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Black collars

Thanks to the personnel policy of the Amur coal mines, the miner's profession in the region once again became prestigious

Black collars
Photo: Governor of the Amur Region Alexander Kozlov makes a selfie at a celebration in honor of the Miner / Press Service of the Government of the Amur Region
Special project Coal of the East of Russia

This year, Miner's Day in the Amur Region was celebrated for the seventieth anniversary. Even heavy rain could not interfere with the holiday: on August 27, miners gathered in the central square of the town of Raichikhinsk in the Amur Region. The culmination of the celebration was a concert by Sergei Trofimov and a festive fireworks display - gifts from the Russian Coal group of companies. In the Amur region, it is represented by Amurskiy Ugol JSC, a city-forming enterprise for Raichikhinsk, the largest employer and taxpayer in the region. And at the end of the holiday, the head of the Amur Region Alexander Kozlov thanked the miners for their selfless work. The Governor presented the best employees of the company with government awards of the Russian Federation and gratitude on his behalf and on behalf of the Ministry of Energy of Russia.

The Amur miners prepared for the professional holiday perfectly well. We exceeded all production indicators: coal mining - by 8%, overburden - by 2%, preparation of reserves - by 5%. In general, the volume of coal production in the Amur Region in the first half of 2017 amounted to more than 1,5 million tons - more than the plan by 115 thousand tons. Fulfillment and overfulfillment of the plan for Amurskiy Ugol employees is more than just a professional responsibility. Indeed, the stability of life throughout the Amur Region directly depends on the results of their work: this enterprise provides the Blagoveshchenskaya CHPP and the Raichikhinskaya TPP with brown coal, which heat most of the houses in the region. And so that the houses of Amur residents are warm even in the most severe cold, coal miners are ready to achieve record figures.

And on the eve of the jubilee celebration of the Day of the miner "Amur Coal" traditionally held a competition of professional skills. In the village of Varvarovka in the Oktyabrsky District of the Amur Region the best employees of the Yerkovetsky and Severo-Vostochny coal mines have gathered. To get to these competitions, they had to go through a strict preliminary selection - it was held in each structural unit of the "Amur Coal". Dozens of applicants tried to reach the finals. The winners were given the right to demonstrate their skills in the management of multi-tonnage technology at a competition that does not even have analogues in the coal region of the country - in the Kuzbass.

To win, the miners were forced to solve problems that they do not face in their daily work. For example, without spilling a drop, transfer buckets of water to the excavator's bucket, cut a watermelon with a bucket and hammer the ball into the football goal with a bulldozer blade, smash a raw egg with a canister baking powder without damaging the glass stand. Only one of the tests was familiar to the participants - faster than rivals to load coal with a railroad car. Not only speed was taken into account, but also compliance with all loading rules and work safety standards.

According to the results of the contest, winners were determined in five nominations. They received the title of leader and the next rank, as well as a solid increase in salary.

Housing problem

Volumes of production of "Amursky coal" are steadily growing. For the first half of the year 2017, 6,8 million tons of steam coal were produced at the enterprises belonging to the group of companies "Russian Coal". This is more than the plan for 881 thousand tons and 11% higher than the same period last year. The volume of coal shipment over the same period amounted to more than 6,5 million tons - by 15% more than in the first half of last year. The growth of volumes makes the company expand its staff. "Amur Coal" now receives specialists not only from the Far East, but also from other regions of the country.

At the enterprise understand: that the professional with the necessary competences was solved on moving, it is necessary, first of all, to provide with its habitation. Now, "Amur Coal" is building a settlement at its own expense, where 70 people can live and work as shift workers. The first engineers and workers will settle in the new settlement next year. And if the employee decides not to use official housing, the company compensates him for the cost of renting an apartment or house. The company is also ready to partially compensate for the cost of utilities.

