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Catchy job

EastRussia figured out how to surprise the largest shopping center of Khabarovsk "Brosko Mall"

One of the largest construction projects in Khabarovsk is the erection of the shopping center "Brosko Mall" on the banks of the Amur River. The works there have been boiling for several months now, but practically no one is left indifferent, which is why a lot of rumors and speculation have appeared around this object. EastRussia correspondents visited the site and found out all the secrets.

Catchy job

International construction

The area of ​​the shopping center is 80 thousand square meters. meters, retail space will take 40 thousand. In order to minimize traffic jams, several departures will be made from the parking lot, and it will be possible to drive both along Pionerskaya Street and along Grazhdansky Lane.

700 people work on the construction of the shopping center. The main contractor is the Turkish company Renaissance Construction. The company is building facilities around the world - shopping and business centers, hotels. She has more than 700 million square meters built.

In March, the first tenants came to the site to develop projects, plan and begin repairs on their trading places. To hand over the object completely owners plan in September-October of this year.

Big and fashionable

Shopping center will be four-story. The first floor is a covered paid parking for 450 cars. On the second one there will be a grocery supermarket. It will combine the format of a large supermarket, which they come to make stocks for a week, and a regular store for residents of houses located near Brosko.

“The hypermarket will present new and unique directions, for example, internal food corners - a cafe where you can taste fresh pastries, burgers, hot dogs, without leaving the store. There will be tastings, breakfasts. Inside there will be a cafe with a view of the Amur mix-cuisine of Asia and a grill, ”said Lyubo Polishchuk, deputy director of marketing for Brosko Mall.

Well-known world and federal trade marks of clothing and footwear will be presented in "Brosko". The squares will house the Golden Apple perfume hypermarket, H&M, Zara, PULL & BEAR, Bershka, Stradivarius, Massimo Dutti, Timberland, Reebok, Nike, Adidas, Benetton stores.

On the top floor there is an IMAX cinema, a food court with the concept of world cuisines with KFC, Black Star Burger, Dodo-Pizza, two floors of stained glass windows overlooking Amur will be taken by an Italian restaurant. A unique platform for creativity, meeting with friends and events will appear nearby. There will be workshops, meetings with famous speakers, conferences and lectures. In “The Broke Mall” there is also a place for coworking - comfortable workplaces with Wi-Fi and sockets. The site is occupied by a modern bookstore "Remarque", a coffee shop "Keldi", an art space and a family recreation area.

“The main concept of the shopping center is an affordable offer for every resident of the city. At the same time, the concept of the shopping center is completely western, there are no similar projects in Khabarovsk. Easy navigation - corridors and galleries are repeated from floor to floor, ”Lyubov Polishchuk noted.

Long-awaited IMAX

Most of the fourth floor is occupied by a cinema with nine halls - this is 4,5 thousand square meters. meters. The largest hall will have an IMAX screen - the first in Khabarovsk. Now workers are installing frames for seats - there will be 1 of them, and separate places for wheelchair users will be provided in the halls.

“Cinema-9 cinema. There will be a large IMAX cinema on 385 seats and one of the largest screens - its length is 22,4 meters, height is about 13 meters. We signed a contract with IMAX, so before the opening, representatives and partners of a Canadian company will arrive in Khabarovsk and conduct an audit of acoustic and technical readiness - everything should be done according to IMAX standards, ”said Tatiana Pivovarchuk, cinema-9 cinema manager.

Six of the nine rooms will have VIP status. They will install comfortable chairs, which will rise the foot and lower backs - something that is so lacking in the first and last rows. These halls will be designed for 60-70 seats, two more halls will be able to take on 230 and 250 spectators. They will also install comfortable chairs there - more comfortable and modern than in conventional cinemas. It is planned that Cinema-9 will operate from 9 in the morning until 2 in the morning.

The cinema will open a modern popcorn bar - visitors will be able to take drinks, popcorn from special refrigerators and heating cabinets on their own and pay for it all when buying tickets.

No smoke and no fire

In order to prevent fires, refractory materials were used during construction. The object has already passed the fire and the main state examination. Modern systems are used not only for security, but also for comfortable work. To ensure safety, a “smart system” is used: if a fire occurs, water fire extinguishing will work, the ventilation system will stop, the main power supply will be turned off and emergency lighting will work, air entering the room will be excluded. Evacuation routes will be indicated by special signs and arrows.

“There are places where people with disabilities will be able to wait out an emergency. Monolithic concrete rooms with high fire resistance and clean air inlet have been created for them, ”said Gennady Dyagilev, the chief engineer of Brosko Mall.

Now the owners of the shopping center are recruiting specialists who will work with this equipment: ventilation and water supply engineers, electricians, plumbers, technicians. Priority will be given to local personnel, specialists will be sent for additional training to work with modern systems.

“The latest achievements in the field of ventilation and air-conditioning were used, world-wide methods of connecting individual stores to common engineering systems were applied. All systems operate in automatic mode, because the dispatchers will be at the facility around the clock. They will monitor the condition of all systems, air, electricity, heat transfer parameters, the presence of light in different rooms. Any breakdown will be instantly highlighted on the attendant’s console, ”explained Gennady Dyagilev.

Waterpark will

The management company assures that there will be a water park. It will be erected by October 2021 of the year as part of the second phase of the shopping and entertainment center, and then connected to the “Brosco Mall” with a beautiful transition.

Now the project is being designed, investors are looking for worthy contractors for its construction. The water park will be built on the site where the work camp and administrative premises are located. They will install eight slides, not counting the lazy river and the pool with artificial waves, a separate children's area will be located. Owners intend to engage even the roof, for example, for pools and sun loungers.

Investors have already visited large water parks in Rostov-on-Don, Moscow, St. Petersburg, in order to transfer the Western practice to the Far East. Now there are negotiations with hotels of international level, which can open a hotel in the building where the water park will be located. It is planned that it will be designed for 140 numbers. The aquapark zone will occupy three to four floors, taking into account retail space, SPA, wellness zones, cosmetology and massage zones. Water park will be built in the same design concept with a shopping center, so that they are a single space for recreation.

The planned area of ​​the second stage of the shopping and entertainment complex will be 50 thousand square meters. meters On the first three floors there will be shopping areas where famous brands will enter, on the third floor there will also be cafes and restaurants.

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