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Far Eastern hectare: the path of maximum openness

More than four thousand residents of Transbaikalia want to arrange a free allotment

Representatives of the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East and the Department of State Property of the Trans-Baikal Territory told how the federal program “Far Eastern Hectare” is being implemented in the region. According to Ruslan Vakulik, a leading specialist in the strategic communications department of the Agency for the Development of Human Capital, an 4 331 application for participation in the program was received in the region. Of these, in the Chita district of 2288, through the Ministry of Natural Resources - 1316 statements. 411 agreements with citizens have already been prepared, 23 agreements for free use have been registered, and 73 agreements are being registered.

Far Eastern hectare: the path of maximum openness

As the head of the Department of State Property of the Trans-Baikal Territory Alexei Khosoev noted, the bulk of the applications are submitted to land plots in the suburbs of Chita. The significant results of the program were influenced by the rejection of buffer zones.

“We are following the path of maximum openness, commercials have been launched in the media, and outdoor advertising is actively used. Today, from 50 to 100 applications are submitted per day, ”said Alexei Khosoev.

According to him, expectedly a large number of applications came in the Karymsky, Shilkinsky, Nerchinsky, Trans-Baikal regions. Collective applications for the expansion of agricultural land are also being received. So, despite the fact that only a month has passed since the start of the program, the farmer Daria Kustova filed a collective application and increased the area used for the development of a livestock farm to eight hectares.


On a single voting day

The single voting day, which took place in Transbaikalia on 8 on September, was a good opportunity for the authorized bodies of the Transbaikal Territory to once again directly inform residents of municipalities about the Far Eastern Hectare program.

“In all districts of the Trans-Baikal Territory, mini-multifunctional centers were organized near polling stations. Employees of authorized bodies provided citizens with advice and other information services regarding the implementation of the Far Eastern Hectare program in Transbaikalia. In one day, experts consulted more than 800 people in the region, ”said Nina Andreeva, head of the land relations department of the state property and land relations department of the Trans-Baikal Territory. 

Consultations of representatives of authorized bodies also included answers to frequently asked questions prepared by the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East specifically for residents of Transbaikalia taking into account the specifics of the program in the region. According to the head of the representative office of the ARCHK Vasily Elaev, residents of the region often asked what the annual rent of the forest plot will be.

“If a citizen after the end of the period of gratuitous use chooses the conclusion of a land lease agreement, the rent will be set no higher than the amount of land tax calculated for this plot. The amount of rent for a plot from the composition of the forest fund lands is determined in accordance with the requirements of the forest code of the Russian Federation, depending on whether or not cutting will be carried out, ”Vasily Elayev explained.

He also emphasized that the rates of payment for a unit of the volume of forest resources and a unit of area of ​​a forest plot owned by the federal government are regulated. For example, for a federal-owned forest plot located in the Chita region, depending on the categories of rates and the distance of timber transportation, the rate of payment for one cubic meter of pine will vary from 0,86 to 215,49 rubles. The product of this rate on the amount of forest resources withdrawn will be the minimum rent.

After the expiration of the period of gratuitous use of a plot from the composition of the forest fund lands under the Far Eastern Hectare program, a citizen can get this plot for ten years on lease. After the expiration of this period, subject to the preliminary transfer of a land plot from the composition of the forest fund lands to lands of other categories, a citizen shall have the right to receive such a plot into ownership free of charge. ”


The procedure for obtaining land is simplified

Earlier, the head of the region, Alexander Osipov, expressed his opinion on the project. He noted that the Far Eastern Hectare program is an opportunity for business development and housing construction.

“It is important that there is a simplified procedure for obtaining land. If in the whole country it is more than six months, according to the program - 42 days. At the same time, the terms in the best practices in the regions of the Far Eastern Federal District, which previously entered into the federal project, are reduced to 18-20 days, which allows you to quickly access the land. In addition, the “Far Eastern hectare” is provided free of charge if a citizen assimilates it within five years. Thus, many families will be able to realize their ideas, dreams, expand options for self-realization of themselves and their children, ”said Alexander Osipov.

The law on the “Far Eastern Hectare” is implemented in three stages in the territories that have joined the Far Eastern Federal District of Transbaikalia and Buryatia. The first six months, land is provided only to residents of the region on the territory of this region. Starting February 1 2020, all Far Easterners will be able to register the plots, from 1 August 2020, the land in Transbaikalia and Buryatia will be available to all Russians, as well as to participants in the state program to facilitate the voluntary resettlement of compatriots living in the Russian Federation for the Russian Federation abroad.

Registration of the “Far Eastern hectare” is free of charge, via the Internet on the website of the federal information system “NaDalniy Vostok.RF”. During the first year, the applicant must determine the type of use of the site, after three years - to declare the progress of development. By the end of the five-year period of use, a citizen may receive free ownership of land or a long lease. Now Transbaikalia has almost 20 million hectares available.

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