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"Far Eastern hectares" from a bird's eye view

Hectare: how to make money from the air

"Far Eastern hectares" from a bird's eye view
Special project Far East hectare: history
With the help of a drone, a photographer from Primorye helps program participants not to miss when searching for a site and marking its boundaries

Sergei Averyanov had a curiosity with a hectare: he had not yet managed to register the land, but he had already built a business. A resident of Primorye carries out photo and video filming using drones. The service turned out to be in demand among those who are looking for the most suitable "Far Eastern hectare": several dozen people have already wished to inspect their future plot from above.

A promising niche, as often happens, Sergei Averyanov found by chance. He works as a photographer and videographer and bought himself a drone for filming from above. Averyanov published his first videos, filmed with a drone, on social networks. One of the Internet users realized that the equipment and skills of the operator could be useful for another purpose - flying over the "Far Eastern hectare". Sergei fulfilled the order, and soon another program participant approached him with a similar request. The drone owner realized that the service would be in demand. Popular map services on the Internet do not allow you to reliably assess the features of the site - they may not show, say, a swamp. Detailed surveying with a quadcopter gives a clear view of the land at any time of the year.

"Everything is visible, right up to the matchbox, the terrain is understandable, which is very important, given the geographical features of the Far Eastern regions. In addition, with the help of quadrocopters it is possible to create an 3D-model of a land plot, which will be useful in planning its development, "says Sergey Averyanov.

The customers inform Sergey of the coordinates of the "hectares", and he goes with the drone to fly over. In total, there have already been about 40 applications, mainly from those who are just planning to apply for the "Far Eastern hectare". The service is paid, and the photographer has already managed to recoup the cost of the drone (about 100 thousand rubles). Over time, this option will become more and more popular, expects a resident of Primorsky Krai. He shares his plans: if the business grows, it will be possible to expand the drone fleet with small and large models and hire additional operators.

“I didn’t even think that this service would be so demanded specifically for the Far Eastern Hectare project. But such shooting helped many people to choose exactly what they needed, ”says Sergey.

The entrepreneur himself also intends to obtain land for development. Together with family members he applied, but while it is under consideration. When asked how he chose the plots, he laughs: "With the drone." The photographer stopped at a site in the village of Zarubino, about half a kilometer from the sea. On it, he wants to build a house and open a souvenir shop. Sergei is also going to develop business related to aircraft. He does not exclude, in particular, that he will open the training section.

Published in the brochure "Far Eastern hectare: first results"

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