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"Far Eastern hectare" on the "light" Chita?

Hectares of seedlings were threatened due to the distribution of free plots in Transbaikalia

Trans-Baikal residents continue to actively apply for the “Far Eastern hectare”; territories around the regional capital and in the Chita region are in great demand. However, now the question arises of the conservation of the nature of these territories - 222,5 hectares of forest crops aged one to four years, located in the area of ​​the rural settlement of Smolenskoye in the Chita region, turned out to be open for provision. And if the inhabitants of the Krasnochikoysky region were able to defend their cedar forests, which were included in the "zones can not", then the fate of these seedlings is unknown.

"Far Eastern hectare" on the "light" Chita?

Hectares of seedlings

Deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Trans-Baikal Territory, while considering the implementation of the Far Eastern Hectare program, expressed a number of concerns about the state forest fund.

“Will this result in illegal deforestation and unauthorized seizure of land if the applicants take most of the plots for individual housing construction,” the deputy of the Legislative Assembly, representing the Chita constituency, Sergei Suturin, voiced general alarm.

Oksana Borodacheva, a specialist at the regional Ministry of Natural Resources, noted that according to federal law, clear cutting on the lands of the forest fund is prohibited.

“When concluding a lease or a gratuitous use agreement, the applicant receives a description of his plot. If we see a site completely covered with forest, we work out individually with each applicant on the subject of the fact that construction in this case will be difficult. There are vacant lots and glades where he can build a house without cutting, ”she said.

But plots with seedlings belong to production forests and are not subject to closure under federal law. This is what causes the most concern.

“For us, this is also a sore point, because we ourselves planted a forest there. This territory is open for provision under the "Far Eastern hectare." We also contacted the Federal Forestry Agency, but we were confirmed that there was no reason to refuse allotments to recipients, ”said Oksana Borodacheva.


Hacking cannot be left

The head of the forest management department of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Transbaikalia, Elena Kenya, explained that, indeed, today in the Smolensky area under the "Far Eastern hectare" forest plantations are being formed - plots of the forest fund. These forests are operational. According to the state forest register, the total array of forest plantations open for provision in accordance with 119 Federal Law - 222,5 hectare of forest crops. Planting 2016-2019 years of landing.

Around Chita, a regional law establishes a forest park green belt. It coincided with the borders of the forest park zone, defined as far back as the Soviet years, which includes all urban precinct forestry. Its area is 21,7 thousand hectares. The areas of artificial plantations do not fall within the boundaries of the forest-green belt. When the Public Chamber of the Territory applied for a forest-green belt, the issue of expanding the borders of the belt was not worked out, and this area was not included in its composition.

“Under 119 federal law, categories of forests are defined that are not allowed under the provision of the“ Far Eastern hectare ”, the so-called gray areas,” says Elena Kenya. - These include protective forests, which are defined in accordance with the Forest Code. Only protective forests located along roads or railways did not enter these categories - they can be provided. Forests located in the region of the rural settlement of Smolenskoye belong to production forests. There are no grounds for inclusion in the gray zone. ”

Most of these sites are in demand by residents. 1 729 applications have already been received for the provision of a hectare from the forest land. The vast majority of sites Transbaikal want to get in the Chita region.

“Citizens who take these sections of the forest must understand what kind of forest it is - their civic position is important. They should be aware that these landings are the green lungs of the regional center, ”emphasizes Elena Kenya.

She recalled that in the area provided for the "Far Eastern hectare", cutting of stands is not allowed if the type of use is not related to the harvesting of wood. On this occasion, those who wish to take a hectare are conducting explanatory conversations.


At the mercy of the owners

The lands of the forest fund fell under the distribution of the “Far Eastern hectare” in all subjects of the Far Eastern Federal District. In Yakutia, the Khabarovsk Territory and on Sakhalin, as well as in Zabaikalsk, the plots are made out of the lands of the forest fund. And the authorities have no formal reasons for refusing to provide the recipient with such allotment - everything is according to the law.

The media have repeatedly explained that it is impossible to cut trees on the territory of a hectare. Often, residents of a region write applications for a hectare, and when it comes to concluding a contract for gratuitous use, they do not sign documents, understanding that it is a matter of forest planting. Today in the hands of the Transbaikal 359 contracts that have not returned from them are signed. There are cases when a protocol of disagreements is drawn up and an agreement is signed with this document.

Basically, the sites near Chita are taken by Transbaikal residents for individual housing construction. There are areas where there are no plantations, there are also completely covered with forest vegetation. Today, the Forest Code defines 16 forest uses. This can be recreational activities, growing fruit plants, farming, beekeeping, and a number of others, so residents can choose this type of use as harvesting wood on their hectare. However, for this, the age of the plantings must be at least 100 years. The main thing is that in this case centuries-old trees, which, unfortunately, are not so many in Transbaikalia, do not fall under the ax, like more than 200 hectares of seedlings that fell under the provision.

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