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"Money is everywhere, the main thing is to be able to earn it"

Why Margarita Tymoshenko from Kaliningrad was looking for investors at the forum "Amur"

Participant of the federal change of the "Amur" youth forum Margarita Tymoshenko is a successful lawyer from Kaliningrad, who was interested to visit the Far East and present to the experts a project not connected with her current professional activity. How this interest was transformed for a week in Sunny district, 27-year-old participant of the event told EastRussia.

- Margarita, why did you come to replace the Engineers of the Future?
- I was very interested to know how people live at the other end of our country, in the east of Russia. I wanted to learn about their way of life, their traditions, and, of course, to get acquainted with interesting, active and purposeful youth.

- Previously how far away from home did you leave?
- I did not go further than Vologda and the Arkhangelsk region. There were my most distant trips around the country before I came here, on Hold'em.

- To get to the forum "Cupid", it was necessary to declare a project. What is your offer?
- I came with a project that has nothing to do with legal practice. In Kaliningrad, there is one of the largest Russian plants for the production of vegetable oils. Here I am just presenting a similar idea, which involves the processing of soy and the sale of soybean oil.

- Are soybean oil produced in Kaliningrad?
- Yes, we have large areas sown with soybeans, and in general much more agricultural areas are cultivated than in your country. Nothing is lost. There is a lot of empty land.

- So you decided to propose to build an enterprise here?
- There is an open niche here, there is not enough production capacity. Being on the forum, I learned that last year a new plant appeared in Blagoveshchensk. They somehow do not advertise themselves, do not position themselves. In general, it is difficult, while in Kaliningrad, to understand what is happening in this area in the Far East.

- And how was the presentation of the project?
- Our expectations were confirmed: there is a demand for such products, there are investors who are interested in it.

- They are ready to allocate money?
- Now we are negotiating. I submitted all the calculations, financial analysis. Waiting for a response, they also need to calculate everything, check.

- Come for six days for 40 kilometers from Komsomolsk-on-Amur and find investors - a story in which few people will believe. 
- I think that it is necessary to set a goal, to find the right people, to meet with them and tell about their ideas. Even among the participants of the forum "Amur" I saw guys who are embarrassed by their own developments, think that their projects have no prospects. You just have to go out to the public, communicate with those who can support you - even though it's an administrative resource, even finances, even if it's progress in the information field. The more you learn about your project, the more chances that it will become viable.

- How much investment is required?
- 13 million rubles.

- Determined where the new plant will be located?
- Not yet. It was difficult for us to decide from Kaliningrad. If we talk about the program "Far Eastern hectare", then it seemed to us that all "decent" land had already been dismantled. Now, being at you, I tend to think that this issue is not so difficult to solve.

"What about raw materials?"
- There are agricultural producers in the Amur region, ready to supply raw materials. We can also organize a new niche for those who just want to start growing soybeans. With raw materials, there are no problems. There are problems with the finished product from it. And vegetable oil is in demand both in Russia and in the APR countries. From Kaliningrad, soybean oil is transported to China, and it takes from one to one and a half months! Having placed production in the Khabarovsk Territory, we will significantly reduce logistics costs.

"Thinking about moving here?"
"Seriously, I'll think about it, if we with potential investors go to the stage of signing documents.

- It is clear that you are talking about the project. But if you think purely humanly - you accept this possibility?
- Now they like to talk about the "comfort zone", in which each person is well, where his loved ones support. None of my relatives or friends will say: "Yes, come on, go to the other end of the country, we'll see you once a year, super" ...

But if you want to develop, you try to find a place where not only have friends, but also have the opportunity to self-actualize. In this sense, I'm ready to move. Now all the same it is easier - gathered, went to visit, you came. I have a lot of friends from different parts of Russia, but until now somehow it turned out that they all come to stay in Kaliningrad. He was very ennobled on the eve of the World Cup, now we have just a chic city. I invite everyone!

- What are your impressions of the forum?
- I was surprised that very many local children know about Kaliningrad, and even someone was with us and they really liked it. Honestly, I was in shock. Far Easterners are much more aware of what is happening in the west of the country than we know about you.

- What do they say about the Far East in Kaliningrad?
- When I began to tell my friends that I was going to Khabarovsk, everyone was surprised: "How? What for? There is also a taiga! We really do not know very well how you live here.

It was a little easier for me, because I communicate with specialists who work at the Kaliningrad vegetable oil plant - they are supplying to China, so they know the specifics of the Far Eastern market. This helped to calculate the new project, taking into account the existing production and trading niches.

- So all the same "taiga"?
- No, of course, even though we lived in a ski resort in the forest. In Khabarovsk, it was not possible to visit, but we were taken to Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

I was amazed that local authorities are not at all concerned with the external appearance of the city. One friend said that you have a city stuck in the nineties, and I will agree with something about it.

- Local authorities are now very surprised, because in Komsomolsk-on-Amur are now investing serious resources.
- I understood and saw that they are actively developing industry, but they are not engaged in the outside of the city. 250 thousand people - it's not such a small city! There are many such in Russia, and they are put in order. Why do not they do this in Komsomolsk?

- And what kind of impression do local people make?
- People are very friendly, ready to help, open to everything new. This seriously surprised me. The mass of young Far Eastern children is ready to act. But I got the impression that they can leave here without having enough support for their initiatives.

"Did they tell you about this?"
- Yes, many of those with whom I met, now in the decision-making phase - what will they do in the near future, and where they will go.

It is clear that from everywhere they go to Moscow. And from Kaliningrad they go, what to say. Everyone thinks that there is a lot of money in Moscow.

- Do you think not?
"Money is everywhere." The main thing is to be able to earn them. Moreover, here you have so many programs to support entrepreneurship! In Kaliningrad there is no such quantity, do not support so business, opening enterprises. We do not have such opportunities there, but there is very tough competition. Everyone survives as best he can.

Here - serve wherever you want, to grants, to everything else. I learned a whole list of organizations where you can get advice and real help. And here such a huge territory. And such infusions are coming here!

Of course, I learned all this in six days and understand that in practice it may not be so rosy. They say something, but in reality, suddenly, no one is helping? We also like to talk, that help will be, wait, in 2035 we will help!

- What could we improve?
- I would like the administrative bodies to do something to keep the youth.

- Do you have an impression that they do not work on this?
- Here, on the forum, 25 June came an official who was asked: "Do you do anything to deter young people?". He replied that they should not do anything, and they do not plan. It shocked me. This is the same person who should like to worry about future shots.

They study here, get a profession, and then they leave. Moreover, I was told that there is a high level of education here.

- Will you tell the official's name?
- I didn’t remember, unfortunately. But forum users from different cities got up and asked such questions. And this man told us that they didn’t do anything to keep the young people, they don’t and will not even do anything. He also added that it is they - the youth - who themselves must move in order to catch on here. This is strange.

If I'm an expert, and I will be taken away with arms and legs in another region? Why do you have to hold yourself here? There was an impression that administrative officials do not worry about it, they do not create conditions.

In words, everything is just so good - come to the Far East, we will give you money, and give a hectare. I want this to work really.

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