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Chukotka is the point of growth

Deputy Governor on the budget, investments and "Far Eastern hectare"

Chukotka still relies on the development of the mining industry, due to which the economy of the district should grow in the coming years. About the problems of the remote territory and the ways to solve them EastRussia tells the deputy governor of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug - the head of the Department of Finance, Economy and Property Relations Ales Kalinova.

Chukotka is the point of growth
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- The tasks of Chukotka for this and the next year do not change?
- In accordance with the strategy for the development of the Autonomous Okrug up to 2030, the priorities remain, firstly, the accelerated development of infrastructure and attraction of private investments. There are many objects for them: it is the Baims ore zone, and the Bering coal basin, as well as the territory of advanced development and a free port. But the "May" decrees of the President and the development of traditional branches of management of indigenous peoples are not removed from the agenda either.

- Forecasts for the economy - in any case, growth?
- We expect an annual increase in GRP. On 1,1% - in 2017 year, 2,3% - in 2018-and, and 3,4% - in 2019-m.

- What will it provide?
—Mainly, the growth of value added in the basic industry — mining. The productivity of the mines at the Mayskoye, Dvoinoye, Karalveemskoye and Valunistoe deposits will increase. As part of the first phase of a major project to develop coking coal deposits in the Bering coal basin, mining will begin at the Fundyushkinskoe field. Deposits of the Baim ore zone, Maple and Kekura will be developed.

- So, only mining enterprises will gain growth?
"Not really." It is also expected growth in construction, which is associated with the implementation of significant investment projects. This is the road "Omolon-Anadyr with entrances to Bilibino, Komsomolsk, Egvekinot", and a high-voltage line at 110 kV Bilibino-Peschanka. There will also be construction of coastal and hydraulic structures in Pevek in order to ensure the operation of the floating NPP. Private investors will build a mining infrastructure in the fields.

- Does it have a significant impact on the budget?
- At 2017 year, revenues in 27,8 billion rubles and expenditures of 28,3 billion rubles were forecasted. The expected deficit is 504,3 million rubles, but incomes are calculated on a conservative scenario. The budget policy remains socially oriented: more than 33% of expenditures will be spent on education, medicine, culture and fulfillment of social obligations. To finance housing and communal services, more than 5,8 billion rubles are planned, transport infrastructure - 1 billion rubles, agriculture - 1,5 billion rubles.

- If the deficit persists, is it possible to reduce the level of public debt?
- At 1 January 2015, the state debt of Chukotka was 13,1 billion rubles, at 1 January this year - 11,3 billion rubles. Over the past two years, the district government refinanced budgetary credits at a lower interest rate and repaid the main debt on budgetary credits from own revenues of 2,9 billion rubles. As a result, the national debt decreased by 13%, and the cost of its servicing - more than 13 times. By 2018, the volume of state debt is projected at a rate of 10,4 billion rubles, that is, it should be reduced by another 8%.

- Can you name the main problems of development of the district economy?
- Complex scheme of cargo delivery and high energy tariffs.

- And what to do with it?
- We are strengthening measures to support entrepreneurs. Much attention is paid to financial support for small and medium-sized businesses - 2017 million is planned for 120 million, of which a quarter will be directed to "rural entrepreneurs" to compensate for utility costs. The amount of support corresponds to the financing of 2016 year and almost six times exceeds the volume of 2014 year. Also, property support is expanding, in 2017, a regional guarantee fund was created, the first industrial park in Chukotka will be put into operation. We actively cooperate with the SME Corporation and the Far East Development Corporation, informing the business and their support measures.

- "The Far Eastern hectare" somehow stimulated entrepreneurship?
- In the district since the beginning of the implementation of the law received 250 applications for the provision of sites. Positively examined 182 statements, 35 are annulled by citizens themselves, according to 33 decisions are made on the refusal. Most of the applications came from citizens already living in the territory of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug. They take a "Far Eastern hectare" for conducting personal subsidiary farming, hunting, fishing, locating objects for garage and recreational purposes. Only for two applications is the purpose of use chosen individual housing construction. From 1 February 2017, when the grant of "hectare" became available to all citizens of the Russian Federation, 27 applications were received from residents of other regions, including 12 statements from citizens of the two capitals, nine from residents of Siberia and the Far East, five from residents In the Rostov region and the Krasnodar Territory, and one statement - from a citizen residing in the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic. The main activities - natural-cognitive tourism, the maintenance of personal subsidiary farming and the placement of objects for garage purposes. But, given the special climatic conditions of Chukotka, the applicants have not yet begun to develop the obtained plots.

- In addition to reducing energy tariffs, what else is needed to stimulate investments in Chukotka?
- Already now Chukotka in the survey of the Internet magazine Business Investment Guide to RUSSIA took the ninth place on the attractiveness of doing business, bypassing Yakutia and the Primorye Territory - 11 and 12 places. Attractiveness is in the almost "direct" contact of business with the leadership of the district, the presence of territories of economic favor for the creation and development of the TOR "Beringovsky" and the free port of Vladivostok - and in the location of the region on the route of the Northern Sea Route. The next driver will be the "energy bridge" under construction and the road that will link Chukotka and the Magadan Region.

- How would you like to see Chukotka in five or ten years?
- A new point of growth in the Far East. A region with a competitive economy based on the effective use of the natural resource potential, which ensures a high level and quality of life of the population.
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