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Bulls are not in tomato

Dmitry Shcherbakov about the history of an Australian investor

Bulls are not in tomato
Photo: Press Service of the Primorsky Territory Administration

Dmitry Shcherbakov

Editor in Chief EastRussia
This story was told in Khabarovsk by those who endured before the end of the Day of the Chinese investor, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev and the provincial governor Andrei Tarasenko. It illustrates the Russian reality so perfectly that I can not not share it. This, as they say, case.

Imagine that you are a successful Australian farmer who grows agricultural products somewhere in the vastness of Australia: a little corn, some soy, and some other grain. And your companion or neighbor, John, takes out some of his production somewhere "to Vladivostok" and recently told you about it at a friendly dinner. It does not matter how, but you went online. We saw that in the Russian Far East some special investment conditions had been created, and there - attention - the market that consumes Australian beef (Russia, of course, is not that scanty for forage and pasture, but with agriculture in its separate regions as it's not frets).

You decided to invest in Russia.

I give the floor to Messrs. Trutnev and Tarasenko.

Yuri Trutnev: We met with the head of the Kangrow company from Australia, who decided to implement a project in the field of agriculture in Primorye. And here's an interesting story. He studied all the cadastral maps, found free land. Traveled all this on a motorcycle. Has submitted applications. And he received five refusals - within six months. I was so interested in this story that I instructed the chief federal inspector for Primorye to analyze all the refusals, to understand the compliance of the actions of the officials who signed them with the legislation of the Russian Federation, and the order of the President of Russia on the accelerated development of the Far East. And dismiss all these officials to one - five people. This is the kind of work that should be done within a month. Because we need to get rid of those people who confuse state property with their own, and dispose of it as they want to, not in the way that interests the Russian Federation. Well, in general, it is interesting that an investor from Australia came to our day of the Chinese investor. We must also help him.

Andrey Tarasenko: We on Tuesday already agreed that we are meeting with him, because today in our Far Eastern district there is not enough beef. We import it from Australia. And then the man himself came and brought ...

Yuri Trutnev: He brought the family here.

Andrey Tarasenko: Yes, imagine? I'm shocked, of course, I'll be sorting out now who is there and when ... Well, I know roughly about the areas in which he addressed, there really are a few czars sitting. And do not want to give anything. Therefore, I think we will satisfy the request of those tsars and investors.

Я: What volumes can there be?

Andrey Tarasenko: Today he wants about 10 thousand heads to grow gobies.

Yuri Trutnev: Somewhere up to 50 thousand hectares. Originally there is 5, then 10, and up to 50.

Andrey Tarasenko: Very global, good project. I think we were lucky.

Yuri Trutnev: We'll fire all.

Я: Six, you said?

Yuri Trutnev: Five. And so it will be with everyone. All who will refuse investors, we will catch up and dismiss them. And we will conduct such a good job, wonderful, and we will have only those people on government bureaucratic posts, which serve the Russian Federation.

Friends, this is very interesting, do not you think? And I'm not talking about assurances that municipal officials will fire "all to one": the provisional head of Primorye may, of course, press on the heads of the districts (which will become clear below), and ask them or help the investor - or resign. But, most likely, the exchange in the game will be simple performers - if they become at all.

I'm talking about the side of the question that opened to the eyes of the investor on a motorcycle.

I got a certificate from that meeting. Judging by the certificate, this is just a drama in several acts, and I do not exaggerate.

The chronology of the events is as follows.

In June 2017, Kengrow LLC with an authorized capital of 10 thousand rubles appeared in the Russian Unified State Register of Legal Entities. and (since March 2018) the registration address in the Mikhailovsky ASEZ. The company declared its main activity "Mixed farming", its CEO and owner - Birkbek Gerard Alexander David.

In October 2017, Kengrove LLC searched for land for farming in the Khorolsky district of the Primorsky Territory and found 15 thousand hectares of land that were not registered in the cadastre and were not used by anyone.

15.11.2017: Through the Department of Agriculture and Food of the Primorsky Territory, Kengrou went to the department of agriculture of the administration of the Khorolsky municipal district. They said: there are no free agricultural lands "in the region".

21.11.2017: The general director of Kengrou brought cartographic materials to the district administration with the sites found. The administration reported that "they doubt the company's data and the need to conduct their own calculations with respect to the size of the identified areas."

04.12.2017: The district administration responded that the free land - 600 ha.

January 2018: The general director of Kengrou, accompanied by an employee of the Agency for Investment and Export Support (IPA), came to the head of the district for talks, and he supported the idea of ​​implementing the project. But his subordinates "insisted that there was no free land in the region".

February 2018: Repeated visit to the district, "administration representatives reported on the need to conduct another count of the size of the land." In "Kangrou" with the support of IPA hired cadastral engineers who found 7,5 thousand hectares of free land in the Khorol district, 3 thousand hectares of land "forest fund", suitable for agricultural production after reclamation, and 2,5 thousand hectares of free and suitable for farming lands in the Mikhailovsky District.

22.03.2018: A letter comes from the Khorol district to the IPA, where it is reported that only 1 thousand hectares can be used for agriculture from the discovered land.
April 2018: "Kengrou" appealed to the administration of Mikhailovsky district on the issue of granting land for the project, there was still no response to 18 April.

The Khorolsky municipal district of Primorye is headed by Alexei Anatolyevich Gubaidullin.

Department of Administration for Agriculture, judging by the official website, - Galina Vasilievna Lakeeva.

Now imagine this picture.

A person comes who says that he can invest in Xorol district first 12 million dollars, and in the future, perhaps, all 340 million. I want, she says, to grow gobies. And says: I found you have here 15 thousand hectares of land, I want to formalize it for the project - it suits me, I went around on my motorcycle, I touched it with my own hands, looked through my eyes. How to put, so to speak, on the account and rent? "Forgive me, dear, we looked at the papers. Free land, suitable for agriculture, in the area there. " Well, how? Maybe it's just not taken into account, so you are not reflected? Here, look, on the cards. "Well yes. Now I'll take a closer look at what you have drawn there. Oh yes. It seems that 600 is there. " Yes, no, here, cadastral works are carried out - there 7,5 thousand, here 3, here ... "Wait, do not separate. Now we'll take a closer look. Alas. You can use, we believe, only 1000 ha. "

And meanwhile, it's been five months.

I would place the family with the motorcycle on the ocean liner and go back to the fertile Australia. Moreover, he risks only 10 thousand of authorized capital. And he - proposed to take the municipal lands in the "Corporation for the Development of the Far East", and on the sites attracted to him to extend the regime of TOP. In general, stubborn.

It is interesting that they think about it in the administration of the Khorolsky municipal district.

According to EastRussia today in the press service of the administration of Primorye, on Tuesday the regional governor Andrei Tarasenko, as promised, met with Gerard Birkbek. Mr. Birkbek said that at the first stage he intends to invest about $ 8 million - investments must be made in the first three years. Representatives of the administration of the Khorol district did not attend the meeting. The order to understand the matter jointly with the municipality and assist the investor of the provisional governor gave the director of the department of agriculture and food, Andrei Bronts.
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