right to receive new contracts from the Ministry of Defense.

- And what about far-reaching plans?
- For the time being, the NEA specializes in sea and river vessels and warships. But I hope that the plant will not be associated only with such production. I largely associate his future with the construction of a gas processing plant in the Amur Region. The plant could take a big part in this project from the point of view of providing it with relevant facilities necessary for production. 
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