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Childhood in a compressed mode

As in the Amur region for two months built a children's playground for 69 million rubles

30 September in the capital of the Amur region solemnly opened "the largest children's playground in the Far East." So they announced a new half-kilometer section of the embankment in local media. The project spent almost seven tens of millions of rubles in the federal program "Formation of the modern urban environment." In the first day the recreation area could not stand the influx of visitors. For a week the territory was closed for restoration work. And after the end of October, the installers corrected the defects that were revealed during the operation. Correspondent of EastRussia learned about the intricacies of the unique project and the features of its implementation.

Childhood in a compressed mode
Photo: Marina Redkina
Nearly three hundred points of technical assignment fell on the shoulders of the contractor LLC "Server". This is the only organization wishing to participate in the contest. From 18 July on 30 September builders had to refine 3,5 hectare of land, spend summer water and sewerage, install 72 benches, 79 urns and 162 lighting device. This is without taking into account the small architectural forms, for which the direct manufacturer was responsible.

- When we went to the site, there were continuous weeds and sand boulders. I had to conduct serious preparatory work. There were a lot of difficulties. Some deliveries were detained. We used a huge number of people to meet the deadlines, - Natalia Viter, the chief of the production and technical department of the contractor LLC "Server", recalls in the conversation with EastRussia the first days of work.

The tight deadlines and delays in deliveries for builders are a matter of habit. The "Server" notes that these are specific features of working with contracts for a federal account. That's why there are few people who want to do such work. Money comes as a rule in the second half of the year, and without them it is impossible to declare an auction, the procedure of which also takes a certain time. All this significantly complicates the fulfillment of obligations.
"We almost always encounter such a problem - money comes late, but it is necessary to master them as soon as possible," Natalya Viter continues. - In addition, the project was damp, if not to say that at all no. It is still being remodeled for further development of this site next summer. We had to do everything on the go. There was no other way out. At the same time, they did not give us a penny before the completion of the work. They did everything at their own expense. The customer paid off just last week.
The site design was developed by the manufacturer of designs of OOO GlobalInterer from St. Petersburg. And during the installation it was corrected by the local "Amurgrazhdanproekt", relying on the features of the site. There was much, but originally offered a completely different playground, recognized builders. Everything had to be altered to those figures that the customer specified in the contract - the Municipal Institution "City Department for Capital Construction" of Blagoveshchensk.

The manufacturer itself installed the figures, it also carries a warranty on them for five years. And almost every day after the opening, they corrected something, restored it, based on the behavior of the children. For example, the pumpkin carriage was modernized. It was necessary to reinforce parts of the structures and organize the shops, as the visitors literally erased the inner lining. Some figures have become completely useless.

- The cubes turned out to be a completely unfortunate decision. They are so flimsy that there is no way to constantly repair it. Therefore, they will be replaced by new, more durable, completely different quality, "explains the representative of the contractor company Natalia Viter.

For the safety of visitors and the security of the figures, guards are on duty at the site, and the territory is equipped with two dozen cameras. True, their connection to the urban CCTV system requires a separate contract, which has not yet been conducted. A special object was taken to control in the Amur branch of the All-Russian People's Front.

- First of all ONF is engaged in document control. Our task is to make sure everything is done within the framework of the law and in the due time. After the contract is executed, we check step-by-step the acceptance certificates, how the payments and other technical issues have passed, "said Valentin Orlov, member of the regional headquarters of the ONF of the Amur Region. - Among other things, there are warranty obligations. All this time we will check the object.

According to information on the website of state purchases, the deadline for the completion of this contract is 29 December 2017. The site was handed over two months ahead of schedule, so that citizens could use it before the onset of cold weather. As a result, some flaws were revealed. So, for example, the lawn did not have time to ascend in places, and the seeds simply pecked pigeons.

- I think for the next summer season, the lawn will be restored within the warranty period. The same applies to objects of illumination, fencing, and quality of tracks. If in the course of operation shortcomings are revealed, they will be eliminated without spending additional money from the budget. And we will control these moments, - representative of the ONF Valentin Orlov expressed his hope.

Meanwhile, members of the Public Chamber of the Amur Region also visited the site and were largely dissatisfied with what they saw. They stated their claims in a letter to the regional prosecutor. The public raise questions about the pricing for the structures and the expediency of their delivery from the other end of the country. Thus, flimsy sheep made of plywood cost 45 thousand rubles each, four auto-enameled fiberglass arches cost 240 thousand rubles, and a three-meter-high steel pipe entwined with a rope costs 340 thousand rubles.

By the way, the customer himself was satisfied with the results of the work and was firmly convinced that everything was done flawlessly.

- During the execution of the project, no problems were found. Since it has only recently been implemented, it’s too early to talk about any conclusions. The contract has been completed and executed in full. Designs for such sites must meet certain standards, in accordance with which they were chosen. Everything that was established was provided initially. The facility will be monitored by specialized organizations in accordance with the rules and regulations for maintenance and servicing, ”told Evgeny Dontsov, Assistant Deputy Director of the Municipal Administration of the Administration of Emergency Situations, in EastRussia. 
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