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Diagnosis - Social Stability

Transbaikalia actively develops the healthcare sector

New medical equipment, the construction of medical and obstetric centers and the support of young specialists - this year Transbaikalia managed to carry out some of the activities of national projects, including in the field of healthcare.

Diagnosis - Social Stability

According to the acting regional governor Alexander Osipov, increasing the availability of medical care is one of the priorities in the activities of the regional government. As part of the national project “Healthcare”, up to 2021 of the year, Transbaikalia will allocate more than three billion rubles. This year, 863,54 million rubles is provided.

Another three billion rubles will be transferred under the social development plan of the centers of economic growth. These funds will help bring health care to a higher level, both in terms of technical equipment and in terms of conducting personnel policies, the governor is sure.

Within the framework of the national project “Healthcare”, the region needs to carry out overhaul of seven medical organizations in Chita and Krai by the 2021 of the year, create projects for a tuberculosis and regional children’s clinical hospital, build FAPs, purchase medical equipment, service housing for medical workers and renew the fleet. A total of 52 new ambulances will appear in the region.

Several steps have already been taken to improve the health sector. So, in the framework of the regional project “Fighting Cardiovascular Diseases” regional hospitals No. 3 and No. 4, regional clinical hospital, Borzinsky central district hospital and Aginsky district hospital are equipped. And in the Transbaikal village of Nomokonovo, a new modular feldsher-midwife station appeared. The new FAP will serve more than 370 patients - these are residents of the village and surrounding settlements.

In addition, new medical equipment worth more than five million rubles was delivered to the central district hospital in the city of Aksha. Including a modern ECG apparatus, a refractometer and a slit lamp for eye examination. Doctors are also already using a new defibrillator, a portable ultrasound machine and a non-contact tonometer to measure intraocular pressure. There is a repair in the children's clinic of a medical institution. The wiring has already been replaced, cosmetic repairs will soon be made in the offices, and new window units will appear in the registry.

And in 2020, the authorities plan to purchase housing for four hospital specialists in Aksha. This will require about 4,5 million rubles. Another future newcomer is a paramedic who came to the village of Narasun, Akshinsky District under the Zemsky Paramedic program. She will be provided with square meters this year.

The housing issue in the region is given a lot of attention. As part of the social development plan for the centers of economic growth in the Trans-Baikal Territory, more than 200 apartments will be purchased for physicians working in the districts. This year, 75 apartments will be purchased, in 2020 - 47, in 2021 - 81.

In addition, the krai government has developed measures to attract doctors to rural settlements. According to the head of the region, the work to attract specialists should be built targeted, jointly by the Ministry of Health, municipalities and graduates. In addition, in the Transbaikalia, since 2012, the Zemsky Doctor program has been implemented. During this time, 425 doctors and 20 paramedics came to work in the countryside. All of them received monetary compensation - 1,500 million rubles. In the 2019 year, the authorities want to attract an 63 health worker for this program.

“When we talk about personnel policy, then, first of all, we mean the work of securing young specialists in Transbaikalia. We have direct proposals that will support young medical workers from all authorities. We need to look for talented children who are ready to go to study and return to the locality where there is a need for personnel, ”said Alexander Osipov.

Improvements have also been made to the Darasun medical rehabilitation center. They increased the number of places for comprehensive treatment thanks to the opening of the third stage of outpatient rehabilitation. The medical facility has put in order the reception department, rooms for hydromassage and circular showers, the drinking pump room, which is necessary for patients with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and diabetes mellitus, has been repaired. And the adjacent territory is landscaped, now two fountains with illumination work on the street. By the new year, a swimming pool and a sauna will be launched at the medical rehabilitation center.

The Ministry of Health of the region also purchased preparations for vaccinating elderly people against pneumococcal infection as part of the national project “Demography”, which aims to increase the life expectancy of up to 67 years and to promote healthy lifestyle. More than 1,5 thousand senior citizens intend to vaccinate before the end of the year.

“The older age category is a particular risk group. Pneumococcal infection is the main cause of pneumonia in elderly citizens, ”commented in the regional Ministry of Health.

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