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What you need to know about child support for a child under three years old in the Far East

What monthly payments a family of Far Easterners with children is entitled to - maximum of useful information in one place.

What do young mothers dream of after giving birth to a child? Sleep, drink tea while it is hot, and get all the payments due from the state. I am Elena Saakova, a practicing lawyer, mother of many children and the author of a popular blog on Instagram about rights and benefits. Every day I tell readers about the opportunities provided by the state and how to use them correctly. Most of the questions I receive are about monthly payments for children under three years old. How to get them, where to issue them and how much they will pay - read in this article.

What you need to know about child support for a child under three years old in the Far East
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Elena Saakova

lawyer with 7 years of practical experience, author of scientific articles, the most popular lawyer on Instagram, graduate student and mother of many children

The allowance, which is also popularly called "presidential" or "Putin's", is assigned on the basis of the Federal Law "On monthly payments to families with children" dated December 28.12.2017, 418 No. XNUMX-FZ for the first and second child. The first child is paid from budget funds, the second - from maternity capital.

The allowance is awarded to families in which:

- the child is a citizen of Russia;

- the child was born after 01.01.2018/3/XNUMX, and he has not yet turned XNUMX years old;

- income per person per month is not more than the size of the living wage in the region * 2.

All conditions must be met simultaneously. 


It is necessary to sum up the income of all family members for 12 months, and then divide by 12 and by the number of people. If the family has adult children, they are not taken into account in the calculation. The same rule applies to those who are fully supported by the state or in places of imprisonment. 

When applying for payment in January 2021, income is taken into account for the period from July 2019 to June 2020.

The calculation takes into account all family income received in cash:

- Salaries, bonuses (before taxes);

- Pensions, benefits, sick leave payments (including maternity benefits), scholarships, alimony;

- Monetary compensation and allowances for military personnel, employees of internal affairs bodies and other law enforcement agencies;

- Income from investment activities, rental of real estate, etc.

The monthly payment for the previous period and one-off child benefits of 5 and 10 thousand rubles in 2020 are not included in family income.

To determine the right to payment, you need to look at the size of the subsistence minimum for an able-bodied person in the region for the 2nd quarter of last year. If you submit an application in January 2021, the cost of living for the 2nd quarter of 2020 will be taken into account. These figures are regularly published by regional authorities.

The monthly payment is equal to the subsistence minimum for a child in the region. They take into account the size of the subsistence minimum for the 2nd quarter of the previous year (when submitting an application in 2021 - for the 2nd quarter of 2020). The maximum amount of monthly allowance among the regions of the Far Eastern Federal District is in the Chukotka Autonomous District (22982 rubles), the lowest is in the Republic of Buryatia (12968 rubles).

The allowance is not indexed due to the increase in the size of the living wage. For those already receiving the benefit, from January 2021 the benefit will remain the same. The size will increase only after submitting a new application and documents.

Benefit amounts and income level for the purpose of payment by region see this table.
(image can be downloaded or opened in a new window to enlarge)


To receive payment for the first child, an application is submitted to the social protection authorities, for the second - to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. It is not yet possible to apply for the manual electronically. The documents are drawn up at the place of residence of the family. The region of registration does not matter.

For families who applied for benefits before the child is 6 months old, he will be appointed from the date of birth of the baby. If later - from the date of application. The allowance is paid until the child is 1 year old. After that, the payment can be re-issued - up to 2 years of age, and then up to 3. Those who need to reapply before March 1, 2021, the payment will be extended automatically, without income certificates, for another year. If the state authorities issued the payment only before March 1, their actions can be appealed to a higher authority or to the court.


Mothers who were denied benefits often turn to me for help. The main reason for refusal is the excess of the income level. I advise you to do the following in this situation:

- check if the state authorities have calculated the income correctly;

- check if there are any "extra" family members. For example, the income of the former spouse or adult child is often taken into account, which is contrary to the law.

If there are violations on the part of a state body, its actions can be appealed in an administrative or judicial order. If everything is calculated correctly, it is advisable to apply for payment later. The period for reporting income changes with each month. You can choose the best one and apply for benefits again. You can submit documents an unlimited number of times.

Another popular reason for refusal is the lack of permanent registration on the territory of the Russian Federation. If the family actually lives in Russia and can confirm this (for example, with documents from a school, clinic, testimony of neighbors), the courts recognize such refusals to be illegal (Decision of the Kromskiy District Court of the Oryol Region of May 26, 2020 in case No. 2-1-110 / 2020, decision of the Leninsky District Court of Rostov-on-Don in case No. 2-1297 / 2020, etc.).

Monthly payments for children under three years of age do not replace other social support measures. The family can simultaneously receive various child benefits provided by the authorities. My main goal is to help people get all their payments from the state. I talk about this and much more on my blog @saakova_blog.

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