On the Amursky coal do not forget about the second important factor - the level of wages. He is higher here than the average for the region, and importantly, money is paid to the miners steadily, without delays. The company's management regularly raises the salaries of employees, and coal mines are ready to compete even with their main competitors in terms of wages - gold mining enterprises that attract young people with high salaries.
Amursky Ugol is also interested in the influx of young specialists. Young people today go to the miners willingly, because, like all enterprises of Russian Coal, Amur Coal is a socially oriented company, its employees are confident in the future. And so that newcomers can quickly integrate into the production process, the company has created a mentoring system. Each young specialist is sponsored by an experienced employee. This helps beginners to quickly get acquainted with the specifics of work at the cut, master the intricacies of the profession and join the team.

"Amur Coal" is ready not only to attract specialists of the right profile, but also to invest in their training. So, last year the company concluded contracts with three Far Eastern universities. This year, five students have already passed the practice in a coal mining company. Two young specialists were recruited after the end of the Amur State University.
Training of workers for "Amur coal" - turners, electricians, welders, mechanics - is carried out at the Raichikhinsky industrial technical school. Students have the opportunity to undergo practical training in sections. To make it easier for them to apply the knowledge gained, last year part of the theoretical lessons for future turners, in agreement with the technical school, was replaced by practical ones. And the new training program has already yielded first results.

- Three young people ended up working with us, - says Tatiana Dudakova, Deputy General Director for Personnel of JSC "Amur Coal". - In spring, the whole team we conducted them into the army and we are waiting for them to return after the service. Young people who return to work in the "Amur Coal" after the army, pay lift - 50 thousand rubles.
At the enterprise all opportunities for career growth of young employees are created. Here there is a training combine where you can master the specialty of a bulldozer or grader driver, become an assistant of an excavator or diesel locomotive driver, and improve your qualification in the already existing profession.

Effect of scale

Coal mining at the Raichikhinsky and Erkovetskoye fields is still conducted in the traditional open way. Of course, using modern technology. Since brown coal lies here at a depth of less than 100 meters, this method of extraction is the fastest, most economical and environmentally friendly.  

The first stage is the removal of the fertile soil layer, which will then be used for reclamation. Next, you need to remove the so-called overburden - sedimentary rocks that cover the coal seam. Huge walking excavators cope with this task. At the Raichikhinskoye and Erkovetskoye fields, the thickness of the "overburden" is from 30 to 80 meters. For a month, each of the 24 walking excavators working here moves 300 cubic meters of rock mass (sand and clay) to the dump - about the same amount of soil was dug out of the pit dug for the construction of the Moscow State University high-rise.

When access to brown coal is open, EKG excavators come into play. They immediately load the mined coal onto the train, which takes it to the consumer. The absence of intermediate links shortens the delivery time and makes the whole process cheaper. The largest consumers of coal are the Blagoveshchenskaya CHPP, Raichikhinskaya SDPP and housing and communal services in the Amur Region. Part of the coal is supplied to other regions of the Far East. Coal is supplied to the Raichikhinskaya GRES through the coal sorting section, where after its processing the fine fraction goes directly to the GRES, and the coarse fraction in the form of high-quality coal goes to the consumer.

In the description, the mining process looks extremely simple, but everything is decided by the scale. The total area of ​​the Raichikhinskoye field is about 500 sq. km. This is one fifth of the territory of Moscow. The area of ​​the Erkovetskoye field is even larger - 1250 sq. km. In the next five years, the volume of solid fuel production at the Erkovetskoye field is planned to be increased to 2,3-2,5 million tons per year. And in the future, the total production capacity of the coal mines of the Amur Region will increase to 3,5 million tons. The exact volume of growth will depend on the needs of the Blagoveshchenskaya CHPP.

To ensure such a volume of production, "Amur coal" has to constantly update the technopark. This year the company's fleet of mining equipment has been replenished with new bulldozers and shift buses. The modernization of the machine-tool equipment of the Mechanical Repair Plant in Raichikhinsk continued. In the extraction of coal, a specific technique is used, which requires special maintenance. Therefore, the plant has unique machines for the region, allowing you to work with parts of huge sizes. As a result of last year, the productivity of this enterprise, built as far back as 1939, grew by a quarter. This proves: "Russian coal" is ready to invest equally in human resources and in production. By creating decent conditions for the life and work of people, the company managed to achieve the high prestige of the profession of a miner in the Amur region.
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