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Degtyarev: we create precedents

Acting Governor of the Khabarovsk Territory Mikhail Degtyarev answered questions from EastRussia

Degtyarev: we create precedents
Photo: press service of the governor and government of the Khabarovsk Territory

- You became the head of the region at a difficult time for him - Oleg Kozhemyako once found himself in a similar situation when he was appointed Acting Governor of the Sakhalin Region. Have you analyzed his experience, maybe you have adopted something?

- I haven’t looked back at the experience, although I’m familiar with Kozhemyako’s case, because I was always interested in politics, and the case of his entering the region was not trivial. But in general, we entered, relying on our own experience and desire to work. Of course, the Far Eastern regions have peculiarities, but these are still two different cases - both in the Sakhalin Region and in our Khabarovsk Territory. I work without regard to precedents, relying on my own vision and the instructions of Russian President Vladimir Putin - to put things in order here, to organize the work of government bodies. And we ourselves are creating a precedent. With full awareness of the historicity of the moment, my team and I started work on July 21, 2020 in the city of military glory Khabarovsk.

- Why else am I asking about Kozhemyako, because he often uses such methods that help to gain popularity: he will shine his torso - he will dive into the hole, then he will ride with bikers ... Have you fenced with anyone here?

- Why, fenced. I visited the children's section, it must be said, it is strong enough. Here, basically, saber fencers are concentrated, but there are several epee veterans, and we held several fights, gave a master class for children, it turned out very well.

Photo: Alexander Yanyshev, press service of the governor and government of the Khabarovsk Territory

We promised the fencers several electric tracks - this is necessary, this is an integral technical attribute. We are already purchasing them, and they, as martial artists, will be based in the regional martial arts center "Sambo": judokas, karate fighters, sambists, taekwondo fighters, fencers and boxers will all be in one center. In general, ideological fencing is very close to boxing and martial arts: both in physical development, and in physical training, and in the picture of the battle, so let the guys all work together, "pollinate" - maybe someone will find themselves in another kind of martial arts. This is the meaning and purpose of the regional center "Sambo".

- You visited all the districts of the Khabarovsk Territory in the fall - just two months after your appointment - you have a good idea of ​​the life of the region. It was very fast, but some kind of picture took shape, though, a kind of mosaic? What hooked you the most?

- Hooked that people have not seen the governor for a long time. This caught me and surprised me, because the region is the third largest in the country in terms of area. It's just huge - 789 thousand square kilometers, but half of the districts and regional centers have not had governors for decades. For example, on the BAM branch - for some reason not very many people know that 30% of the BAM passes through the Khabarovsk Territory - and so, there were no governors at all since the time of the first secretaries of the regional committee, in local villages. Although these are our people, we are responsible for them, for their well-being. This surprised me.

The trips continue, in some areas I have already been five or six times. What do we see? Medicine is the first question. People in the outback want to receive the same help, at least, diagnostics, as the townspeople - residents of Khabarovsk, Komsomolsk-on-Amur. And this is a fair wish. We see a catastrophic shortage of personnel in medicine.

Photo: EastRussia

We see problems with energy, especially with small ones, and these problems are not at all small. Unfortunately, we inherited the legacy of the previous years and the leaders of inefficient huge coal-fired boiler houses or wooden ones, for example, diesel power plants, which burn. Only today we have adopted a program to replace old wooden fire-hazardous diesel power plants with modern modular ones. We are allocating 3 million rubles for this in 220 years. That is, no one simply saw this problem, but for people it is life. This is what I saw.

- Well, the energy is clear. And with medicine, what can you do and what will you do?

- Of course. We have included in the National Program for the Development of the Far East until 2035 the organization of more than 30 FAPs and outpatient clinics. This is our work together with the Russian government. It is all inclusive and endowed ...

- And the staff?

- And the personnel is the target recruitment and the program "Zemsky Doctor". Subsidies, lifting and housing - this is the only way we can secure it, there is no other way. According to the target recruitment, future doctors were admitted to us in September - 165 students under such contracts. We just in July-August, several dozen doctors, let's say, "hobbled" with contracts - they will go for several years. Plus, they launched the "Road train of health" - the governor's program was developed - now it works in the Lazo region, in the near future it will go to Vyazemsky district, to Bikinsky ...

Photo: press service of the governor and government of the Khabarovsk Territory

We will constantly send medicine to the outback. First of all, the task is diagnostics. We will treat everyone in regional hospitals. The disease must be detected first, that is, the main thing is diagnosis, then vaccination, and from coronavirus, including, and dental care - the train has a good double room. That is, such an ideology of "Road train of health" is not to cure, but to find a disease and then cure it.

-There are many villages where we cannot get by car. There was a "Train of Health", but its wagons had exhausted their resource ...

- We are now negotiating with Russian Railways to get a new train for the Far Eastern Railway next year. This is not, of course, our powers, but this is our negotiating position ..

