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Dmitry Nozhenko: "Unpacking" of the Khabarovsk Territory will make it the center of the East

"Business Russia" is going to "unpack" the Khabarovsk Territory

Khabarovsk Territory - Klondike of untapped opportunities. But it is one thing to understand this, and another thing to start realizing these opportunities. What's the first thing to do? EastRussia was told about this by the chairman of the regional public movement "I believe in the Khabarovsk Territory", co-chairman of the interregional branch of the all-Russian public organization "Business Russia" for the Khabarovsk Territory and the Jewish Autonomous Region Dmitry Nozhenko

Dmitry Nozhenko: "Unpacking" of the Khabarovsk Territory will make it the center of the East
Photo: from the personal archive of Dmitry Nozhenko

- In the minds of ordinary people, "Business Russia" is a kind of crowd of wealthy people, entrepreneurs who do not understand what they are doing, make speeches, urge them to earn money and live better ... such an education from the category of "chatted - dispersed." Is that so, or is there a benefit to someone from these meetings? For whom?

- Yes, from the outside it may seem quite so - there is a structure without specific functions, responsibilities, without authority. But this is what makes the activity of such societies interesting, if they are healthy, living structures! There are also created “for show” formations similar to bureaucrats, whose only task is to be present in the field of power and to portray activity. This is not the case with Delovaya Rossiya. Especially after the reboot, which was organized by Denis Gros (co-founder of the DA! Development group of companies - editor's note), Sergei Stepanov (Lunny Svet group of companies - Ed. Note), Roman Bezmaternykh (founder of the Roof Center group of companies - Approx.ed.) And me. What is commonly called "young blood poured in" happened, new things began with energy aimed at expertly formulating, confirming and conveying to the authorities a position on sensitive issues. First of all, when the covid restrictions were just beginning, we explained to officials that certain industries needed more freedom, suggested which regulations make sense during a crisis period, which ones would only harm. When the lockdown passed, we prepared a pool of projects needed by the region, which we call the “unpacking” of the Khabarovsk Territory. We offer four directions here.

I think the key is the transformation of the territory into a cross-border region, so that the Khabarovsk Territory becomes a global "dry port", so that the Khabarovsk Territory receives a checkpoint with a cargo and passenger status on the Bolshoy Ussuriisk Island. This will give a breakthrough in the development of the economy, it will earn money on logistics, transportation, and, of course, tourism. During peak periods, four million people come to the Chinese side next to us, if we take two million and each leave here 100 thousand rubles - this is plus two of the current budgets of the Khabarovsk Territory. Plus 200 billion rubles. And these are working hotels, restaurants, shops - jewelry especially loved by tourists from China, as well as large shopping centers. This will raise the middle business, which does not send money to Moscow, but leaves it here.

The second direction is the Khekhtsir ski complex. Start from the former Spartak base, then move to the main Khekhtsir. Yes, these are not the Alps, but we worked with experts and the elevation differences, as we were told, are the same as in Sochi. And as advantages - the border is right there, next to it, plus the winter period is long.

The third project - Lukashov's nursery (an abandoned territory in the center of Khabarovsk, where the nursery of fruit trees of Michurin's colleague - Far Eastern breeder A.M. Lukashov was previously located - Ed.). It is supposed to make a natural recreational zone here, which would pay for itself. This is a very noble project that aims to turn an abandoned, unkempt part of the city into something worthwhile, beautiful, and environmentally friendly. This is 163 hectares, which are now officially closed, but someone constantly gathers there, litters ...

And the fourth project is the Amur Technopark. Its main goal is to create such a business environment, the residents of which will generate modern innovative solutions in several areas - audiovisual and animation content, information technology and software development. In a global sense, the technopark will be export-oriented - it is difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to enter foreign trade, this requires special knowledge and additional costs. And in this situation, the technopark can really help the Khabarovsk entrepreneurs.

As a result, the “unpacking” of the Khabarovsk Territory will make it so that everyone who lives here or just came to feel in the center of the East, and not on the outskirts of the country.

- And what, without Delovaya Rossiya, these projects would not have moved in any way?

- I'll put it this way - let's take a standard local businessman-entrepreneur. He can sit down at a computer, compose a letter, print it on a printer, sign it, submit it to the authorities and wait. Wait. Wait. Wait! And in our situation, given the fact that the feedback mechanism was launched as mandatory at the federal level - investment attractiveness ratings were created, the regional authorities were obliged to monitor them - such an instrument as our society, such as Delovaya Rossiya, allows direct communication without sent paper. After all, the opinion of an individual representative of the community is consolidated - the opinions of others are added to it - and it becomes expert. Then the top officials of the region, the ministers, who are executors in one direction or another, are already listening to it, officials of other ranks are embedded in the proposed logic, and the situation begins to change.

- Isn't this called lobbyism? After all, each member of "Business Russia" is a businessman in the first place. Dmitry Nozhenko has his own interest, Denis Grosy has his own, each of you has some kind of contacts, points of entry and contact with power structures, and at some point you understand that you, in order to realize your interests, benefit from these “ leverage ”to share and / or combine them. So?

