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"" Children of Asia "- an excellent impetus to development"

Master of sports in ski jumping Denis Veselov about how international games will be useful for Sakhalin

In February, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk will host the Children of Asia international sports game. This is a real event for the region. To whom, if not athletes, know how important and responsible it is to take competitions of this level. EastRussia and the Ministry of Youth Policy and Sports of the Sakhalin Region are launching a joint project dedicated to the Games, in which athletes will tell why the region has earned the right to host international competitions and why this is cool. The first opinion is shared by the master of sports in ski jumping, multiple winner and winner of the Russian Cup in this sport, a member of the Russian team Denis Veselov. He jumps from a springboard 15 for years, began to train in Uglegorsk, after that he studied in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

- Denis, what do you think, what will be the use of the “Children of Asia” games for the region?
- This will be the impetus for the development of all kinds of sports that are represented in these Games. It will also attract money in the development of infrastructure and sports facilities. In the future, these facilities will work for the younger generation of athletes who are just starting to engage or who are not even thinking about it now - because of a very young age. In any case, the holding of the games “Children of Asia” is an excellent impetus to the development of the sports life of Sakhalin.
- What do you think, what the region deserved to host these Games?
- In my opinion, this is due to the location of Sakhalin and the weather conditions. These criteria are always considered when submitting an application from the region, and since the Sakhalin region was chosen as the winner, it means that all criteria were met.
- Do you think that the existing infrastructure will allow to hold the Games at the proper level?
- I can not speak for other sports, but if you take ski jumping from the springboard, I can say that the conditions were created initially - it was an opportunity to prepare for competitions of the All-Russian and international level. We operated 70-meter springboard, which is now being brought to the ideal, to hold international starts - the game "Children of Asia", the match meeting Japan - Sakhalin. Our infrastructure is up to standard. The same can be said about skiing, because many people think that we have the best ski resort.
- Local athletes will also be participating in the Games. Are there any conditions for training?
- If we consider my training at the moment, then, of course, we would like to have more powerful jumps - 90, 120 meters. So far we have the largest springboard - 75-meter. It is considered to be training, and the main competitions, including at the Russian level - the stages of the country's Cup, the championships of Russia - are held on other jumps - 90 and 120 meters. If you prepare for a higher level competition, you need higher ramps. Ours are a transitional step to prepare for such contests.
- What do you think, will the participants of the Games like the competition grounds and the city itself?
- Naturally. Now in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk a lot of things are being transformed. I myself, being here, enjoy the fact that I see how they have landscaped the city, made roads, planted trees, set up lanterns. All this creates a general positive perception - the city has become brighter and more beautiful. A combination of the city, hills and picturesque slopes certainly will not leave the participants indifferent. 

I think that many will wonder how such a combination of city and nature is possible. I believe that the organizers should take care of organizing excursions or trips for participants, for example, to the “Mountain Air” base. Not everyone will compete there, but it's worth seeing. In my opinion, the observation deck on “Mountain Air” should be one of the points of such an excursion so that guests appreciate the beauty of the city, so that they end up with wonderful impressions.
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