- Let's move on to the numbers. What about the regional debt? He, like a bewitched, is kept in the region of 58 billion - what is supposed to be done with him?

- Live. And calmly, gradually reduce it. Ideologically, you need to understand that many regions live with a national debt of more than 100% and nothing. Mordovia has a state debt of 195% of the republican budget. But this does not lead to anything, nor to any political consequences, nor from the point of view of governance. We see this problem, we will not be able to solve it quickly, of course, and the only way out here would be to transfer commercial loans to budget loans, but this will not work out quickly either: there is a very complicated regulatory framework. The Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East is helping us here - now there is a new team that has come to work with the Ministry of Finance. Today we just set the task not to increase it. For us, this is simply a rather serious task from a managerial point of view - to keep this debt so that it does not grow. When I came there was 60 billion, in December it was 55 ... What it will be in December 2021 - we'll see, we'll try to keep it.

- Recently you met with the president and touched the line that worries all Khabarovsk citizens very much - about the cross-border crossing. In fact, there is some jealousy - towards the same Annunciation, whom the neighbors have now offered to call in cars on the adjacent side. Have there been any progress in the development of the Bolshoi Ussuriysk after this meeting?

- I must say that this problem has not been dealt with for the last 8 years. In general, "they did not approach the projectile" ...

- But the journalists had this question on duty! And each time the answers were in the spirit: "This is not the authority of the subject ... this is Rosgranitsa ... this is all Moscow" ...

- This is the style of work of managers before me. This is our question, and it worries me very much. We need to open a cargo-passenger checkpoint, which I asked the president for, and he gave the appropriate instructions. At the moment, the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East with the Chinese side, within the framework of the interstate commission, is agreeing on the parameters, the Ministry of Transport is agreeing to us the completion of the road to this checkpoint, design estimates are already being prepared, and we, together with the Ministry of Natural Resources, are preparing design estimates for, conditionally call it, the dumping of the site for passenger-and-freight checkpoint. This absolutely runs counter to the messages that I listened here for half a year from everyone, that we need a concept first, and then we'll figure it out ... This approach led to the fact that for 8 years “they didn't fit the projectile”.

Image: fragment of the presentation "Priority investment projects of the Khabarovsk Territory" 2010

Therefore, the tactics have been changed - we need to "open the gate", and then gradually develop the island, including its eastern part, which is very much loved by the Khabarovsk residents from the point of view of active recreation and ecotourism. We see the western part as a free trade zone, a cargo-and-passenger checkpoint, and the eastern part as a recreation area. We plan to create a museum of the nature of the Far East, a dendrological park with an ecological path, an educational center "Sirius", an educational and innovation center "Innopolis". It is supposed, possibly, a stadium - including for the Rugby World Cup, which we announced in 2027 - with 20 thousand seats. And in addition - a recreation area with a river beach, a rowing canal with a rowing and sailing school, a hotel complex, an amusement park.

- And what about its flooding?

- Backfilling - building, backfilling - building ... Stage-by-stage development. We must also link this with dredging. This is how we see it. Therefore, today it would be rather frivolous to demand from us that there was already a project with limits and so on. But now we are going in this direction unambiguously.

- But the task was set for the very eminent Ernst & Young agency for the last time in 2019 - to develop a concept, and they had to submit it in August 2020?

- Yes, there is this concept, but it is difficult to implement. This is the big problem, that everything here rests on the concept, and we need a "gate"! We have studied this concept, and it is possible that some of it will be implemented. But it, at least, does not provide for a cargo passage, and this, as a leader, does not suit me. The checkpoint must be a passenger-and-freight one. Because it’s a load, because it’s money, because it’s a 1500 km reduction in leverage for Chinese goods, compared to Vladivostok. This is the future dry port, and the dry port is the main hub of the Far East. And the fact that the previous bosses did not raise this topic at all, they missed it - this is the lack of strategic vision and thinking.

- The next question is about the turbulent time in the Khabarovsk Territory, and investors, so to speak, took everything a step back. And then on the 21st there will be a referendum in the Ayano-Maisky district, which will decide the fate of the methanol plant project, with investments of about 740 billion rubles. People are determined there, but won't this be a signal to other investors now?

- I must say that it is the task of the investor to convey to the people what they want to build there, and to the authorities as well. However, this has not been done to date. If this project is necessary, environmentally friendly, if it is not planned, as the local residents are concerned about, the import of foreign labor, which will be three times the size of the local population, then this should be discussed. But no one talks about this. After the story rocked, investors didn't show up there or here. They did not appear anywhere. Let people speak up. And the investor must be socially responsible, and social responsibility implies a dialogue with people.

But, of course, there are real, ready-to-implement large investment projects, the start of which was previously postponed for various reasons.

