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The Far East announced Valdai

The deputy head of the Minsk region promised that in the "Days of the Far East in Moscow" the participants of the Valdai Club will sound grandiose ideas about the future of the macroregion

The Far East announced Valdai
"I will not disclose all the secrets of what will happen on the site of the Valdai Club as part of the festival" Days of the Far East in Moscow ", but believe me, there will be sounded incredibly ambitious ideas about the near future of this macroregion," - such a phrase intrigued journalists 6 December at a press conference in TASS, Deputy Head of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for the development of the Far East (Minvostokrazvitiya) Alexander Krutikov.

The meeting with media representatives was dedicated to the Days of the Far East opening in the capital. This festival is the first in the history of Russia and Moscow mass presentation of the most remote Russian region, washed in its extreme part by the waters of the Pacific Ocean. The event, organized by the joint efforts of the Presidential Embassy in the Far Eastern Federal District (FEFD), the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East and the Moscow Government, will take place from 8 to 16 December. Its goal is to attract business, investments and qualified specialists to the sparsely populated Far East from central Russia and other countries. 

For the first time in the Far East festival, such an expert organization known in Russia and abroad as the Valdai Club will be directly involved. On December 14, within the framework of the Days business program, the thematic session "Russia's Turn to the East: The Next Decade" will be held here.
“At Valdai, we gather those experts, Russian and foreign, who have a good idea of ​​the history of the development of the east of our country. The main question to be asked at the session is: "What will Russia and Russians do here in the next decade?" And those experts who, ten years ago, for the first time sharply set the task of moving Russia to the east, towards the Pacific Ocean in order to develop economically and politically in this direction - today they say with confidence: in general, this turn has taken place. And this achievement is largely due to the state policy of stimulating the economy, which is currently being implemented in the Russian Far East. Investors came to us, primarily from Asia. We have established good relations with them and have a level of business interaction. What's next? Experts will tell about this at the Far East session of the Valdai Club on December 14. In particular, Sergei Alexandrovich Karaganov, a Russian political scientist and economist, who stands at the origins of the eastern vector of Russia's development, "- slightly opened the curtains of the Valdai intrigue of the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Eastern Development.
Alexander Krutikov also said that today the investment incentive mechanisms (the territories of advanced development, Vladivostok free port and others) attract not only investors from the countries of the Asia-Pacific region-China, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, India, but also arouse interest in business from other parts of the globe, for example - Europe and the Middle East.
“Businessmen from Lithuania, Gerani and Italy have already come to the Far East, albeit with insignificant investments. But our task today - and we are striving to do this, in particular with the help of such events as "Days of the Far East in Moscow" - to acquaint our European and Middle Eastern friends with excellent opportunities for their business in the beautiful (I have never seen more beautiful) Far Eastern earth. And Austrian, Belgian and German companies already have very serious intentions to come here. Next year we will go to these countries, as well as we will host their businessmen in our Far East in order to substantively resolve the issues of investing in our Far Eastern projects, '' concluded the Deputy Minister for Development of the Far East. 
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As part of the Days of the Far East in Moscow, the Far East Fair will be organized on Tverskaya Square, the branded Far Eastern Express train of the Moscow Metro will be launched, and a multi-section exhibition will be held at the Expocentre Central Exhibition Hall. A rich business program is also planned with the participation of federal ministers, representatives of business, the public and culture. Valdai Club experts intend to define new strategic priorities for Russia's policy in Asia and Eurasia as a whole. Among them, the central place is given to those that meet the national interests of Russia and its regions, primarily the Far East. With the help of measures of state stimulation of the economy, 73 new enterprises have already been opened in the Far East with an investment volume of over 50 billion rubles.
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