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Money at the WCO

What did the new general director of Khabarovsk Krai Development Corporation JSC say about Bolshoi Ussuriisk?

Money at the WCO

Dmitry Shcherbakov

Editor in Chief EastRussia
What do you need to attract money? Paradoxical as it may seem, but - money. On the eve of the elections to the State Duma, entrepreneur Gennady Maltsev was appointed general director of Khabarovsk Krai Development Corporation JSC. In the sphere of the company's responsibility - including my beloved Great Ussuriyskoy Island (BWO). Recently, a publication on the development prospects of the territory  Was in the "b-Far East"... And here is how simply Gennady Maltsev laid out the task of developing the island today. PS I advise you to reread the publication in Kommersant before the following, so that it is clear what it is about: Mr. Maltsev outlined many aspects with very thin strokes.

Gennady Maltsev (November 16, 2016 at a press conference with the first deputy chairman of the regional government Yuri Chaika):

- If we had access to money ... On the topic of what the corporation is doing - the corporation makes the product. What is the product? This is a territory with authorized activities, design and layout solutions and projects of some kind.

Here's the Great Ussuriysk. Now we were in Moscow, we talked with Muscovites who quickly reached us to the Great Ussuriisky, while we are waiting here to do it. And they already have these decisions, which a year ago they proposed [, Found]. Now we need money, for example, for design and planning solutions for the Great Ussuriysk and for shore protection. That is, Russia can not give federal money without the living conditions of people there, and there they are not. So, we need to attract them. To attract, you need a project.

The project costs approximately, in Moscow it has been calculated, a billion. Well, I immediately divide it in half: 500 million. And the design and planning solution 100-200 million. It turns out 600, 700. We now need capitalization in the corporation at the expense of the regional budget to order the project. If we have these two projects, we will have an impact on the Great Ussuriysk, meaning, to have a product that can be offered.

The Chinese are ready. For them, one thing is needed: a political decision on the cargo passage, while only the passenger is allowed. But they will run anyway if we do these two. There is no money in the corporation yet. That is, in the form as it is now, the corporation does not correspond to the goals and objectives set, in my opinion, by the president: to raise money. This arose literally a year [ago], when it became clear that there was no money, there was no attraction of foreign investment [...]

Now I have come up with a proposal to the regional leadership if at least 17-500 million rubles will appear in the budget for the 700th year ... For example, we have done a project now [the first stage of the children's hospital complex in Komsomolsk-on-Amur]. We have to pay 40 million. Already by inertia, the employees, deputy minister Chaika, prepared the transfer act free of charge. No, that won't work. We did it for 40 - give at least 40. We paid two two hundred for the examination - give at least two two hundred. This money is budgetary both there and there. And so it will be here. And if we give some money, we will, of course, check every penny.

[Question from the audience: "Is there a conflict?"]

No, no, why the conflict? Here I, for example, came to the corporation, I'm now interested. I did not come to work for money. I am ready to check it for every penny, which is paid, and I am ready to answer for it. And I believe that if they give such money, we will make the project, relatively speaking, the fortifications and the project of the territory for Bolshoy Ussuriyskiy for the minimum money. We will make the most of the money of the Chinese people who are ready to invest. There and where there are moments. There is a road that was built from the bridge by Russia until the crossing. We have it for money, that means, for the Chinese ... such a plan, who will embody it, I, Ivanov - it does not matter ... then, then, the road fund will pay for it, and we will return it.

As for bank protection, about 15 billion. Who will, here it is not clear yet. While there is a pension fund, relatively speaking, there are developments that were before me ... which is ready there for their pensioners, build them some houses, settle there. Well, here we can tie them up, so that they build bank protection, well, for some other projects. That is, there is, the Russian part of the territory is already stuffed with some objects, but, as they say, hastily. We will clarify this, if we get the money, we will draft the plan.

[Question: "Can I clarify, if I write that there is such a plan: to take money for the shore protection of the Great Ussuriysk, there is an idea to settle people, is that correct?"]

No, wrong. The federal budget will not give where people do not live! This is not I said, this is so in law.

[Continuation of the question: "So immediately the idea looms: to place people there forcibly, a man a thousand ..."]

Violently we can not. There you need to make some objects, some tourist, some, some, where people will just come. The idea of ​​something. There is a border. Identify some territory as: the Chinese come here, they are not considered to have moved the border. And ours are the same. We are interested in what? Our part to build for Chinese money, the maximum number of facilities, and all taxes that are, will be replenished in the budget of the Khabarovsk Territory, Khabarovsk, and the federal budget. Only for this.

[Question: developed a program for the development of the Great Ussuriysk, your corporation is now actively connected, will the program be modernized?]

We often have officials running ahead of the locomotive. I do not even know what they wrote, I'm not interested. Now, if the money appeared on the 17 year, proceeding from this, it would be possible to clarify that it is possible ... The Chinese also participate there. Russia would like a casino. If it is now normal to establish, the casino gives a very large amount of money. But the Chinese do not want this. What was, it was - just signify. I remember it, another 2004 year, when they gave up this territory, took a step. Since that moment, 12 years have passed. The Chinese have done a lot there already. And we need the same.

What is the trick? For your money to build - the mind is not necessary. And we need to build at the expense of the Chinese, our friends.
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