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Dmitry Volkov: "It is impossible to deny that things went wrong"

Deputy head of the Khabarovsk government on the development plan of Komsomolsk-on-Amur

Last Monday, the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Khabarovsk Territory, Dmitry Volkov, on a live broadcast from Vostok Rossii radio station, told two co-hosts, including the EastRussia editor-in-chief, Dmitry Shcherbakov, what was happening in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Below are excerpts from the interview - especially for our readers.

Dmitry Volkov: "It is impossible to deny that things went wrong"
Photo: Photo: D. Volkov's personal photo archive on Facebook
- Tell me, when were you in Komsomolsk-on-Amur the last time?
"The week before last."

- What did you do that you saw? Where were you?
- I have a standard absolutely route, which was formed in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. My task there is to visit as many construction projects as possible, this is in the first place. Secondly, it is contact with the administration to coordinate our activities. Well, if you can, take a walk along the embankment, meet people, talk. When it works out, it's great. Last time I did not succeed.

- Judging by your Facebook account, is it not easy to take a walk - run along the embankment?
- To run - yes, but, to my shame, I have never had a chance. I really plan to do it this week. Just tomorrow, I plan another trip to Komsomolsk-on-Amur, there will be a little more time for me. Therefore, I will definitely take with me a tracksuit and sneakers, and I will definitely run about.

- Have you somehow calculated for yourself, do you move there more in administrative buildings or along streets and construction sites and communicate with people directly?
- More all the same on the construction sites.

- And there, it turns out, simple Komsomol members remain outside your attention - only the builders?
- Yes, there is, unfortunately, a problem. But this is connected with my functional in the government as a project manager - it consists in realizing the long-term plan. And at it now the greatest urgency just at so-called section of the second: it 27 actions, 47 objects. Now these 27 events are pouring into objects. And each of them must be projected, passed the appropriate expertise, then start building. All this is a troublesome story and takes up most of the time.

As for the problems that the Komsomol members are expressing. For half a year I had enough time, in fact, to be immersed in this topic. More or less, I think that my idea has developed, there are even some variants of solutions, both strategic and very simple. It will take time and it must be done, probably, gradually, in parallel with the implementation of the activities of the long-term plan.

"After all, it's not quite for an average citizen, maybe, it's understandable." There is a government of the region, there is the mayor's office of Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Here appears in the government of the province of the people who are in charge of a separate city. Is this a necessity? In manual mode, a new project, they did not do it before - why?
- This is an interesting solution, in fact. I would not say that this is a very traditional solution. But it fits very well into the paradigm that is now beginning to imbue the state power. What is the logic here. See, when the long-term plan was adopted, the government issued a decree, which model was taken? At us all objects were divided between supervising deputies of the chairman of the government of Khabarovsk territory. And they all started to realize this. This model was tested in the flood of 2013 year, from there its origins, and it proved to be very effective. When you need to really storm something, the best thing is that there is a personal responsibility.

But what was the specific inhibition? It is necessary to ensure the interaction of the municipality, the government of the region, which is well coordinated, and other federal departments. It turns out 10 vice-presidents - one administration. A lot of duplication. The same, there are branch ministries of the sector - they interact in their line, the Ministry of Education of the region and similar to the Russian Federation. And there are such general economic ministries: the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economics. And there too, the duplication gradually began to arise.

These small inconsistencies formed a noise, which slowed down the plan. Therefore, so that nothing slowed down, such a decision was made. In business, by the way, this is a standard solution. The project manager coordinates and interacts between all actors in the process. And there are a large number of them: the plan is handled by a dozen state corporations and a half dozen different ministries and departments. Quite a lot of work, believe me.

- On June 12, Komsomolsk-on-Amur celebrates its 85th anniversary.
- Holiday greetings.

- Yes, people are waiting for this event. There was such a good tradition before some objects for the birthday to take, give gifts. What will happen?
- From what we tried to do together with the administration to the day of the city - this, of course, is expensive. Part of the roads that were in the plan in the first half of the year, asphalted. As for the large objects, and the long-term plan is still large objects, it is hardly advisable to even assign them to such a remarkable anniversary. It is better to do in the planned mode, it is supposed to be of a better quality. Therefore, we did not do anything extraordinary.

- What objects will be delivered first?
- This year there are five objects to be realized. This water pipeline, gas pipeline, the first section of the road Lidoga-Vanino 51-53 km. This is not yet an existing road that will connect Komshose on Dzemgah with Permskaya Street, which forms a ring in the Parus micro district and will provide such an access to the TACER site, which does not pass through the residential area. Sufficiently comfortable, good, beautiful street, the future development of this place.

- You just mentioned TOSER. The road to it will be brought, and, in fact, whether any work has begun on the site itself, the business there has come, whether investments have begun?
- Yes, investments have begun, despite the fact that the Parus site will be fully provided with communications only by the end of this year. An integrator came, first of all, who will now give an additional impetus to the site - this is something like the Avangard industrial park here in Khabarovsk. And there are the first, I would say, five, but in fact there are several more, very real companies that are ready to build cooperation chains with our aircraft manufacturers.

The problem in fact was not so simple - for several reasons. Maybe, federal legislation is not completely ready. Then there are not so many companies that could work for such plants as KnAAZ and GSS. Nevertheless, the government of the region, it seems to me, has done everything that is possible, and such companies have appeared.

Is this a local business?
- No, this is not a local business.

