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"Chukotka" will be sold, but "Anadyr" will be closed?

Rumors of the Far East. Issue 2. What is audible in the Far East corridors, the lobby, whatsapp-ah and telegram-ah - collects EastRussia

Close to Chukotsky regional branch of the party "Fair Russia" sources say about the imminent visit to the region of party leader Sergei Mironov. It is expected that the former speaker of the Council of Federation will arrive in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug 25 - 27 July. The formal purpose of the visit is called a tourist trip together with famous Russian polar travelers, but in the corridors they are talking about organizing a change in the leadership of the regional party division. It is assumed that the leader of the Chukchi Socialist-Revolutionaries, Vice-Governor Yevgeny Podlesny, will soon be replaced by the head of the Sverdlovsk regional branch of the party, Alexander Burkov.

Anadyr is actively discussing the possibility of closing down two religious hotels that were opened in the days of the leadership of Chukotka Roman Abramovich. Because of the high competition from the private sector, Anadyr hotels do not bring profit, so the owners of the Chukotka hotel (in one of the two "suites" President Dmitry Medvedev stayed here) and the Anadyr Hotel (also called "Canadian", since the building in 2001 year built Canadians) are going to get rid of business. According to unofficial information, the sale or closure of hotels will occur closer to the end of the year, since there is a demand from tourists in the summer.

In Yakutia they are wondering why the head of the republic did not come to the Ysyakh Olonkho festival, which was held this year in Vilyuisky ulus. Yegor Borisov for the first time in all the years of regional administration missed such an event, which caused a lot of gossip.

The last time Vilyuisky ulus the head of the republic visited in March this year. Then he made a number of remarks to the head of the ulus. Perhaps the reason is that Il Darkhan is dissatisfied with the work of Sergei Vinokurov and the constant scandals arising in the Vilyui ulus. The head of the ulus insults the deputies of the district council, then the municipal contracts are concluded with a single supplier, which can be considered a soil for corruption, then in the fire, the uranium of Il Tumen burns for 4 million rubles. As a result, Yegor Borisov did not spend a second in the surviving facility, which was named Urasoy Il Darhan and also costly to the budget.

On the day of the holiday, the head made a working trip to the Mountain Ulus, where he met a large family, agricultural producers and a national master. According to the press service's comment, the trip was planned: "Before the meeting on the implementation of the decrees of the chapter on measures to support large families and low-income families, Yegor Afanasyevich decided to personally see how they are implemented on the ground by municipal services."

Also in the republic they are discussing what will be the development of events after the arrest in Moscow, allegedly when receiving a bribe in the amount of 40 million rubles, ex-adviser to the mayor of Yakutsk on a voluntary basis, Savva Alekseev, a former FSB officer. Since 2015, he has not been an advisor to the mayor. Mr. Alekseev demanded a bribe from the Chuvash PJSC DORISS, the company said, but why and for whom is not yet clear. They are looking for political overtones in the case, although everything may turn out to be much more prosaic: DORISS is one of the largest road repair contractors in Yakutsk. 

Another rumor, indirectly related to road repairs, is being discussed in the Khabarovsk Territory. At the beginning of last week, it became known about the resignation of Oleg Groo - the head of the department of roads and external improvement of the Khabarovsk mayoralty, who held this post from the end of 2012. "I would like to continue to see him at my post, but he very much wanted to resign for personal reasons." Well, there are no irreplaceable people. Someday I will also be replaced by another specialist, maybe even more effective, "he said. About the Khabarovsk Mayor Alexander Sokolov.
The mayor in his own words only gave rise to further discussion of staffing events: rumor has it that Alexander Sokolov, who holds the post of mayor from 2000 year, has also resigned, and therefore his long-time associates are looking for new places. Mr. Sokolov is nominated with the senator's chair from the region, but the rumors about the departure of the Khabarovsk mayor to the Federal Assembly are almost the same as for the governorship of Vyacheslav Shport, so this version is discussed very sluggishly.

At the same time, simultaneously with Mr. Groo, his deputy, Oleg Grabkov, left the post, which gave the resignation a spicy subtext: a double dismissal is usually immediately perceived as a negative signal. Mr. Grabkov, however, told the media that he was retiring by age, and the resignations were in no way connected. Now in management circles they are wondering, on the one hand, whether the resignation of the chief road builder of Khabarovsk and his deputy is connected with any mistakes they made. On the other hand, there are speculations about whether or not to wait for Mr. Groo to work in the regional government - this is the way high-ranking city officials usually go if they leave without a black mark.

In Primorye, all last week, investigative actions were discussed regarding the head of the Bolshoy Kamen, Dmitry Chernyavsky. First, in the media, citing sources, there were reports of searches at the workplace of the head of the municipality. Mr. Chernyavsky himself said that he was fine and that he was "frying kebabs." In political groups, Telegram discusses the version that the head was interrogated as a witness in a case concerning "his commercial activities and the conflict between partners", and the claims are in no way connected with the activities of Mr. Chernyavsky as head of the Bolshoi Kameno CATU.

The posts of the head and head of the administration in Bolshoy Kamen, we recall, are divided: Dmitry Chernyavsky was elected head in March 2012 by deputies from among the representatives of the City Duma, the city manager has not yet been elected. In 2016, the head of the municipality, following a complaint from several deputies, was expelled from United Russia - he was accused of the fact that the city has been left without a full-fledged head of administration for several years. Since September 2013, the mayor's office of Bolshoy Kamen has only acting. Head - First Deputy Vyacheslav Moskaev. In May 2016, a vote for two candidates for city managers, the former mayor of the city Sergei Nikitin and the deputy Alexei Kuznetsov, did not take place.

Before coming to power, Dmitry Chernyavsky from 1990-x was engaged in business related to trade and entertainment industry, in 1995-2012 years, according to the official biography, was the director of OOO Price. According to rumors, Mr. Chernyavsky departed from commercial activities purely formally, in connection with which law enforcement officers allegedly appeared to him questions. Bolshoy Kamen is a small municipality with a budget of just over 1,1 billion rubles. For 2017 year. But since 2009, the local shipyard Zvezda is trying to modernize, now the consortium under Rosneft estimates the cost of turning it into a superstar Zvezda into hundreds of billions of rubles.

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