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The Far East is our everything

Magomedov: we are interested in access to Asian markets

According to Ziyavudin Magomedov, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Suma Group, the Far East is a very promising area. Today, "Sum" already implements there 2 major projects: the construction of the port of Zarubin and the coal terminal in the port of Vostochny. The plans of the group, about what is interesting for China in Russia and our country in the Middle Kingdom, Ziyavudin Magomedov told us in an exclusive interview.

The Far East is our everything

- Ziyavudin Hajiyevich, today everyone is heard and discussed at all levels and authorities, and business the issue of the project "Economic belt of the Silk Road." Do you think that in the near future we should expect concrete steps to create a concrete infrastructure? And what dividends should Russia expect?

- I believe that, following the agreement that the Russian president and the PRC signed in May, there must be an applied work that will determine the points of contact. And here are the concrete projects that Russia and China could realize. That is why the formulation of the interface of the EAEC and the Silk Road, they have it called "One way - one belt." Project Zarubina, railway projects. Now many ideas are being discussed. From Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen to Moscow, through Kazan, through Orenburg. Accordingly, I believe, these projects should get real outlines and be put from the economic point of view on paper. And, probably, some of them will be chosen. Because these are the most capital-intensive projects - railroad highway projects.

- Do you think there are any risks for our country or not?

- Risks are absolutely tangible. If we are not involved in this ambitious ambitious project, in this case the People's Republic of China, I'm afraid that all investments are for projects that will bypass Russia. Actually, in part this is already happening. If we look at projects that are on the verge of Kazakhstan and China, all routes are directed to the Caspian Sea via Atau, Baku, bypassing Russia, or by rail, respectively, Iran, Turkmenistan. Now, in the context of the lifting of sanctions, Iran as a transit country acquires quite obvious advantages. And plus to this, China is actively implementing marine projects. These are two announced and announced projects, the construction of two ports. These are railroad projects through Pakistan that will come to Mian. That is, it is obvious that Russia should clearly and with concrete projects announce its agenda and actively participate in it.

- You have already named a number of large projects, which are planned to be implemented within the framework of the Silk Road. Today, what projects for the group "Summa" are of greatest interest? And in general for you what is the Far East?

- For us, the Far East is our everything. It's such a funny thing. Recently there retrospectively we raised the story. In this case, my genealogical tree there. We have 33 my fellow villagers, they took part in the defense of Port Arthur and died.

Is this in the Russo-Japanese War?

- Yes, in the Russo-Japanese War. Therefore, for me, the Far East is a large and promising part of Russia's territory, our country. This is announced by the president, he announced the focus of the priority development of the Far East. These are social projects. We actively participate in different projects. Suppose, from scratch, they created the hockey club "Admiral", which now plays pretty well. We will perform the third season. Therefore, for me it is business, and, of course, such a serious piece of the soul, and our territory. Accordingly, in terms of projects, the Zarubin project is an eastern project, which we are now developing with traditional terminals. I hope that in two and a half years we will finish it.

- Do you think that such a close relationship with the East is still a long-term prospect or at the time of cooling in relations with the countries of Europe and the United States? And what do you think, this connection with Russia today, what does it mean for China?

- It seems to me that China has a large and frontal focus on taking a serious place in the transit of goods turnover between East Asia and Europe. This is quite a large volume of turnover there, only containers of the order of 20 million. Accordingly, China wants to play a serious role there. For Russia, it seems to me, this is simply an unfairly deprived Russia and the Soviet Union then focus on the East. Because Europe is traditionally a big partner for us. And we can not ignore it. But at the same time, it is necessary to recognize the fact that there is a great prospect in the context of rapidly developing Southeast Asia, interaction with Southeast Asia, and with China, in particular. Therefore, I believe this is not a fundamental change, it is just the focus of development. It would be correct, probably, to develop and strengthen our traditionally trade, infrastructure, transport arteries with Southeast Asia.

- You today talk a lot with Asian investors, not only with Chinese investors. In general, your impression of communicating with them? How do you think, are they ready to invest real money in realizing joint projects with Russia today? And what are the prospects for further such a relationship?

- I believe that, of course, the simplest thing that comes to mind is the resource. Of course, they are interested in resources. In China, the growing population is a billion 347. The largest country. India, which is catching up dynamically. Vietnam, which is developing dynamically. Korea. I believe this is a resource. What can be interesting for Russia? It may be interesting, of course, to have access to these markets in the future. Because China is a giant market. And any technology invented in Russia, it can accordingly be replicated successfully and very quickly in China, in India. Unfortunately, we are not yet the most advanced in terms of technology, if we talk about technology. But where we are strong, we have a well-educated population, we have a huge territory, the opportunities to use our territory accordingly in terms of transit and these corridors of the Silk Road. We have a resource. And this, too, we can use. It seems to me that if we focus on these several priorities from the point of view of the hierarchy of values, then they can be converted into some kind of narrowly technological things, I believe that everything here can be very interesting from the point of view of increasing volume, cooperation, and so on.

- Do you think it is possible today to name specific mechanisms in order to increase the flow of these Asian investments?

- There are very specific examples. There is an announced and adopted law on TORs. And accordingly, some business circles criticize, they say that it does not meet all the wishes and requirements. But nevertheless, I believe that this is a serious step forward. Plus, as you probably remember, in December last year, the initiative announced by the President of the Russian Federation on free ports, which, I think, will be the strongest driver. If we can, let's say, reincarnate the idea of ​​free French ports, it seems to me that this will play an important role. But accordingly, these are such serious steps that will allow to identify business, activity in these territories.

- If we talk about the Far East, then in September there for the first time will be the Eastern Economic Forum. First, what does business expect from this forum? Secondly, for the whole region, what does it mean to hold such large-scale events there?

- In Vladivostok, as you remember, the ATEC forum was held in 2012. And large budget money was invested in the construction of infrastructures. There is a brilliant university of DFGU. Infrastructure, bridges, roads, airport. I believe that we can not not use this, especially in the context of the vector announced there, including the development of the East. Therefore, holding such a forum as a venue for a potential investor, the largest companies of Asian and Russian business, which may be a partner for companies or a co-investor, I believe that this is a brilliant initiative there. And, probably, it is very correct and timely.

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