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"Children of Asia" took from the whole island

EastRussia sums up international sports games on Sakhalin

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk entered the history of world sports - the region received the first winter sports Games "Children of Asia". For more than a week 1, thousands of participants and Sakhalin residents enjoyed the holiday. Young athletes received awards, experience in international competitions in eight disciplines - figure skating, ice hockey, short track, skiing, snowboarding, biathlon, skiing and ski jumping, as well as new friends and positive memories. Sakhalin remains the legacy of the Games - facilities, new equipment and the ability to organize a global event. The draw of the 91 medal kit among participants from 20 countries was observed by EastRussia.

"Children of Asia" took from the whole island
Photo: Press Service of the Organizing Committee of the Children of Asia Games


One of the first medals was played by short trackers. For Sakhalin, this sport is new, so the competition in the framework of “Children of Asia” became presentational. Despite this, the stands were filled, and the audience did not regret that they came - the competition turned out to be intense and not without intrigue. 

South Korea, which is one of the leaders in short track in the world and at the Games “Children of Asia”, has exposed the strongest team, has charmed all Sakhalin fans. Brilliantly trained athletes won all medals in single competitions, but in the final fight - in the relay on the 3 thousand meters for the young men - they lost gold to rivals from Kazakhstan. Leaders summed up the insulting fall of the last participant. 

“Athletes of this age, 2002-2003, are born at the Winter Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne, which is why Children of Asia became a platform for training. We arrived in full force, claimed the highest places in almost every sport. The result is pretty good, the athletes proved to be strong, wealthy fighters. In general, our forecast in most sports has been justified - our athletes have confirmed that they are prepared and competitive, ”said Almaz Pekubayev, who is responsible for the training of Kazakhstan's athletes in winter sports. 


At skiers, the company of athletes from the Russian regions could only be diluted by representatives of Korea and Japan. Both have a silver medal. In ski jumping from a springboard athlete from Kazakhstan won the gold and did not allow Russian rivals to take away all the awards. Also, the team from Kazakhstan became the strongest in team competitions. And in a snowboarding company, the Japanese Yusei Kaku, who twice won silver, made up the company for medalists from Russian regions. 

In biathlon, the main struggle unfolded between the teams of the Russian regions and the national team of Kazakhstan, which eventually became the leader in the number of awards won in this sport. Total Kazakhs at the Games "Children of Asia" 20 awards. The skier Ksenia Shevchuk, who won silver in the relay race of friendship, also contributed to the medal collection of Kazakhstan. 

“I am very pleased with this award. She is my only one at these Games. The organization is simply excellent, it was bright, fun, interesting, we did not get bored and were always busy with something - went to museums, prepared for races. By the way, the track is difficult here. The competition was very high, it helped to really assess its level. I understood that it was necessary to work on the shortcomings, to improve the physics and technology. I really liked it here, I would like these Games to become a small Olympiad in the future, ”said Ksenia Shevchuk. 

In ski racing there was no clear leader. Prizes were mainly left to the regions of Russia: Siberia, the Urals, the Far East, individual teams of Yakutia and Siberia, as well as Moscow. 

However, foreign participants did not remain without awards: Kazakhstan won four medals of different denominations, another silver went to the representative of South Korea. This country has long been a leader in the unofficial medal standings of the Games, but in the end it became only the fourth. Most of the awards were in the Urals Federal Circle, the second were athletes from Moscow, and the third - the owners of the competition - Sakhalin. 


The real heroes of the Games were hockey players from Kuwait, who first skated three weeks before the competition. Despite the fact that this team was the worst, having missed 219 pucks into its net and didn’t score a single one in response, the fans supported it the most. They came to matches with posters, chanted chants, and even launched a flash mob in social networks in support of athletes from Kuwait. The action was joined by legendary hockey player Pavel Bure and coach of the Russian youth hockey team Yury Babenko. 

On the final day of the Games, another renowned hockey player, Vyacheslav Fetisov, noted that the Kuwaiti team arrived at the Children of Asia as goodwill ambassadors: the guys became friends with other participants and won the hearts of the fans. Players received medals "For the will to win", and from the Sakhalin bandy team - ammunition to develop this sport in the country. 


As for the medal alignment in hockey, players from Kazakhstan who won in the match for the third place the national team of the FEF - 5: 2 became bronze winners. Ural hockey players who beat Siberians in the finals with an 5: 0 score won gold. At the same time, the numbers on the scoreboard did not really reflect the game: both teams were considered favorites and proved it - the game was almost the same throughout, only in the end of the meeting, UFO hockey players showed that they were stronger. 

“We did not go here, feeling like favorites, because we knew our rivals. For example, the team of Siberia is very militant, trained. We were tuned to a serious fight in every match. Yes, there were teams of different levels, but it was hard - there were no walk-through games. In the final match, the score does not reflect the game: by rolls, by the rest of the statistics, the teams went straight. We just turned out to be a little better in the end, in that last note, we realized our moments. The turning point was the moment after the third goal - the opponent did not expect it. It is pleasant and honorable to be the first in the first Winter Games "Children of Asia". God forbid that they become traditional, ”said Stanislav Shumik, head coach of the UFO national hockey team. 

