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"For children, the Far East is something in the permafrost"

As a sailor Igor Glushchenko brought to Orel the ocean

In the Eagle Colonel of the reserve Igor Glushchenko moved, having served 20 years in the Pacific Fleet. He said that he would never leave service, but it required the help of elderly parents living in Kharkov. Arriving in a provincial city in central Russia, I immediately realized that longing for the ocean and native Far East would not back down. So I decided: we will create a fleet here.

"For children, the Far East is something in the permafrost"
Photo: courtesy of Igor Glushchenko
Eagle seaman-Far East chose not by chance.  
- The Far East and the Eagle were forever linked in 1943 year. Releasing Orlovschinu from the German fascist invaders, more than eight thousand sailors from the Pacific Fleet were killed here, "said Igor Glushchenko.
In addition, in the city, the streets of which still store the steps of Leskov, Bunin, Esenin, during the Soviet era there were clubs of young sailors. The latter closed with the collapse of the USSR.
Glushchenko got a job at the military commissariat, gradually became friends with other sailors who arrived for permanent residence in central Russia. Each other sailors who served in the Navy, met as relatives, willingly shared their memories, wondered how life in the center of Russia is different from the Far East. It's like time has stopped for a couple of centuries, and only the landscape outside the window changes. In the Far East, life boils and boils, there are only distances of which are there, where the ocean - a drinker and a breadwinner - inspires to accomplishments. Service in the navy disciplines, teaches true friendship, forms traditions - not those that march under the march, but act "as expected": do not lie, do not betray, do not deceive ...
In 2002, enthusiastic seamen created the organization "Fleet to be." Igor Glushchenko joined this organization, and six years ago it headed.

"Our parents brought us up right. And all our lives we serve the Motherland, - explains Glushchenko. - Now we want to help in the proper education of the younger generation, share our knowledge and experience with the children, infect them with the spirit of the Russian fleet, and teach them traditions.
Children are now left to themselves, the colonel is going through, parents are from morning to night at work, teachers are no time. Mugs, sections, clubs - paid, not every parent will find extra money. Who will be engaged in the younger generation? Who will explain to them what is important in life, and what is secondary? And the fleet with its traditions, history, education - that's it, the whole school.
No sooner said than done. The sailors began to drive around the districts of the region, walk around the city's schools, collect adolescents in the clubs of young sailors. First, says the colonel, the children looked incredulous, giggled - well, where in Orel or in the sea and oceans? So, the rivers are green. Teachers tiredly nodded their heads - here, they say, retired again at home can not sit. But the sailors turned out to be more cunning: they did not lecture on the Pacific or Northern Fleet for children, but immediately offered to study engineering and tactical training in practice. Go to nature to learn how to dig trenches and prepare meals in the field kitchen. In addition, they promised to apply at military registration and enlistment offices and military schools to take teenagers to the fleet.
Now in the region there are nine such clubs. They are engaged in high school students, but who would see, with what envy look at them schoolchildren of lower grades.
- Still would! - laughs Glushchenko. - After all, members of clubs rely on form! And here we were helped by colleagues. Dress one child is about 20 thousand rubles, the form, of course, you can buy in the military department. But go to us children from the simplest families. And here our old connections worked. Neither the sailors refused from the Northern Fleet, nor the Pacific Fleet. On the contrary, they were happy: they say, we are waiting for replenishment, but we'll get the form yet.
One day in the office of the chairman of the "Fleet to be" appeared unexpected guests: military units of the Marine Corps from Vladivostok. They brought "an opportunity" 15 form sets, although they went to rest in warm regions. But what for the Far East a couple of hundred extra miles! A trifle.
So in the Dmitrovsky district appeared at once two clubs of young sailors. One is called "Dmitrov Marines".
"Our young talents are learning all the skills of the future service," says Glushchenko enthusiastically. - Compete among themselves, take part and win in "Zarnitsah". It can be seen how the character of adolescents changes and is tempered before our eyes. It is a pity that not all schools understand this. Like, I agreed with the teachers, they understood everything, approved - "Oh, how good!", And after - they hide. It is more difficult for us to find like-minded people here than in a small homeland.
Despite this, clubs have something to brag about. Last year 85 graduates of the Oryol clubs of young seamen visited the open days of profile institutions. They visited the Naval and Naval Polytechnic Institutes of St. Petersburg. Ten schoolchildren this year will arrive on the profile, 35 people are already studying in military schools.
The main thing the colonel rejoices for, the members of the organization have achieved the right to be on the draft commissions. And this year the sailors will give recommendations to the graduates of their clubs. Fortunately, there is an opportunity to get to the service to fellow countrymen: the Northern Fleet has an atomic submarine "Eagle", and in the Far East - a border patrol ship with the same name.
"This year we have a significant event," the Far East says enthusiastically. - On the eve of Victory Day we open the tenth club of young sailors, it will appear in Bolkhov on the basis of pedagogical college. We will participate with them 5 May in the reburial of the remains of Far Eastern seamen, liberating the Oryol region from the Nazi invaders. For young people this is a very exciting event.
In a small quiet city, which is just famous for its churches and monasteries, the club opened by the Far East turned out to be the most romantic event for teenagers, and even with rich prospects: for example, to serve in the merchant marine.
"Everybody is asked about everything," says Glushchenko. - And what kind of nature, the weather, and how much they receive, and whether it is possible to live there. Some generally have no idea what the Pacific is, for them the Far East is something in the permafrost. We answer all honestly, we tell everything, we show. I do not know - I'm calling my comrades. Children have eyes burning ...
The ceremony of reburial of the remains of seamen will take place near the village of Gorodishche in the Bolkhov district. At the neighboring Krivtsovsky memorial last year, the remains of 120 sailors volunteers of the Red Banner Pacific Fleet reburied, folded here in 1943 during the Battle of Kursk.
In the 1970-ies the participants of those events from the Primorye Territory, relatives and friends of the deceased, came to the places of Pacific fighting. In the Orel region fought 116-I separate marine rifle brigade, 1-I and 2-I separate ski shooting brigades. Last connections in February 1943 completed the raid at the rear of the Germans in the Dmitrov district.
The village of Krupyshino has a memorial sign on the "Field of Sailors' Glory". The daughter of the commander of the 1 ski team, Ivan Pontyar, who was fatally wounded here, a resident of Belgorod, Nina Minko, has repeatedly visited her father's death place, and she always thanked the community members for honoring the heroes of the Far East. Another memorial will appear in the summer in the Mtsensk district, where the 116-I brigade fought. A monument will be erected near the village of Kalineevo from the Field of Sailor's Valor. In total, the region has seven large graves of the Far East.
- In the schools of the Oryol region, a large amount of material was collected about the participation of the sailors of the Pacific Fleet in the liberation of the region, "says Glushchenko. - Rich archives in Orel, Dmitrovsk, Kromah. It was surprising that when we applied for help with archival materials to various organizations of the Far East, they reacted to our requests with indifference. The only one who helped and helped is the Pacific Fleet Museum in Vladivostok.
This year, former and future sailors are collecting their own separate column for 9 May. On Victory Day, they will pass through the main square of the city in the ranks of the Immortal Regiment.
“You know, we actually have a lot of people from the Far East living here,” the colonel shares. - Whole streets are populated. They work there in their youth, they come here to grow old ... And this is what I think: the Far East is the land of the young, so life is in full swing there, and people leave the best there.
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