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Far Eastern Federal District develops financial literacy of schoolchildren from remote areas

Financial education volunteer - about how the ice captivity and the coronavirus pandemic helped to strengthen the position of Primorye in financial literacy

Students and teachers of the Far Eastern Federal University in November of this year faced two new challenges at once. The pandemic of the new coronavirus infection has limited the ability to conduct financial literacy classes in remote and sparsely populated areas, and the freezing rain that hit Russian Island practically paralyzed communication with the FEFU campus, where many students and teachers of the School live. Lyudmila Vasyukova, a financial education volunteer, associate professor of the FEFU Department of Finance and Credit, Ph.D. in Economics, told how new challenges mobilized the resources of distance learning, and why it is so important to get to a village with 3,5 thousand inhabitants.

Far Eastern Federal District develops financial literacy of schoolchildren from remote areas

Lyudmila Vasyukova

financial education volunteer, associate professor of the Department of Finance and Credit, FEFU

The FEFU Financial Literacy Competence Center (one of our key partners is the Financial Literacy Development Association) has become the center of attraction for financial literacy volunteers from the Far East. Students from Yakutsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky have also joined our volunteer movement. We are happy to help every university in Russia that wants to organize a similar center for its students and teachers, so we share our experience at the lectures of the "Days of Financial Literacy in Educational Organizations" program.

However, in November 2020, our performance was threatened by an ice storm that interrupted communication with Russky Island. But neither the elements nor the coronavirus restrictions could stop our excitement. Indeed, in the regions of Russia there are many remote and sparsely populated areas, for which training in financial literacy is not just knowledge, but also an important event for all residents. We come with gifts from project partners - banks, insurance companies - we conduct classes for which people gather in whole villages. Students develop lesson materials, come up with cases, games, quests - they do everything to teach children to take responsibility for money and make informed financial decisions from an early age. Parents are also interested in studying financial literacy with their children. For example, for residents of the Olginsky district of the Primorsky Territory - this is more than 500 km from Vladivostok and only about 3,5 thousand live there - a classroom is equipped for conducting online lessons. And in this class, the residents gather to listen to our lectures. And now - when the elements are raging, when the pandemic continues - these lessons are especially important.

In October 2020, students - participants of the project - in online lessons told how to properly act in emergencies at the lesson "Insurance for superheroes", and today we ourselves, our friends, parents, all the townspeople have become participants in these events. And at a lecture on November 25, when the city had not yet recovered from the consequences of the disaster, a team of students and teachers of the FEFU School of Economics and Management held an open online lesson on financial literacy for schoolchildren from all regions of Russia from a blocked campus on Russky Island, where almost half of our people live. students and teachers. And while the emergency services are working around the clock to restore electricity, heat supply to the city, so that water, communications, the Internet appear in houses, our team decided that we would definitely not abandon our plans. It is important for us to get support from listeners of lessons, like-minded people from other regions, to feel like a part of the community of financial volunteers, to understand that we are together!

We know for sure that we will succeed. And this open lesson in financial literacy is our contribution to the restoration of our beloved city.


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