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"" Children of Asia "will help people fall in love with Sakhalin"

Minister of Sport of Sakhalin Region Sergey Burenkov on the latest preparations for international competitions

Already 8 February in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk will start the first international winter games "Children of Asia". The city is completing final preparations for this historic event. The Minister of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy of the Sakhalin Region, Sergey Burenkov, spoke about whether the capital of Sakhalin is ready for the competition and for the meeting of several thousand guests of EastRussia.

- Sergey Stanislavovich, the Games will start very soon, is everything ready in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in terms of sports?
- Yes, all infrastructure facilities are ready to host the Games, to receive athletes and delegations who will come to us. For the Games "Children of Asia" on Sakhalin built two sports facilities. A new building has appeared at the biathlon complex, which will house the coaching staff and athletes. He is also ready for organizing and conducting competitions. A similar complex was built to improve the living and sports conditions for pupils of our school in ski jumping. In the same building there are places for training athletes during the Games "Children of Asia". At the springboard complex, a modular camp was made so that athletes could prepare their inventory in the start area - on the top platform. These are all objects that we built immediately before the Children of Asia Games.
- Did you upgrade or upgrade existing sports facilities?
- Existing objects have retained their original appearance, because by their parameters they already meet all the requirements that were imposed on them. The only thing we did was to equip these objects with the necessary equipment, equipment, which representatives of sports federations, technical delegates, who visited these objects during the year, presented as obligatory requirements and recommendations.
“This winter there is very little snow in some regions of the Far East. What is the situation on Sakhalin and will the snowmaking systems cope with anything?
- We also have an unusual lack of snow this winter. This is not typical for Sakhalin, but we do not see any risks for the competition, because the artificial snowmaking systems are working. They are installed on the “Mountain Air”, where they will pass downhill skiing and snowboarding, as well as on Parkovaya Mountain, where snowboard competitions in “soft” disciplines will be held. The springboard complex is now filled with artificial snow. We are confident that even in the absence of natural snow, the competition will be held at a high level.
- In addition to the athletes, fans and spectators will come to the Games. Are the facilities created for them?
- Of course. All facilities will be equipped with heating points, power points. Tired, frozen spectators will be able to warm up there, relax, have a snack and get a little distracted from the competition. Cultural events will be organized at all competition venues. Already created a kind of cultural town, which will be paired with the place of award. This is a special place, it is decorated in the style of the Games. During the day, there will be a cultural program for the audience, and in the evening there will be awarded all the winners and prize-winners of the competition day. Also in the places where the teams live, I will hold various events in the evening so that the participants of the Games would not be bored.
- Do you organize an excursion program for Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk for athletes? Do you show guests the unique places of the city and its surroundings?
- Developed a whole series of routes, it is tied to museums, other points of attraction. We have coordinated all traffic patterns with the traffic police, volunteer detachments have been formed that will be involved in escorting, guides and consultants are ready to work and will be accompanied by foreign delegations. Of course, we really wanted to show the guests Sakhalin, but the competitive calendar will be intense, and between competitions, athletes still need to rest and train, so there will not be enough time for a cultural program. We confine ourselves to the borders of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk - in the city we will be able to show many interesting places and interest the guests, so that later they will return with a more extensive program.
- How will Sakhalin surprise guests, besides natural beauties and city sights?
- The highlight of the Games will be the opening and closing ceremonies. The opening will set the tone for the whole event, the “wow effect” will create a lot of positive emotions, and we hope that the mood of the holiday will remain throughout the competition. In general, our main task is to create a holiday for everyone, both for guests and for Sakhalin residents, because such events seriously stimulate sports and a more hospitable attitude.
- And how is the holiday effect created in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk now?
- The city is already immersed in the theme of the Games "Children of Asia". In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk there are more than 1,5 thousand banners and stretch marks, light figures for sports presented at the Games are installed. All buses in the city are branded; in the style of the competition, the entrance panel of the airport and the main sports facilities are decorated; our young artists painted in the Games ’style the walls, in points of sale, in vehicles the videos about the Games are scrolled. I think that in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk there is not a single person who would not know that soon we will have the International Children of Asia Games.
- You have already talked a little about volunteers. How many volunteers will help with the Games? Are there any representatives from other cities or maybe countries?
- The general volunteer corps, which was trained throughout the year at various sites, is one thousand people. These are volunteers working in 15 main areas, from meeting at the airport and escorting delegations to accompanying attachés who know English, Korean, and Japanese. Sakhalin residents make up 70% of volunteers, the rest are visitors, as a rule, they are people from the Far East, but there are many visitors from the western part of Russia, there are also foreign volunteers.
- What do you think, in addition to sports facilities, “Children of Asia” will leave Sakhalin in the heritage?
- To be honest, these objects are the lesser of the advantages of the Games. In addition to sports, I also supervise tourism, therefore I rate the Children of Asia Games not as an exclusively sporting event, but as a sporting event that will primarily attract people to us, show Sakhalin, fall in love with it, so that, returning home, they told us with burning eyes how good it is for us to come to us again and create a stable demand for Sakhalin. Tourism here is the most promising direction of the Sakhalin economy.
- Since you started talking about tourism, tell us, are hotels, public catering enterprises ready to receive guests?
- Yes, we have everything ready - both hotels and catering places. In the test version, we worked out the direction of hospitality in the summer of 2018, at the WorldSkills blue-collar occupational championship. This was a test of the readiness of our hotel complex and the food industry in order to efficiently serve a large flow of customers. Now the hotel fund has been updated, many hotels have been retrofitted to international standards. All hotels and catering facilities undergo systematic inspections of authorized bodies for six months in order to exclude all possible nuances that can be imagined. For each object an expert opinion is held that the object is worthy of representing the Sakhalin region at an event of this level.
- Did new hotels, hostels open?
- Yes. Recently, a hotel complex on 290 seats was put into operation. This is a youth hotel economy class. It was not built specifically for the Games, but it is very well included in the list of objects that we use to accommodate guests.
- If now someone wants to go to Sakhalin to look at the competition "Children of Asia", will he have time to buy a plane ticket and book a hotel?
- If a person decides this now, he will be able to find a place on the plane to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, but based on the dynamics of purchasing tickets, it will be very difficult three or four days before the Games. Tickets are bought back quite actively, and we see the obvious interest of people in our country who want to see such a large-scale event with their own eyes. As for hotels, the situation there is almost the same. The main number of rooms booked teams and official delegations that sent 20 countries participating in the competition. It is even difficult to predict how many free places will remain a week before the event.
- Will you as a spectator, as a fan follow the Games. If so, which sports are most popular?
- Everything will depend on my work schedule, but I will use every opportunity to go to sports facilities and watch competitions. When you prepare and do something yourself, you really want to look at the result of the work and how it is assessed by others. I support our hockey team, and I also want to see how our ski jumping team will perform. It will be beautiful - the schedule of the competition will be held in the evening. I think that these competitions will be one of the most popular with the audience. And it is also interesting how they will perceive a new direction for us on Sakhalin - short track. As a leader of the industry, it will be interesting for me to see the eyes of children, their parents, find out how interesting they are, understand the prospects of this sport for our region and evaluate the possibility of its development on an ongoing basis.
- In conclusion, tell me why it is worth visiting the Children of Asia Games in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk?
- Arriving at these Games, people will be the first participants in the history of the planet to create a new kind of sports competition. In emotional terms, it will be very significant. The very fact that a person was present at the opening of this historical event is worth a lot.
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