- We talked in April with one local entrepreneur who deals with innovative topics, creates automation of production lines. Well, he with such little regret stated that to go out to small enterprises with turnover modest, in 10-50 million rubles, to cooperate with large state corporations - simply unrealistic. Therefore, for such entrepreneurs in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, this level of orders is the ceiling, and therefore it is then necessary to go to Khabarovsk or start another business. On this account, what do you think?
- Look, according to our estimates, aircraft builders purchase from local business up to 5% of the amount of projects. And this is due to the unwillingness, probably, of local business. Another example I have is "Rosstat". He, in order to create these cooperative chains, has invested a lot of energy and time in preparing a small business. This is a readjustment of processes, improvement of management skills, this is compliance with the standards that the company has. KnAAZ and GSS are very modern and established factories with good internal cooperation. Within the framework of the implementation of the industrial model of UAC, on which it is necessary to deduce all these low redistributions for outsourcing, it takes a lot of time and effort on both sides.

What is the logic of the government? We will do what has long been planned. By the end of the year, the site will be fully equipped with everything that is needed, with an unprecedented preferential regime. And there are a number of Russian companies that have experience of interaction with aircraft manufacturing, which we want to tighten here for localization, and they willingly come here, feeling the market.

This will create a model gradually, which can be quietly stringed and local business, to prepare it. This work has already begun, as far as I know, there were several meetings at the site of aircraft builders. From these wonderful discoveries that in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, it turns out, for example, clothes are sewn, before the transaction - some time. Both sides in this direction have gone, and these three companies that have taken up, and aircraft builders. It will be, as it seems to me, the beginning of a big and interesting affair.

- If we talk about the visible things, now on the Internet a lot of pictures with painted houses in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.
"An airplane and a tiger?"

- Yes. This, as we understand, is not part of a comprehensive plan, but it looks. Will this practice be continued?
- This is not less interesting part than the plan itself. It covers the gaps, it's a big story. And there are many more small cases. They, though small, but useful. And they are most of all Komsomol members and they react to them. These are yards, sidewalks, lawns, public spaces, shops. The place, finally, so that you can take a walk with the stroller, including children, just show yourself, Arbat is such - no it. It became clear to me, as soon as I arrived, I heard it all at once.

After consulting with the city administration, we decided that it would be right to develop this within the framework of such a program "City as the center of attraction". But this program is not from a series of "give us a budget, we will master" - it should gradually develop with the interaction of the administration and the townspeople. There's something just all the shops, yards and beautiful and interesting things that appear, we must immerse. And all this will be financed in different ways. Something - from the regional budget, and is already being funded, from the federal budget, and many other things.

Another very important story is the development of housing construction. This task was set by Governor Vyacheslav Shport at the last extended meeting of the government. For obvious reasons, it has not developed in recent years, at least as a private development business. This task has been set. This is another topic that will be included in this great program. The idea is to make the city enjoyable. I can not say that it will take five minutes of our work.

- Provocative question: look, maybe it was necessary to spend these 63 billion from all sources to paint curbs and build new housing for people, and this would have a much brighter and faster effect on the development of Komsomolsk-on-Amur?
- This is a difficult question, which I sometimes ask myself, theoretically, because practically we are working within the framework of the tasks set. As a citizen, I ask myself this question, and I have the answer to it: I think that everything was done right. So life and the economy are arranged, a business that great is drawn to a big, not to a small one. You can paint all the curbs, tomorrow they again get dirty - and closed the topic. What about us people will say that there, even though we are on the air: "They are doing this with money in this way?". There is no trace, and what is it you're attracted to, that people will go to the city better if the curbs are painted in it - only?

Therefore, we have some ideology. We are not just in Stakhanov implements several objects. It was conceived before me, but it is completely correct. There are actually two public centers of the city: the center and Dzemgi. All these years they were not built up. We have a unique opportunity to start shaping them. Moreover, the “core” should be budget investments, and private investments will be drawn to them. Absolutely correct model. But when we started it, it became clear that they were digging there, here the building, things went, and a big initiative appears.

It depends on people. Who should decide whether to draw a tiger or a lynx? Like this? I heard about this tiger, who personally has a pretty face for me, a lot of criticism: paws are wrong, it's not that. It's a process. Here painted the banal on Dzhemgah balconies in different colors. There were gray houses, they became more cheerful. The first reaction was, I read in social networks: that there, motley, there is no taste. This is the first reaction, some kind of rejection. These things we have to rub. And the story of the city as a center of attraction - this should be done without haste, gradually, wisely, reasonably. We do - they criticize us, we can roll back somewhere. That's the way to go. The administration is on their way.

- You say, they saw in social networks. Are there any other direct channels of feedback, not through meetings?
- I have appeared in Komsomolsk-on-Amur several friends-comrades who share their impressions with me. This is normal, I believe, history. Social networks give a lot, because the reaction there is live, immediate. What can and are ashamed to say in person. Secondly, there is a lot of official information, many studies are carried out by the government of the region and the administration. There is no shortage of information.

"But has people changed their rhetoric?" Have you begun to look at life differently?
- There are things that can not be denied. And you can not deny the fact that things have gone. You leave on the streets of Komsomolsk-on-Amur, and it is, people feel it. A certain skepticism is also there. And that for half a year of practical work with a shovel, we removed this skepticism, I did not even expect this. And it's not bad at all. First, the Komsomol character, it should always be. Secondly, we receive negative feedback, but only such systems are known to be effective. Something we still do not so, we are also people, and there are doubts and changes.

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