The real battle unfolded in the stands: Sakhalin fans split into two camps and warmly supported the teams, trying to shout down each other. To help were chants, dudukas. As a result, the winners thanked their new fans with applause and a lap of honor. 

“Let us not everything turned out in the game, but we are very glad that we won. The hardest thing was in the first period - it was necessary to roll into the game. Gathered, started to fight for each other and everything turned out. We are very pleased with this victory, it is important for us, like any other. In general, this match was the most difficult at these Games, the score did not reflect this, the game was equal, we just have the best goalkeeper in the world, ”said the captain of the hockey team of the Ural Federal District Ilya Klochko. 


One of the most visited were the competition skaters. At the same time, the leaders decided at once - Daniel Samsonov did not know his equal among the young men, and the girls took all the laurels of U Young from Korea. It was these athletes who became the winners of the competitions. 

Pupil Eteri Tutberidze, who brought up Olympic champions, left his rivals far behind him - he broke the record of Shoma Uno at the junior world championships in Tallinn. For the short program I received 84,95 points, and after a random program I scored 238,06 points. For the 13-year-old athlete dreaming of the Olympics, “Children of Asia” became the first international career competitions, so the experience gained was very important for further development. 

Daniel himself admitted that he was not very happy about the victories and did not allow himself to relax, since important starts are ahead - the Moscow and Games championships. Next season, the skater plans to take a new bar - go to the Junior Grand Prix. 

“Practically 100% of my victories is the work of a coach. She prompts, talks about errors and adjusts at competitions. Eteri Georgievna is very demanding, wants us to go to the start every time and show what we do in training, ”said Daniel Samsonov. 


Throughout the Games, volunteers helped the athletes, organizers, judges, journalists, and fans. 1 was working at various points in thousands of volunteers. These are not only schoolchildren and students from the Sakhalin region, but also assistants from Yakutia, Primorye, the Amur region, other regions of Russia, as well as from China, Mongolia and Korea. They worked for Children of Asia and silver volunteers - assistants from 55 years and older. Among them is Valentina Gefanova, who took a vacation, left her job in the Kholmsk culture house and went to help visitors of the “Children of Asia” cultural park. 

“It seems to me that Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk is very well prepared to receive guests, I, as a municipality, have much to learn. For me, this is the first great experience of volunteering, but before that I had passed two forums on Sakhalin for silver volunteers. I really like the fact that we have active longevity, because in the European part this has flourished for a long time. I tell everyone that it’s enough to sit at home - it's time to hang out with young people. I really enjoyed working in the squad, the guys are very friendly, caring and creative, ”shared Valentina Gefanova. 

Every day a cultural and entertainment program was held as part of the Games, including as part of the evening awards ceremonies. Despite the severe frost, many Sakhalin residents came to look at the heroes of the “Children of Asia” and to support them. Was not empty and in competitions. To look at competitions came people of different ages. They liked this sports festival so much that now they are waiting for the second Games. 

“Very good organization, a lot of volunteers, security services worked well. As a fan, it was very convenient for me - everything is clear, everything is available. I lived in many regions and I can say that there are no more such sports facilities as on Sakhalin in the Far East, and everything is within walking distance. Therefore, we accepted this mini-Olympiad and accepted it with dignity, ”says Denis Ilyinov of Sakhalin. 

Lunch on Schedule 

For young athletes to give 100%, they needed to be well fed. The best cooks of the Sakhalin region coped with this task. 

About 90 people, 15 of whom are members of the regional association of chefs and restaurateurs, fed about three thousand people every day: athletes, volunteers, judges, and organizers. For participants of competitions, a special menu was developed, the main criterion of which was calorie content: for teenagers and adults, the 3100 norm calories per day, for Children of Asia, the norm was raised to 5500 calories so that athletes could cope with loads and frost. 

Every day, participants of the Games ate about two tons of bread, the same amount of fruit, for every dinner the cooks cooked 800 liters of soup. At the same time, guest tastes were taken into account: pork was completely excluded, someone was cooked more chicken, and someone else was beef. 


Some of the participants representing “warm” Asia started skiing a few months ago to go to the Games, someone changed the rollers on skates, but almost all of them saw snow for the first time and felt how hard the frost could be. The organizers added a bit more exotic to them: sportsmen from the Philippines had a ride on snowmobiles and dog sledding; guests from India were shown spotted deer and Yakut horses. Gifts have also become unusual: the participants of the Games received lively souvenirs - eco-cubes with the seeds of the New Year tree from the Kremlin Square. Also, 50 hockey sticks made from the Kremlin tree were made especially for the participants of the “Children of Asia”. 

Sakhalin is ready to host the second Winter Games “Children of Asia” 2021 of the year. It is already known that the United Arab Emirates will compete with the region in the struggle for the right to accept the Games.

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