- In my understanding, lobbyism is conventionally said when a war is not needed, but some global structures launch it. Here's something like that. But here everything is different. Delovaya Rossiya does not lobby; it fights to stabilize the conditions for doing business and entrepreneurship. Although, of course, the initiatives that we - the subdivision for the Khabarovsk Territory and the Jewish Autonomous Region - propose, they can be regarded as lobbyism of the Khabarovsk Territory. Especially against the backdrop of the history of Vladivostok - the federation drew attention to it, and this uploaded attention resulted in financial flows, construction projects, infrastructure development, projects.

- And you felt offended for the "small homeland"?

- You could say that. I believe that we need to align our positions - ours and Primorye - and we have all the resources for this, and the launch of the Bolshoi Ussuriysk is one of those resources. Delovaya Rossiya supported this concept, formulated an opinion, and this story entered the logic of the government of the Khabarovsk Territory. All this was formulated, of course, earlier - back in 2017, within the framework of the movement “I believe in Khabarovsk”, I conveyed all this to my colleagues, colleagues supported, they saw that this has a reasonable grain and strategic meaning, and the whole story went.

Now we have to admit that business activity is higher there - in Primorye, of course, this is largely facilitated by preferential regimes - the "Free Port of Vladivostok" (SVP), for example. It better shapes the climate of entrepreneurial activity than PSEDA "Khabarovsk" and PSEDA "Komsomolsk" - these are still local stories. But shifts in the global regional economy should equalize the chances and opportunities of the Khabarovsk Territory and Primorsky. The point is that the next step after the border is "unpacked" should be the launch of the SVP regime in Khabarovsk - in relation to the entire city, or to part of its districts. This will not incur any loss or damage to the current economy - although there were questions that if we enter the St. Petersburg and, accordingly, taxes are frozen. No. Those who worked continue to work, and those who are new begin to work and pay taxes in five years.

- To be honest, it is difficult to imagine what successful entrepreneurs have, because such are the backbone of Delovaya Rossiya? In which their business, in theory, "eats up" all the time, well, or almost everything, and so they just like that, experiencing a kind of creative itch, begin to generate projects to "unpack" the Khabarovsk Territory. Or, by default, these projects include their own interests to make money on this "unpacking"?

- I think there is no itching. Of course, everyone lives and works in their own rhythm - for me, for example, it is very bad over time, because there is a lot of work. Someone has this time, and he finds his point of application in participation in "Business Russia", in its specific projects, someone has some interests - what's wrong with that? An entrepreneur is an entrepreneur because he knows how to make money, knows how to come up with "HOW" to make money, but here the interests of both the business community and the Khabarovsk Territory coincide, as a territory, as a subject of our country, and, I think, "unpacking" is in the interests of all residents of our region. This is such a very big story, although I will not hide it - if everything works out and if they start investing in the transition to Bolshoy Ussuriysk, investors come, the global construction of infrastructure begins, then my lawyer's office is likely to find work, orders - we specialize in this - in legal accompanying such large projects.

- Was it a primary thought - about orders for your lawyer's office, or a secondary one?

- This is even a tertiary thought, because it is unclear when, what will happen. Maybe by the time everything starts, I’m already so tired of everything that I’ll just sit on the sidelines, sitting at the dacha, rejoicing that things have gone well, that Bolshoi Ussuriysky is developing.

- We are changing the topic, this question is what needs to be done so that businessmen, middle-level entrepreneurs go to the Far East. Much of what is being done in terms of benefits in the Far Eastern Federal District is designed for large structures, corporations, etc. But if we have so many resources, a lot of everything, why don't businesses come here to open middle peasants?

- Yes, now the situation looks like there are large infrastructure projects, there are large organizations that absorb orders, but they need contractors, subcontractors, they need inert materials, they need metal, they need transport, they need service personnel, they need to expand settlements, he needs housing - and here you are, unpacking a medium-sized business, and then a small business. A fresh example is a gas chemical plant in the Amur Region. Money is flowing, infrastructure is being built, workers are going there, experts are going ...

- But these are all staff ...

- Yes, but in the center of Blagoveshchensk a four-star hotel of the French chain has appeared, which studies the market and does not put objects anywhere. They bet where they can make money.

- Good, but big projects are powerful, but point stories. And when the construction of infrastructure for them is completed, when they - factories, shipyards, gas pipelines - are put into operation, then inflows collapse, and there are fewer people there, which means that everyone who was in the "orbit" of this project also has nothing to do.

- Yes, there is a certain rollback, in terms of investment volumes, builders leave, but production remains, the erected facility remains, it works. With regard to Khabarovsk, this will be a constant increase. The "unpacked" border, the projects that have appeared, the status of a "dry port" - and after all, traffic through us is a thousand kilometers shorter than through Primorye - plus the incoming tourist flow - this is constancy. And entrepreneurs will come here when the border is unpacked. The hotel business will start earning, the restaurant business will start earning, the business of selling jewelry, consumer goods, taxi drivers will start earning ... People will have more money. And it appears who to buy and for what to buy.

Dmitry Nozhenko - attorney, head of the law office
- Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aurora Far Eastern Consulting Group
-Chairman of the regional public movement "I believe in the Khabarovsk Territory"
- Co-chairman of the interregional department of the all-Russian public organization "Business Russia" in the Khabarovsk Territory and the Jewish Autonomous Region
Specialization - legal support and investment project consulting


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