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What to do for an entrepreneur

They spare no effort and money to support small businesses in Chukotka

Guests from the mainland who have visited Chukotka usually do not skimp on admiring epithets. Especially when it comes to the works of local craftsmen - bone carvers, painters, sculptors or those who are engaged in traditional folk crafts. Their work cannot be called anything other than stunning, unique, original and talented.

What to do for an entrepreneur

Sometimes the most time-consuming part of the creative process is to adequately present such works outside the remote region where they were created. Send such beauty to prestigious exhibitions in Moscow, St. Petersburg, other large cities or abroad. And also - to give the masters the opportunity to sell their works to real connoisseurs, to establish links with art salons and fairs. All this requires considerable effort and resources, which creative people do not always have.

Recently at the exhibition-fair “Treasures of the North. Masters and Artists of Russia 2020 ”, the capital had the opportunity to discover six talented representatives of Chukotka at once, who work in the genre of applied art, in the field of folk art crafts. Their works aroused the sincere admiration of the exhibition visitors and won several prizes in various nominations at once.

In the competition for the best work of national art, the jury awarded the first place to the master bone carver Alexandra Nypevgi, and Alexander Kilasov and Anatoly Omrynvat also received special prizes. The works of fashion designer Anastasia Chernyshova, jeweler-incrustator Karen Gevorkyan, craftsman Vitaly Manasbaev had great success. Until the end of the year, the craftsmen plan to participate in at least two more major metropolitan exhibitions-fairs - "Atmosphere of Creativity" and "Rook Winter Fairy Tale 2020".

In total, 40 representatives of Chukotka visited the exhibition in Moscow. And this landing has not only a creative, but also a business component. The trip - and for the second time - was organized thanks to the support of the non-profit organization "Fund for the Development of Economy and Direct Investments of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug" (NGO "Chukotka Development Fund").

This bright, festive event is a direct consequence of what the official reports usually call with restraint "the development of local initiatives", "support of small business", "work with individual entrepreneurs", "preservation of cultural distinctive traditions" and so on. The case when the so-called "administrative resource" was directed precisely at what it was created for - for the benefit of people who live in the Autonomous Okrug, for their ideas to be recognized and supported.

The Chukotka Development Fund was created by the regional government six years ago for a completely understandable and transparent goal - to promote the development of small and medium-sized businesses in this region, to help start-up businessmen open their own business and achieve tangible results in it. Currently, a huge amount of work is being done by the government of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug to increase the investment attractiveness of the region, which gives space to companies in various spheres of the economy and business.

And again, the main thing is how all this happens in practice. For several years now, the Fund has been working closely with Chukotka entrepreneurs, advising, explaining, and supporting. Provides information about all the opportunities and benefits that you can use.

They help to draw up and implement a business plan, find co-investors, apply for grants and subsidies, take out a bank loan at a favorable interest rate, or use government support. An important note: such consultations are free for entrepreneurs. Moreover, over the past three years, the Fund has been acting as a guarantor to partner financial institutions under loan agreements, leasing agreements, loan agreements and bank guarantees. Work with investors is built in a "one window" mode: a minimum of bureaucratic gimmicks, clear and useful recommendations, maximum benefit.

This approach is the norm for the head of the Fund Olga Plotnikova, who has experience of working in large Russian banks and investment structures, and all other employees - top-class professionals. They, like no one else, understand how great prospects are opening now in Chukotka for investors. And how important it is for aspiring entrepreneurs not to miss their chances and opportunities. New economic mechanisms and development institutions allow them to take advantage of tax incentives within the ASEZ "Chukotka" and the Free Port of Vladivostok (in the part of the Pevek city), preferences within the framework of many government programs and projects. In particular, the comprehensive programs for the socio-economic development of the Far East and the Arctic zone of Russia, recently adopted by the Government, are aimed at the further development of all forms of entrepreneurship.

And again, local specifics have to be taken into account. Long distances, difficulties with transport, harsh climate. Added complications and the coronavirus with its quarantine restrictions. Therefore, now the Fund is striving to maximize the use of the online format in order to conduct a variety of conferences, business seminars or training trainings for the district's entrepreneurs. So, recently, in a remote format, representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, self-employed and just everyone could participate in the training "Generation of a business idea", which was conducted by the deputy director of the fund Maria Gurina, trainer of JSC "SME Corporation".

The Foundation strives to use every opportunity to support local businesses. Moreover, there are a lot of talented and enterprising people in Chukotka, and these are not only artists or craftsmen. Shortly before the already mentioned exhibition-fair of folk crafts in Krasnogorsk near Moscow, another exposition was held - the interregional business mission "Promotional Industry IPSA 2020". The Foundation sponsored the participation of three Chukchi individual entrepreneurs working in the field of printing - Tatyana Movchan, Elena Sertun and Yulia Chaina. All three business women were very pleased with the results of the exhibition: they managed to establish useful contacts and conclude agreements with partners from other regions, get acquainted with the latest achievements in this market segment.

Three more businessmen who in Chukotka are engaged in the production and service of climate control units and systems, with the support of the Fund, visited the Climate World 2020 exhibition in March. In the opinion of one of them, Victoria Gomozova, the trip was extremely useful: it was possible to visually get acquainted with the production, get all the necessary consultations and technical literature from manufacturers. Chukotka entrepreneurs have concluded dealer agreements and cooperation agreements with large firms.

During a recent visit to Anadyr, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin inspected a greenhouse complex where, even in the local harsh climate, it is possible to grow fresh herbs and vegetables all year round. The Chukotka Development Fund believes that local businesses can also, and most importantly, need to create “greenhouse conditions”. This will give no less serious impact and effect in the very near future.

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