First of all, the project for the construction of the Aquapark (LLC Brosko) entered the active phase of implementation, for which the concept of the project was changed towards an increase in the number of storeys and the area of ​​the water park. It will be a playground for family and event recreation, which will have a positive impact on the development of the city and the region as a whole.

Further - according to the investment project of LLC "Green Agro-Khabarovsk" "Construction of a livestock complex for 2 heads of dairy herd, a dairy with a capacity of up to 000 thousand tons of dairy products per year", work is being completed to provide additional land plots. Moreover, within the framework of the regional state support - in the form of obtaining land plots for lease without bidding.

The project of LLC "Prichal" "Construction of an alumina terminal in the water area of ​​the Vanino Bay" was also further developed. Back in 2015, Prichal LLC came up with an initiative to implement an investment project for the construction of an alumina terminal on the territory of the Vanino municipal district, the project was recognized as a priority. As part of the regional support, a land plot in Vanino Bay was provided for rent without tendering. The investor has developed all project documentation, documentation for the planning of the territory, received the necessary permits for the construction of an alumina terminal.

Another project in the same area, or rather its expansion - in terms of transshipment of export grain in the port of Vanino in the amount of 2 million tons per year. The regional government supported this initiative. The construction of the terminal is scheduled to begin in 2022.

The initiative to create a mining and processing plant for processing the reserves of a technogenic deposit (dumps of the former Solnechny GOK) was initiated by the investor Geoprominvest LLC (project cost 2,14 billion rubles). The project is being implemented at the Komsomolsk PSEDA site.

With the financial support of the Industrial Development Fund at the Parus site of the PSEDA Komsomolsk, Dalstalindustriya LLC is currently actively implementing an investment project for the construction of a plant for the production of metal structures with the installation of a hot-dip galvanizing line with a capacity of 20 tons per year. The company is interested in participating in the implementation of the second stage of modernization of BAM and Transsib of Russian Railways.

As part of the work on the development of preferential regimes in the territory of the region in 2020, the borders of the TASED "Nikolaevsk" were expanded to implement an investment project for the construction of a salmon fish farm in the Nikolaevsky region for the reproduction of chum salmon and pink salmon and a fish processing plant (VBR-TRADE LLC). The volume of announced investments in the project is 196,6 million rubles, it is planned to create 51 new jobs.

Also, in 2021, it is planned to commission two private medical centers in the city of Khabarovsk: the first stage of the innovative high-tech medical center "Health Academy" in the city of Khabarovsk (investor - LLC Our Clinic) and the medical center LLC DVMED.

On the basis of the ChUZ "Clinical Hospital" Russian Railways Medicine "in the city of Khabarovsk, the investor of Air & Em Medical Center LLC (a joint venture between Russian Railways and Marubeni) begins the creation of the Russian-Japanese Center for Preventive Medicine and Diagnostics (investment volume is more than 1 billion rubles).

The implementation of large investment projects is gaining momentum:

Construction of a plant for the production of liquefied natural gas in the area of ​​the port of De-Kastri Ulchsky municipal district (Exxon Neftegaz, the volume of declared investments is more than $ 12 billion) and a project for the construction of a mining and processing plant at the Chulbatkan gold deposit in the municipal district named after Polina Osipenko of the Khabarovsk Territory. (The investor is Kinross Gold Corporation, with an initial cost of $ 500 million).

In 2021, the implementation of a number of significant flagship projects was launched, which should give an impetus not only to business activity in the region, but also to the development of a comfortable social environment.

This is, first of all, a project to create a sports and tourist complex "Khekhtsir", which will increase the tourism potential of the region and investment attractiveness.

The project for the creation of a Children's Recreation Center will allow the creation of a modern children's health center for year-round use at the expense of a private investor using a public-private partnership (PPP) mechanism.

The development project of Khabarovsk Airlines includes the modernization of the aircraft fleet, expansion of the geography of flights and the number of flights.

To increase the investment attractiveness of the region, work with investors was completely reformatted. On the basis of the Agency for Attraction of Investments and Development of Innovations ANO, a single platform (single "one window") has been created for working with investors on the territory of the Khabarovsk Territory, which consolidates, in the interests of investors and business projects, support tools and products of other development institutions of the Territory: Development Fund industry, the Regional Agency for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship, the Guarantee Fund, the Export Support Center.

- Yes, there are a lot of plans, as they say. And what about the elections - are you going to the gubernatorial elections?

- In general, it is customary to talk about this after the election is called ... and it seems to me that I have already said enough on this topic, but I will repeat myself - I bought an apartment, I take my children to school and kindergarten every morning. And I regularly work 24/7 to ensure that in the Khabarovsk Territory in the next 10-20 years there is only development, only improvement in people's lives.

- That is, in 10 years you see yourself as the governor of the Khabarovsk Territory?

- I'm talking about the fact that we are now laying the foundation for development for 10-20 years.

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